Media Party are Luddites really, when you boil it down, and hypocrites

Police can arrest you. ?Customs can seize your property. ?Medical people can have you put into a secure mental health facility. ??That?s the whole point of these agencies carrying out their tasks.

So that the GCSB can read your emails, especially when the company you work for has signed up – deliberately – for the GCSB to monitor their networks for security problems, well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise they can ?read your emails?.

When it comes to national security, the Media Party basically do nothing more than tell you there are monsters hiding under your bed.

New Zealanders working at companies and government agencies that deploy the Cortex cyber-security defence system could have their personal emails read by GCSB analysts.

But the chances of it happening are minuscule, according to the spy agency’s acting director Una Jagose.

The Cortex system aims to counter advanced cyber threats and provide malware detection services to government agencies and organisations dealing with “critical national infrastructure”.

The bulk of the screening is done by computers, but Ms Jagose says analysts look at private internet traffic in 0.005 percent of cases.

And the Media Party are making a big deal about this?

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