Corporate Wrecking Crew

Hooton’s extended wrecking crew “misleading”

The whole copper tax farce is blowing back on the ‘secret’ cabal so ably led by Matthew Hooten. ?Amazing what you can achieve between drinks.

Problem is, some of it was so ill conceived, it keeps proving blowback.

Raise your hand if you are surprised anything that involves Kim Dotcom is misleading? ?Exactly.

Orcon, Kim Dotcom, Matthew Hooton. ?What a team.

An advert featuring Kim Dotcom offering “truly unlimited broadband” has been deemed misleading by the advertising watchdog …

The Orcon ad, which is part of a campaign parodying poverty adverts and has also been at the centre of other complaints to the authority, was criticised for promoting “truly unlimited fast broadband” when the company can charge customers for using excess data. ? Read more »

Paul Brislen loses the plot, Wrecking Crew joins in

WreckingCrew copy

Any semblance of credibility?Paul Brislen had left has now evaporated completely?after he?made?one of the most bizarre claims I’ve seen for a while. Of course by aligning himself and being part of Matthew Hooton’s Corporate Wrecking Crew we are becoming more and more used to bizarre claims.

It appears Brislen is claiming?that public sector workers have been using inside information to buy up shares in Chorus. Yep, that’s right, he thinks that government employees are so flush with cash that they can afford to buy millions of shares in Chorus!

“On Friday, when a report by EY Australia into the financial viability of Chorus was received by the government but not released publicly, shares in Chorus jumped by over 7%, Tuanz says.”

I’m not sure what Brislen’s?smoking but it surely can’t be legal. For the share price to move 7%, I imagine millions of shares would have to trade hands.? Read more »

Rodney Hide on Chorus

Rodney Hide has a good article in the NBR about Chorus?[paywalled], Matthew Hooton’s corporate wrecking crew and businesses exposed to government meddling.

I was reminded of Professor Ron Johnson when National talked up the Big Idea of the 2008 election: its promise to spend $1.5 billion kick-starting ultra-fast broadband. It showed National having vision, National proving tech savvy and National switched on to the needs of modern business and young voters.

Oh, and National would enlist private enterprise to deliver, so putting distance between Muldoon?s disastrous policies and modern National. The government would simply set the contracts and provide the money. That showed National had learned and could still ?Think Big? while valuing private enterprise.

The policy has proved what every free-market thinker feared: a political, economic and technologic cluster bomb. Telcos ? and potential telcos ? focused on lobbying, not providing service; the policy chilled investment and development as business had to await government decisions; and politics now dominates and dictates telecommunications.? Read more »

One of Hooton’s corporate wrecking crew busted with $250k fine

Matthew Hooton is heading up the corporate wrecking crew of self interested parties intent on destroying Chorus so they can trouser even more profits.

One of the crew is Slingshot and their parent CallPlus. And we can judge them and their honesty by the massive fine they were just stung with in the Auckland District Court.

Slingshot – the consumer division of ISP CallPlus – has been fined $250,000 after pleading guilty in the Auckland District Court today to 50 charges it faced under the Fair Trading Act in relation to the marketing of its telecommunications services.

“We have accepted the findings of the Commerce Commission and the fine that was issued today,” CallPlus CEO Mark Callander tells NBR.

“We have cooperated fully with the Commerce Commission throughout this process and we have taken this matter very seriously. Most importantly, we have apologised to the 27 customers who were impacted by the actions of the third party telemarketing company, Power Marketing. It is good to finally resolve the matter so we can focus on the opportunities ahead.”? Read more »

Is Clare Curran trying to save her bacon by sucking up for telco donations?


The word from my Labour sources is that they want rid of Clare Curran.

Everyone in Dunedin has known this for some time and David Cunliffe has made significant promises to Lesley Soper who worked hard for his election as leader.

It seems though that she is trying to curry favour by becoming Labour’s Minister of Donations.

It is astonishing how Labour will do anything to deflect the story away from the truth around Chorus and essentially run the corporate lines on behalf of their telco mates, and Matthew Hooton’s Corporate Wrecking Crew.? ? Read more »