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‘Human errors in life happen’ ? Fonterra


Absolutely. ?They do.

The big difference is how we act after these errors are discovered.

Right now I think Fonterra have been shown a huge amount of patience to allow them to explain exactly what is going on, how it came about, what they have done since, and what they will do from here on in.

That’s ignoring the fact that they have been on this issue since March.

Instead we get this

Fonterra chief executive Theo Spierings says it is too early to point the finger at what went wrong or why, as fallout continues from the contamination of some of its products.

Briefing local media on a conference call from Beijing yesterday, Mr Spierings says the co-operative is first focusing on consumer health and containing the situation.

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Hey Catholics…Boy Buggering is bad

? Sydney Morning Herald

Peter FitzSimons lets the Catholic Church know precisely what he thinks?about?latest boy buggering priest hush scandal erupting in Australia.

An Argentinian priest frolics with his heterosexual lover in the surf and instant de-frocking…boy buggering in Australia….years of silence, cover-ups and bullshit. When will the Catholic Church realise that boy buggering is bad?

Suppose, just suppose, that it had emerged this week that back in 1992 a major Australian institution such as, say, Qantas, BHP, the ACTU or, indeed, Fairfax, had an employee make an admission that he had committed paedophile acts on 10-year-old boys; and that instead of calling the police, the institution had kept him in their employ for another 13 years, even as two of those boys went on to take their own lives.

And say within the same institution, credible allegations emerged that another employee regularly raped 10-year-old boys, but instead of the police being called, that employee had been promoted to head office! Just how great do you think the outcry would be? Of course it would engulf the public discourse, would dominate talkback, letters to the editor and Parliament for days, if not weeks. As it happens, that scenario did occur this week, all revealed by reporter Geoff Thompson on?Four Corners?on Monday night. But the institution in question was the Catholic Church of Australia, the employees in question were priests and reaction since has been somewhat muted. Why?

Two reasons. First, news that a Catholic priest has committed such abominable acts is not actually a ”hold the front page” story any more, so regularly do we hear of it.

And, second, because these acts occurred within a religious institution, people are reluctant to criticise, for that would be criticising religion, and?we don’t do that.

I say the hell with it. I say we should call it for what it is: appalling systemic child abuse that has gone on for generations and will go on for generations more, until we as a people get to grips with it. Far from being held to account, one of the alleged perpetrators is now being sheltered in the Vatican!