Yep, we called it first, highway robbers illegal and they are bludgers too

The other day we called the chuggers from Coromandel highway robbers and it turns out we were right…and the media has picked up on our call.

A small-town group’s roadside fundraising methods have been labelled “aggressive” by authorities, with commentators even calling the stint highway robbery.

Coromandel group Koputauaki?Combined?Community?Centre carried out illegal fundraising after they stopped cars on an open road and asked for gold coin donations.

People from the centre set up traffic cones on a 100km/h stretch of Colville Rd, north of Coromandel town, over the weekend and reportedly asked motorists to donate a gold coin before they were allowed through to continue their journey.

Fundraising Institute New Zealand chief executive James Austin described the methods “aggressive”.

Thames Coromandel District Council said the activities breached a council bylaw, and that council had spoken to its lawyers about the breach.

Council’s Thames area manager, Greg Hampton, said the centre did not apply for a permit for the fundraising, so had breached a bylaw. A permit is required under the Public Places Bylaw, and the group also should have submitted a traffic management plan, Hampton said.

Hampton could not confirm whether council was considering legal action.

“We haven’t really discussed that yet, and we haven’t had an official complaint.”

Controversial blogger Cameron Slater weighed in on the debate, stating on his Whale Oil blog that the activities were “highway robbery”.

“Imagine this sort of carry-on popping up all over the place??This needs to be stamped out, and stamped out hard.”

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Is Scott Simpson batting for the other team?

Scott Simpson is my oldest and longest friend in National’s caucus…what he doesn’t know about skulduggery and the dark arts of campaigning isn’t worth knowing. Much of what I’ve learned about the despicable side of politics I learned from Scott in the trenches of Eden electorate.

I know it is summer break from Parliament but c’mon Simpson… Beaumont and Moroney!!!!

Perhaps he should be over at Pauanui calming down the locals who are facing the prospects of having all the beach and reserves handed over to Maori instead of cavorting at the races with the Labour party…who we all know are against gambling when it suits them.

Are the Greens and Labour putting Coromandel in Play?

I have been picking up whispers from a variety of sources that my oldest friend in caucus, Scott Simpson, is facing a nasty, negative campaign in Coromandel where the Greens and Labour are going to do a deal to shaft him.

2011 Election results

DELAHUNTY, Catherine GP 5,660


SIMPSON, Scott NAT 18,571

As you can see the Greens and Labour candidates did poorly, getting only 5000 votes each. But combined their votes put the seat in play, if one party doesn?t run a candidate. Word is that they are looking for a good candidate as neither the Member for Mars or the previous Labour candidate are much good.

Scott is a good and long term mate, but he would be the first to acknowledge he is an Aucklander through and through and he is a little out of place in a rural seat.

This makes him a prime target for a ?To the Manor Born? or ?Jaffa? or ?Not one of us? campaigns. Hopefully the nasty manipulation of the electorate to shaft my old mate Scott won’t happen, but from what I am picking up anything is possible.

Now that is ironic

I spotted this on Facebook. Nearly spat my Mountain Dew all over the keyboard.

The thought of the 50 something, self described campaign expert and political hack, Scott “Wikileaks” Simpson getting campaigning and door knocking tips from the youngest and newest MP in parliament is just so deliciously ironic I had to post it.

Rude Questions that need answering

There is a $500 a head fundraiser today for long time friend of the Whale, Scott Simpson, the National candidate for Coromandel. It is being organised by Alan Towers.

So what you may ask.

Well the fundraiser is being held at the Northern Club.

So what I hear you say again.

Well the Northern Club is in Auckland and Alan Towers is the Auckland Regional Chair.

How come the fundraising isn’t being held in Coromandel?

Why can’t or why won’t an electorate of 900 plus members conduct fundraising for themselves?

Why isn’t Waikato Region hosting this?

With more than 900 members locally, Simpson can’t get money out of them, so he gets them from Auckland “friends” for a safe seat campaign instead of them donating to red seats in Auckland, it is very?interesting where the buggers’ muddle priorities lie.

Many questions, the answers to which suggest the priorities of the Auckland Regional Chair and his close friend on the Board will be further cause for grievance leading up to the National Conference next weekend.

Selection Updates

Coromandel: The National party last night selected long time party servant Scott Simpson as their candidate for Coromandel on the first ballot.

I was in attendence at the selection and Scott clearly delivered?the?best speech and also won the questions section. Scott had previously sought selection 6 years ago in Tamaki and recently in Rodney. Congratulations to Scott, well done.

