Hippie of the Day

This guy is supposedly an eminent Climate Scientist, “Bill McKibben, author, activist, founder of and all-round rabble rouser.

Here he is addressing a collection of dirty hippies.

Enjoy the “up-twinkles” and the group-speak. I can’t wait till we see our own hippie wasters start publicizing their speeches.

Occupy New Plymouth #Fail

via the tipline

Further to your “Stupid Hippies” post, here is a photo of the Occupy New Plymouth taken at ~16:00 yesterday.  There were apparently more there initially for the photo op then they buggered off.

Occupy New Plymouth is a real success….looks like they are the 1% or even less.

Stupid Hippies, Ctd

Yesterday I showed you a strange video of stupid hippies trying to be cool, today I have this Infographic which shows the stupid hippies up for the hypocrites they are.

Meanwhile the usual suspects are organising our very own “Occupation“. I can’t wait to see what happens with the delightful mix of 100,000 plus pissed rugby fans watching and attending the do or die All Blacks v Wallabies match and a bunch of stupid hippies having a protest.