Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union

Union ratbags threatening whistleblowers in corruption investigation

As Australia union corruption inquiry rumbles into life union ratbags are threatening whistleblowers and meeting to prepare evidence so they all sing from the same songsheet.

Even when under investigation their corruption continues.

Building union corruption whistleblowers have been threatened and warned not to co-operate with investigations into alleged criminal activity as the federal government prepares to launch a national police taskforce to examine the construction sector.

Fairfax Media can also reveal that corruption suspects have been meeting to plan their responses to the Abbott government’s royal commission into unions, raising concerns evidence has been destroyed and false stories agreed upon in a bid to stymie investigators.

Four prominent construction companies in NSW and Victoria have also launched internal investigations after Fairfax Media recently revealed links between their operations, underworld figures and allegedly corrupt officials in the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.? Read more »

Union corruption so out of hand Abbott convenes a Royal Commission

As the months drag by and more and more revelations of union corruption surface in investigations by the Independent Commissions Against Corruption pressure has been building to have a more fuller Federal inquiry.

Tony Abbott has now convened a Royal Commission to look at union corruption.

Five of the nation’s most powerful unions linked to the ALP have been named as targets of a wide-ranging royal commission on union corruption – in which former prime minister Julia Gillard and other MPs and union officials are expected to give evidence.

The announcement came as Fairfax Media learnt Opposition Leader Bill Shorten had referred to police a secret dossier compiled by a whistleblower that made explosive corruption allegations that centre on the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.

Other unions are also set to be dragged in and the government says construction firms accused of paying kickbacks to union officials to curry peace or win contracts will also be in the gun.

The CFMEU is one of the five unions named in the terms of reference, along with the Electrical Trades Union, the Transport Workers Union, the Australian Workers’ Union, and the Health Services Union. ?? Read more »

Unions are the enemy

Don’t you just love unions, they will sell out their own members if it suits their broader agenda. They will even suck up to the Green taliban and their anti-progress policies in order to try to knife someone else.

Liberal Senate candidate Zed Seselja has hit back at the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union after its local branch declared it would actively campaign against him in the federal election.

Mr Seselja said the union was betraying its members by backing Greens candidate Simon Sheikh and his party’s ”anti-development” agenda.

The union says it is not backing any of the main parties in the election, but its stated aim is to deny the Coalition control of the Senate and the ACT branch will use its considerable resources to campaign against Mr Seselja.? Read more »

Dealing with Union Thugs the Aussie Way

Union thugs are causing all sorts of trouble in the building industry at?the?moment. Things have got so bad that the Police have had to take control:

Police have escorted workers onto the stalled Grocon construction site again this morning after conducting a late-night operation to secure control of the site during a bitter two-week protest by Victoria?s biggest building union.

About 400 construction workers who had arrived at the Emporium site on Lonsdale Street by 6am today were met by more than 100 police – including members of the dog squad, mounted branch and officers in riot gear – who had erected temporary fencing along the street from 10pm yesterday.

A group of Grocon workers arrived at the site aboard a bus about 6.30am and were booed as they were escorted by police across the picket line.

A vocal group of about 25 later began heckling those at the building site, where workers could be heard inside.

??Show us your face, scab,?? one man yelled.

??Die, scab, die,?? shouted another.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said the operation was designed to “ensure the safety of all parties involved”.

A similar operation was conducted on Friday, when about 30 Grocon workers were escorted across the picket line and returned to work, about a third of the usual number.

About 6.45am today, protesting workers from the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union left the picket line to return to building sites across the city.

This morning traffic was being diverted at Lonsdale Street and Little Bourke Street, and there were no reports of violence.

“Resources are being deployed as required and police did not have a presence at the site across the weekend or yesterday, which was an RDO [rostered day off] for the building sector,” the police spokeswoman said.

The Baillieu government has vowed to pursue the CFMEU for heavy damages – even if the union settles its dispute with builder Grocon.

And Sky News Melbourne bureau chief Ahron Young tweeted last night that Victoria Police had served him with a warrant for access to all raw footage of last week?s protests at the Grocon site.

??As a matter of high priority please collate all footage for collection of footage & execution of search warrant,?? Young tweeted.

Other media outlets were also served with similar warrants, Young said.

Good to see that Victoria has proper laws that allows for the recovery of damages against militant and illegal strikers.