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1000 cats at a wedding – these people need to be locked up under the mental health act

The shelter is no-cage and no-kill, filled with more than 1,000 cats and kittens and nestled outside Fresno. It has existed there for more than 20 years.

The couple from Canada chose this place, of all the places, because like them, it cares about the cats.

“We are animal lovers, the two of us, and we wanted to make this our special day,” the bride told CBS 47. “We wanted to make it close to our own values.”

Feline fondness brought the couple together when they first met, according to news coverage from their wedding.

They dated for three years, a relationship founded on common principles and interests: cats.

“I saw we were sharing these same values, because these are values, they are the basis of our (relationship),” Veronneau told KSEE 24.

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Invercargill ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ down to three cats… maybe

Some other crazy cat lady

Some other crazy cat lady

We’ve followed the story of the Invercargill neighbourhood that had 30+ defecating cats roaming their gardens and wanted the council to put a stop to it. ??The Crazy Cat Lady refused, and so a legal process was started…

Averil Gardiner has long fought to keep her 30 or so cats, but reportedly got rid of all but three of this month following an order from Judge David Saunders in the Invercargill District Court. Read more »

Invercargill Crazy Cat Lady hits the end of the line

Some other crazy cat lady

Some other crazy cat lady

You may recall last year’s non-political drama of the Invercargill council trying to compel a lady to get rid of some of her thirty-plus cats. ?It got ugly, with a run-in with a 3 News camera crew at one point.

Well, it seems the legal channels have been followed, and for once common sense was allowed to win. ?For now.

Neighbours say the problems began when Averil ?Gardiner moved in three-and-a-half years ago.

“There were faeces on the lawn, spraying around the property,” says neighbour Katrina Robertson.

“There is cat poo on our lawn almost daily that I’ve had to pick up, and along with the cat poo there are flies,” says neighbour Rachel Webber. Read more »

Invercargill’s Crazy Cat lady finally has a name

Some other crazy cat lady

Some other crazy cat lady

Not that we need to know her name. ?But the fact it was suppressed in the first place, make this important.

Allison Beckham reports:

The Invercargill woman charged with keeping too many cats on her city property can be named as Averil Maree Gardiner.

Gardiner, who has pleaded not guilty to failing to reduce the number of animals on her property to comply with an Invercargill City Council bylaw, and creating a nuisance under the Health Act, 1956, has been fighting to keep her name private.

Last month, in the Invercargill District Court, Judge Michael Turner ruled she had not met the high threshold required for continued name suppression and ordered it be lifted. Through her counsel, Simon Claver, she immediately appealed to the High Court.

The appeal was to have been heard in Invercargill yesterday, but in the afternoon the court issued a statement saying the action had been abandoned.

It was always absurd to demand name suppression on such a minor civil case.

Fern and Rachael Webber are among many neighbours who have complained about Gardiner’s animals roaming the area, upsetting other cats and fouling and spraying on nearby properties.

Mr Webber said after Gardiner moved in, he and his wife did not realise for some months just how many cats she owned.

”Then we began to see them sitting on her driveway in the sun. The most I ever counted was 25.”

Mrs Webber said she did not care if Gardiner owned 10 or 20 cats but was only concerned about the health of her own family.

”The cats were using our entire lawn and garden as a toilet … and digging up my seedlings.

”Before our children went out to play we had to go round with a plastic bag and pick up the poo.”

Since news of Gardiner’s cats broke about three months ago, the cats had been kept inside ”virtually 24/7”, Mr Webber said.

”It’s been awesome for us, but what the smell is like inside her house I don’t know.”

Averil Maree Gardiner, you must go through a few cubic meters of kitty litter a week!


– Otago Daily Times

Invercargill Crazy Cat Lady has a win… for now

Some other crazy cat lady

Some other crazy cat lady

You may recall the Invercargill crazy cat lady with the “37” cats…

The Invercargill woman charged with keeping too many cats on her city property is continuing the fight to keep her name secret.

After hearing submissions in the Invercargill District Court yesterday, Judge Michael Turner ruled the woman had not met the threshold required for continued name suppression and ordered it be lifted.

But through her counsel, Simon Claver, the woman immediately said she would appeal and Judge Turner ordered her name to remain suppressed until the appeal was heard.

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Name suppression??? You got to be kidding me

Some other crazy cat lady

Some other crazy cat lady

TVNZ reports on that nice cat lady from “down south”

An Invercargill woman at the centre of a struggle over the number of cats she owns has appeared in court.

The woman, who has been granted interim name suppression, appeared this morning in the Invercargill District Court charged with failing to reduce the number of animals and creating a nuisance under the Health Act 1956.

The charges come after the Invercargill City Council invoked a new bylaw for the first time in March this year after the woman, who has around 35 cats, failed to reduce the number to three. Read more »

“Council to act” on 37 cat crazy cat lady… really?

You may recall our earlier articles on the crazy cat lady in Invercargill that owns 37 cats, and the council’s failure to deal with the problems that a large number of defecating cats are causing to the surrounding properties.

Here’s a little reminder of the Crazy Cat Lady and her feral son when they had a street meeting with a TV3 camera man. ? (Caution: ?raw footage)

Well,?it turns out that even the tough Southlanders turn into a bunch of snotty?tissues when faced with something as complex as this. ? Read more »

Feral cat lady and feral son assault cameraman

Hey, they can’t all be Kim Dotcom stories, but here we go again, getting you real news: ?Raw footage of the TV3 cameraman being abused and assaulted by the Invercargill Crazy Cat Lady and her delightful son.

Crazy Cat Lady war in Invercargill heats up

You may recall our report on the Invercargill Crazy Cat Lady that is upsetting her neighbours with her 37 (estimated) cats.

Things are getting tense…


Louise Berwick gives us the update

An Invercargill woman whose three dozen cats are infuriating her neighbours is now keeping them inside her house, a move that could result in a prosecution under the Health Act.

Invercargill City Council chief executive Richard King sparked outrage and attracted an onslaught of national media after suggesting in?The Southland Times?her neighbours get rid of the cats by trapping them in council-provided traps and disposing of them. ? Read more »

Invercargill scaredy cats suffer crazy cat lady’s reign of terror

Some other crazy cat lady

Some other crazy cat lady

Brooke Gardiner reported on an Invercargill crazy cat lady

“We guesstimated that there were 37 [cats]”, says Invercargill City Council environmental health manager John Youngson. “They were locked in the house but we are guessing 37 were there.”

He now hopes to enlist the services of other organisations including the SPCA in a bid to resolve the issue out of court. ? Read more »