North Shore: As expected Maggie Barry is confirmed as one of the nominees in North HSore. The others are?Enya Chadderton, Paul Goldsmith, Ewen McQueen and Michael Single. Ewen McQueen was the former and last?leader?of Christian Heritage. Paul Goldsmith was an Auckland City Councillor. I have no idea who the other two are.

North Shore has become somewhat factionalised but will coalesce now into two distinct groups. Those for Maggie and the Anyone but Maggie group. North Shore activists had tried to recruit several “names” to stand but ultimately failed in their bids. This is likely to be a two horse race between Paul Goldsmith and Maggie Barry. If Paul Goldsmith can manage to pleasant for 4 weeks he may well be able to bring all the factions together and come through. He has the brains and smarts to beat Maggie, but his handlers, if he has any need to knock on the head his pre-dilection to rudeness. Such behaviour is acceptable in a blogger but frowned upon during selections by candidates.

Coromandel selection update

Last night was the first Meet the Candidates meeting in Coromandel. It was held in Te Aroha.

There are 4 candidates (alphabetical order):

Megan Campbell
Brian Sharp
Scott Simpson
Heather Tanner

After?the?speeches it became very apparent that this is actually a two horse race. Brian Sharp stood up to deliver his speech and started off by saying he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to speak about at selection meetings and then waffled on about not much in particular. Not a good start. Heather Tanner claimed the Maori, school teacher, female demographic as if this were a Labour?party?selection meeting where quota matter. Her candidate materials aren’t that flash either.

Scott?Simpson?and Megan Campbell both spoke well with my sources telling me that Megan Campbell won the speech section easily with a “vison” style speech. Scott Simpson played up his remote local connection mentioning some long dead relative from the 1800s. I wonder if he was planning on using that speech in Roney? Perhaps not. I still haven’t worked out the underlying strategy of my long-time friend Scott Simpson, delegates tend not to like candidates shopping around electorates for a seat in parliament.

My sources also tell me that Scott Simpson was the winner of the Q&A section but it was close.

With two more meetings this week and then a strange 9 day break before the selection on the 19th the race is clearly between Megan Campbell and Scott Simpson.

Of course as is usual this blog favours no candidate and relies on the local delegates to pick the best person to represent Coromandel for the future. As is usual, I suspect that delegates will be looking for longevity but not tenure, star quality but not prima donna activities and the good?possibility?that their MP will one day sit in cabinet.

I will update again after?the?next MtC meeting.

National Party Selection Update: Coromandel

Rumours of a high profile party official running in Coromandel are true, with long time Whaleoil friend and former regional chair and party board member Scott Simpson putting his name forward. Word through from the tip line suggests Scott was badly bruised in Rodney, and has decided that with the removal of regional delegates from Rodney he is trying somewhere else.

iPredict seems to know something, with Scott being sold down to 7 cents.

Others in Coromandel are Heather Tanner (a school teacher, FFS!), Megan Campbell and Brian Sharp (architect and former TCDC councillor). A detailed post will follow when more information is know about all of these, with the early word out of the electorate that sitting MP Sandra Goudie seems to be heavily involved.

Knowing Sandra, this could be a positive or a negative depending on which side of bed Sandra has got out of on any given day. The smart money is favouring Sandra staying in bed, and probably in bed somewhere on the other side of the world until after selection.

The tipline has also run hot with the calls about National?s campaign training day on Saturday. Someone needs to be held to account for the disconnect between selection and campaign training, as there are still many seats without candidates. This blog has pointed out that the President and the Campaign Manager have been negligent in not having selection complete by now. Labour have had their candidates ready for months and it is not as if it is a surprise there is going to be an election in 2011.

On a positive note the campaign day includes Hekia Parata talking about running a strong campaign, based on her success in the Mana by-election. This blog is predicting Hekia will win the seat of Mana on November the 26th, especially as Kris McFa?afoi appears to be MIA cleaning up his own domestic issues.

A solution for Fossy's gay ute

By now everyone knows that Craig Foss has a gay ute.

Ever the helpful blogger I think I have a solution for Craig Foss so he can man up.

Hopefully he will be able to find the money to buy Sandra Goudie’s non-gay V8 Ford Falcon 500 now she is retiring and save Hastings from being?embarrassed?by an MP with a gay ute.

Sandra Goudie's V8 Ford Falcon 500

Sandra Goudie's manly V8 Ford Falcon 500

Still, at least it isn’t as gay as Lord Burns? of Marlborough?s love bug.