Craig Cooper

There are aspects of this town that make it a shithole, albeit, our shithole

A raw piece from Northern Advocate editor?Craig Cooper, who I suspect won’t mind a full reproduction of his work under the circumstances.

I’d like to shove a large Love It Here sign up this town’s backside.

We have a dirty secret that the biggest Love It Here sign for this proactive local government campaign can’t hide.

I’ve known for a long time that it’s not safe at night in Whangarei.

Now my 15-year-old daughter knows too.

On Friday night, she was attacked, waiting for me near the Old Library, near Forum North, after the Stan Walker concert.

Three youths walked up to her and a friend.

A 16-year-old girl too young to be charged in an adult court told my daughter she liked her top, and her shoes.

She punched my daughter several times in the head, shoved her to the ground and kicked her.

My daughter is 15. She has learning difficulties which make processing information difficult. The sinister overtones of the girl’s comments would have taken a little longer to register.