I’ll tell you something you don’t know about Fiji

Whenever my kids tell me something that I already know my sarcastic response is always ” tell me something I don’t know.” ?Recently the pair of them started responding to ?my sarcasm with a fun fact that I didn’t know. ?It has now become a family joke and a challenge for the kids to come up with interesting facts that I have never heard of before.

The first ever ?fun fact that my daughter told me was that female kangaroos have ?three vaginas.

Since this is a political blog ?my fun fact for today ?is political. ?On the weekend we were having a political discussion at the dinner table about Fiji and Cameron explained to us the difference between a coup and a revolution. To be honest I had never really thought about the difference before and I was fascinated by the distinction. I will give the answer over the break but first, let’s see ?if this is something you don’t know.

What do you think is the difference between a coup and a revolution?

a) Size: A coup is smaller than a revolution

b) Political affiliation: A coup is usually associated with right wing politics and a revolution is usually associated with left wing politics

c) Violence: A coup is more often non- violent hence the saying a ” bloodless coup ” and a revolution is more often extremely violent ie The French Revolution where Aristocrats were guillotined.

d) None of the above

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Good idea Geoffrey, let’s hope it won’t involve you in the drafting

Sir Geoffrey Palmer thinks it is time for a proper constitution to be drawn up.

It’s time for New Zealand to draw up its own constitution and a 40-page document would be enough, says constitutional law expert and former prime minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer.

Palmer has long advocated greater attention to the country’s constitutional laws but said he had reached “a new plateau”.

In Nelson to address the Spirited Conversations group on this subject, he said he hadn’t before advocated a full written constitution.

The architect of the 1986 Constitution Act and the 1990 Bill of Rights Act, he said an entrenched bill of rights was no longer enough.

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Phil Quin on Cats and Constitutions

Phil Quin is bemused by Maggie Barry’s death wish on cats.

What concerns me is this: why on earth does a NZ government have the power to tell its citizen how many cats they can own?

These debates happen all the time in NZ. Let?s ban this, or restrict that ? often in response to some moral panic brought on by the confluence of more than one newspaper article on a given subject.

Our unwritten constitution often seem to offer?carte blanche to governments to regulate, ban, restrict anything they like, apparently on a whim.

Kiwis love to bash the U.S.; mock its gun culture, for example, and the extremes of its politics. ?But, living there for several years, I came to respect the limited nature of constitutional government ? and the fact that, at state and federal level, there are courts whose job it is to determine where governments have committed overreach. Cat fanciers in America would have a law such as that proposed by Barry struck down in minutes. In fact, no government would even propose it, knowing that it couldn?t pass constitutional muster. ?? Read more »

Fiji releases new constitution

Fiji has released their new constitution today.

It looks a very good document and finally removes all preferences on the basis of race.

This document will form the framework with which Fiji will head into proper free and fair elections next year.

What will be interesting will be watching New Zealand’s and Australia’s response to yet another milestone towards a return to democracy being passed successfully.? Read more »


Fiji releases draft constitution

The?Fijian?government has released the draft constitution:

The Prime Minister has invited all Fijians to participate in the formulation of Fijis new constitution by providing their feedback on the draft document.

Fijians are urged to read it, discuss it, and debate it. We want to know what you think. To provide us with your feedback via Facebook, go to the Constitution tab and add your comments.? Read more »


Oh no! Protect us from people wearing singlets and tank tops

hat tip to Graeme Edgler from Facebook

The Herald have a very good example of just how dumb some of the mainstream media are, along with their sub-idiots. In this case it is an AP repeat. Not even Sarah Palin could be blamed for this egregious mis-use of the english language.

Constitutional Right to Wear a Singlet

Constitutional Right to Wear a Singlet

The AP sub-idiot or perhaps the repeater themselves have invented a new constitutional right that Obama is allegedly going to remove. The Right to Bare Arms. I never knew that the? constitution of the US protected the right of all to wear singlets, tank tops and sleeveless blouses. Good on them, the world needs bare arms. How dare Obama try to take that right away.

Protect the Right to Bare Arms

Protect the Right to Bare Arms