Kevin Spacey on handing control to viewers

The old school need to understand this

As the s92a debate hots up again I have been taking notice of just how out of touch with reality the old school media companies are.

They seem to want to bring their brick and mortar methods and processes of business to the internet and they expect to conduct business without changing. Well if you understand evolution then you all know what happens if you don’t change.

  • Newspapers steal stories from bloggers but want to sue if a blogger uses their content
  • TV stations want to sue if you upload a copy of their TV show to Youtube, but get a lot of their ideas from the same place or from blogs.
  • Record companies seem to think you still want to buy whole albums when just a song will do
  • They also think that electronic delivery of music should be the same price as delivery of a place CD
  • Movie magnates and companies also think the same way as record companies but take it one step further and think because you bought a DVD you want to sit through FBI warnings, three or four trailers and then get a fancy menu when all you wanted to do 20 minutes ago was watch a fricken movie
  • Youtube deletes your videos without a by or leave because they do as they are told by music companies, but there is no easy way to obtain a licence to make your own videos using the music of someone else to create satire.

And they wonder why Limewire, Torrents and the like are popular. They still think they can control the internet, and our government is no better.

The penalties for repeated downloading and file sharing are greater than the penalty for breaching name suppression.They want to disconnect you for copying a song or a movie and fine you shit loads, If I were to breach name suppression which the Solicitor-General says cuts to the heart of democracy and I cop a miserly $1000 fine max. Perspective, Illuminating, Fucked Up priorities.

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