Craig Emerson

The ratbag show continues in Australia

Day after day dodgy ALP ratbags are being rinsed before the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Yesterday it was Joe Tripodi’s turn.

These revelations are going to cripple the ALP for a generation.

Former Labor minister Joe Tripodi knew his political ally Eddie Obeid had a secret interest in cafes at Circular Quay when he bypassed a tender and renewed leases for the lucrative businesses.

Lynne Ashpole, the former deputy chief of staff to Mr Tripodi, gave evidence at the Independent Commission Against Corruption on Thursday that Mr Tripodi told her in 2006 that Mr Obeid had an interest in the waterfront cafes.

The explosive testimony contradicts Mr Tripodi’s previous claims he was unaware of Mr Obeid’s stake in the cafes when he renewed the leases in 2009 for up to 10 years. Mr Tripodi is expected to give evidence on Friday.

“During your discussions of this issue, Mr Tripodi mentioned to you that Mr Eddie Obeid owned one or two leases down at Circular Quay?” junior counsel assisting the commission, Ben Katekar, asked.

Labor leadership candidates racing for the centre ground

In stark contrast with the loons of NZ Labour who were racing to the far left in a bid to secure the leadership the Aussie contenders for Labor’s leadership are instead racing to secure the centre.

LABOR leadership candidate Bill Shorten on Wednesday declared himself a man of the centre, insisting he was best-placed to appeal to the broader public over left-wing rival Anthony Albanese.

But the bid to point out his rival’s hard left background came as Mr Albanese’s blitz continued at a Brisbane campaign event on Wednesday night – with the backing of former Labor MP and Right faction member Arch Bevis.

Another Right member and former Gillard backer Craig Emerson has also backed Mr Albanese as well as Greg Combet, Tanya Plibersek, Penny Wong and Doug Cameron.

Mr Shorten’s public endorsements have included former union boss Bill Kelty and former Labor ministers Richard Marles and Mark Dreyfus but right-wing unions are mobilising and it is understood more endorsements will be rolled out in coming days.? Read more »

The rats are abandoning ship

The ALP ratbags are all abandoning ship…fleeing the onslaught at the election. Simon Crean is the latest.

Simon Crean is now quitting politics at the next election.

This is the man who stood for deputy prime minister at last Wednesday?s Caucus meeting and got thrashed by Anthony Albanese.

On 3AW he says he would have served under Kevin Rudd as a Minister until the election, but Rudd had told him he?d rather give the position to someone else if Crean was leaving anyway.

Andrew Leigh, a Gillard backer and former professor, has resigned as Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister.

Kate Lundy has demoted from Minister for Sport to Minister for Multicultural Relations.

The full list of former Gillard Ministers quitting at the election:

Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister

Greg Combet, former Climate Change Minister

Simon Crean, former Regional Australia Minister ? Read more »

Apparently Rudd gives the ALP a 50/50 chance

The ALP is going down hard but there s a school of thought that suggests that a quick change back to the?narcissistic?Kevin Rudd may jut save some them…or if polls are to believed put them back in the hunt.

KEVIN Rudd’s resurrection as Prime Minister would lift the Labor Party back into a 50-50 fighting chance against Tony Abbott at the election.

But voters have urged Julia Gillard not to hand the job to him on a platter – rejecting Labor MPs’ calls for her to resign to make way for Mr Rudd.

An exclusive Galaxy poll for?The Sunday Telegraph?has revealed Mr Rudd would deliver a six-point lift in the Labor Party’s primary vote, saving up to 18 seats in NSW, Queensland, WA, Victoria and the Northern Territory including Treasurer Wayne Swan’s Brisbane electorate of Lilley.? Read more »

Labor needs a no dickhead rule


Watch Craig Emerson try to explain?to Australian voters why they are paying a tax that won?t do anything that the government claims, but will cost them jobs.

He breaks into song, reassuring Australia there will be no ‘Whyalla wipe-out, there on my TV’ as a result of the carbon tax.”

Trade Minister Craig Emerson has brushed aside criticism of his theatrical attempt to ridicule the Opposition’s campaign against the carbon tax.

During an interview with the ABC yesterday, Dr Emerson started dancing and singing “No Whyalla wipe-out, there on my TV” to the tune of Skyhooks’ 1970s hit Horror Movie.

Dr Emerson was responding to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s previous comments that the South Australian city of Whyalla would be “wiped off the map” because of the carbon tax.

“Singing is not right up there with my other abilities, but I was trying to get a very important point through,” Dr Emerson told Sky News this morning.


Double Standards

??Sydney Morning Herald

Tony Abbott has been accused of double standards for not sacking a senator that shoved another lib and called him a poofter.

Somehow the ALP have lost their moral compass and this is just another example.

“Under the principles the Labor government has supported and continues to support Senator Heffernan is entitled to due process and the presumption of innocence,” senior minister Craig Emerson said.

But Dr Emerson said if Mr Abbott applied his own principles he’d “refuse to accept Senator Heffernan’s tainted vote, he will stand him down from chairing the relevant Senate committee and he will move to dismiss Senator Heffernan from the Liberal Party”.

Only in the warped parallel universe of Labor would a scumbag unionist who ripped off his union for $500,000 including putting hookers on the union credit card would be the moral equivalent of a bit of jostling and calling someone a poofter.