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Counter intelligence, food safety, layered security: what it takes to win a World Cup

It’s really kind of sad it has come to this, but the All Blacks are no longer naive.

The modern term for it is “risk management” – the rest of us would probably just call it security.

However you want to describe it, protecting sports teams at major events is big business. And when you are the biggest brand in your sport, it’s even more important.

Like most nations at the World Cup, the All Blacks don’t like to talk openly about security measures but they have never been more extensive.

Terrorism is at least one new phenomenon, but there is more than the scourge of modern-day travel to deal with nowadays.

If there’s a lightning rod for Kiwis on how it can all go horribly wrong, her name is Suzie.

New Zealanders of a certain age will remember how the All Blacks’ 1995 World Cup dream ended in tears in South Africa amid allegations of deliberate food poisoning at the team’s hotel by a mysterious waitress named “Suzie” on the eve of the final against the Springboks.

It was a master stroke. ?Give the whole team food poisoning before the final. ? That’s just one way to do it of course, and the All Black management are now vigilant against that and other threats. ? Read more »