Coromandel Peninsula

Jinxed it

The other day Water Safety NZ came out demanding that we all be vigilant and try and have zero drownings this holiday period. At the time I called it like I would a sports commentator claiming some one is a dead cert for a ton in cricket. They jinxed it and today I was proved right:

The first drowning of the season was completely preventable, says a Coromandel lifeguard.

A 43-year-old man drowned at Whiritoa beach on the Coromandel Peninsula yesterday.

He was swimming just 600m from a patrolled, flagged area, when he got into difficulty and drowned.

“The saddest thing about his death is that it was preventable,” Regional lifeguard supervisor Matt Williams said.

“The flags were just 600 metres away and we’d put lifeguards on earlier in the season than we have in the past. It was a terribly dangerous day.”

Williams said if the man, who was the only swimmer in the water at the time, had done a bit of pre-planning, or swam between the flags, he might still be alive.

Something as simple as visiting to find out the dangers of Whiritoa beach could have prevented his death, Williams said.

Whiritoa is a dangerous beach, always has been…it is tragedy for someone to drown, but stupid people do stupid things.

Bock, bock, bock, bock, bock, begowwwwk

The National party are chickens.

The Government is backing down on its decision to mine Great Barrier Island and areas of the Coromandel Peninsula, according to reports.

Although Prime Minister John Key is not announcing the decision on mining until tomorrow, Newstalk ZB reported Cabinet has today reversed from the two tourist spots because of the backlash.

The Government is also expected to severely reduce the 7,000 hectares it was planning to take out of the Schedule Four estate for mining, which is the most highly protected conservation land, according to Newstalk ZB.

TV3 reported the Government was expected to also back down on plans to mine in the Paparoa National Park on the South Isand’s West Coast.

The announcement will be made after National’s caucus meets tomorrow morning.

They haven’t even copped a drop in the polls over mining and they have caved to rowdy green eco-terrorists. Only in new Zealand would our government not utilise our natural resources to the benefit of all financially.

We can no longer declare any resource buried in the ground as an asset, because while it lies there un-mined because of chicken politicians who aren’t prepared to make hard decisions it has no value, less than zero, in fact negative value.