Homeopathic product recall due to contamination

"Potentised" homeopathic sugar pills

“Potentised” homeopathic sugar pills

You can’t make this stuff up. ? These idiots accidentally got penicillin in their homeopathic ‘remedy’, requiring the whole 56 batches to be recalled:

A company making homeopathic remedies in the US has had to recall more than 50 different products from across its range after they were found to contain actual medicine.

Terra-Medica, based in Ferndale, Washington, promises to provide ?a wealth of education and high quality health products [to] holistic health care practitioners across the US?. ? Read more »

Wellington no dive but still shit *

Remember when John Key was telling us Wellington was a dying city? ?It appears it is in a serious state of decay:

Wellington’s popular waterfront diving platform was forced to close after faecal contamination spiked at nearly 500 times the safe level, documents reveal.

An email exchange issued under the Official Information Act showed that Wellington Waterfront and the city council decided to close the platform immediately on the Friday of the rugby sevens last year after getting advice from Regional Public Health.

But at the time, Wellington Waterfront chief executive Ian Pike pointed to drunken sevens fans as the main reason for the closure, with water quality mentioned only as contributing to the decision.

Yesterday, he said that was incorrect and while security guards were in place to stop drunken people taking a jump, the tournament was “coincidental” to the decision to close the platform.

It is not likely to reopen until March, when new baffles are installed to divert stormwater.

The documents showed that enterococci bacteria levels were well above 140cfu (colony forming units) per 100 millilitres of water, which is considered the safe level for swimming.? Read more »