Killer Cow attacks and injures innocent by-stander

For my rural followers, and those who choose to walk ?in the countryside, another warning about the bovine menace.

Maryland State Police say a Taneytown woman is recovering from injuries she suffered when a cow charged and pinned her against a car.

Trooper James Lantz tells the Carroll County Times reports that the woman was taken to Shock Trauma in Baltimore after the incident Wednesday night on Route 40 a few miles west of Taneytown. ? Read more »


cows4me wants a cow video, he gets a cow video

Cows interrupt the hunt


History Pics

I [email protected]_Pics?on Twitter. ?It provides some interesting images that I can use on posts. ?But many never really get a chance to shine. ?Here are a few recent ones that you may enjoy:


Transportation of pushchairs in New Zealand, c. 1950

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Killer Cows cost ACC big time

Killer Cows are costing ACC big time, even more than shark injuries. Blair Ensor writes:


From the inane to the insane – rats, cats, sharks and even monkeys have contributed to a multi-million dollar insurance bill by inflicting pain on their human counterparts.? Read more »

Surviving Cow Attacks – A Whaleoil Public Service Message

Readers of this blog will be aware of the menace posed by cows, potentially violent psychopaths who hide their inner rage behind a facade of cud-chewing calm.

“Scary movies and TV specials may focus?on the most frightening-looking predators (Shark Week, anyone?), but that fearmongering is misdirected. The next time you’re nervously scanning the surface of the sea for a dorsal fin, remember one thing: Statistically speaking, you are much more likely to be killed by a cow than a shark.”

With a drought making life tough across much of NZ, cows have every reason to be more pissed off than usual.

It is timely to give Whale Army members and casual readers of this blog a few tips on how to survive the increasing risk of attack.? Read more »

Killer Cows related to snakes

Now we know why Cows have become such killers, far more lethal than sharks, they are closely?related?to snakes:

Genomes are often described as recipe books for living things. If that?s the case, many of them badly need an editor. For example, around half of the human genome is made up of bits of DNA that have copied themselves and jumped around, creating vast tracts of repetitive sequences. The same is true for the cow genome, where one particular piece of DNA, known as BovB, has run amok. It?s there in its thousands. Around a quarter of a cow?s DNA is made of BovB sequences or their descendants.

BovB isn?t restricted to cows. If you look for it in other animals, as Ali Morton Walsh from the University of Adelaide did, you?ll find it in elephants, horses, and platypuses. It lurks among the DNA of skinks and geckos, pythons and seasnakes. It?s there in purple sea urchin, the silkworm and the zebrafish.? Read more »

Heads we win, Tails Herald Loses

You would think a story about a farmer breaking cow tails would have an image of a cow tail wouldn’t you?

Not so at the Herald. Instead they have a drooling gob of a cow.

Far be it from me to argue with “decent journalists, trained and skilled“:



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Killer Cows still running rampant, now lighting fires

Readers will be familiar with the havoc these deranged beasts can commit from my earlier posts.

Now it is revealed that not only are they prone to assault any human that strays into range, they are also cunning arsonists:

Burning cowpats proved problematic at a large grass fire in Te Hauke, south of Hastings.

Three helicopters assisted Hastings District Council rural fire officers and Otane fire service to extinguish the blaze on Colin White Rd, near SH2, on Monday.? Read more »

Killer Cows, Ctd

The coroner is warning of the dangers of Killer Cows. When will the Greens call for a ban on cows…Oh wait!

The death of an Invercargill toddler who was trampled by a cow has sparked a warning for parents to supervise their young children constantly.

Jack Xavier Tatham was just under 2-years-old when he died in his parents’ arms in Dunedin Hospital the day after a cow stood on his head in August last year.

A coroner has found neither his parents nor the doctors who tried to save him were to blame for Jack’s death from irreversible brain swelling.