Ratbag Mayor hired hacker to try to destroy video of his crack smoking exploits

I wonder if this is a play Len Brown will try.

Embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford who has claimed that he smoked crack only because he was in a drunken stupor (give that one a go Len and see how it flies) also appears to have hired a hacker to try and destroy the video.

VICE reports:

In late July, an anonymous source approached VICE with claims that he had been hired to hack into a website?by Amin Massoudi, the communications director for Toronto’s troubled mayor, Rob Ford.? Read more »


Crack smoking Mayor refuses to comment, won’t resign… familiar game plan

You have to laugh, otherwise you’d cry.

Instead of hounding Len Brown, the NZ Herald are incredulous that Toronta mayor Rob Ford won’t resign after a video of him smoking crack has surfaced

Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford, has refused once more to resign, even after the Canadian city’s police chief revealed that investigators have a video reportedly showing him smoking crack.

“The mayor does appear in that video,” Chief Bill Blair told a news conference yesterday, months after Ford first denied illicit drug use. “As a citizen of Toronto I am disappointed.”

Ford refused to address the allegations in detail, but declared: “I have no reason to resign.”

Familiar eh? ? Read more »

Makes Andrew Williams look tame

Andrew Williams got hammered, urinated in the street and drove drunk which is nothing in?comparison?to this mayor:

Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto has long been dogged by controversy over his often boorish behavior and less than diligent attention to work. On Friday, Mr. Ford faced his greatest political test following two reports that he is seen in a video apparently using crack cocaine.The Toronto Star?and the Web site?Gawker?reported on Thursday night that they were shown the video on a smartphone by two men who were trying to sell it. The Star, which said that two of its reporters had watched the recording, reported that it was made by a man who said he had sold crack to Mr. Ford.

Mr. Ford called the accusations of crack use ?ridiculous.?? Read more »