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Clapton’s Greatest Addiction?

Not Drugs… Women!?

Eric Clapton finally gets his “Layla” when he marries Pattie Boyd, ex-wife of best friend George Harrison.?

As he turns 70, the rock legend’s biographer reveals the trail of broken hearts and shattered lives he’s left in his wake.

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Some proper facts on the Fonterra cream recall


Recall is just 350 of these type of crates of cream

The media are making much of the recall of 8700 bottles of cream…it sounds like a large number but is it really?

I made a few calls and ascertained that cream is not delivered in pallets, but in crates and 8700 bottles is only 350 crates of cream.

I then enquired as to how many supermarkets this could affect and the answer was 350 crates would easily be consumed by just two decent sized PaknSave supermarkets.

In other words stuff all.

So there you have it…reality…a very small product recall, of just 350 crates of maybe, possibly, dodgy cream.

Readers have also commented that recalls happen frequently.? Read more »

Calm Down, move On

Better circle the wagons.

In what is a typical product recall, Fonterra is recalling a few thousand bottles of cream.

Nothing strange about that, yet, as typical of most lightweight young MSM journalists you’d think the plague had struck New Zealand.

8,700 bottles of cream is a slightly different situation to 38 tonnes of whey protein. Perspective is needed.

Sensible comments from Federated Farmers’ Willy Leferink who said:

“If you don’t trust your product you do a recall. It probably shouldn’t have gone into the marketplace in the first place but food safety is paramount, so if you then find there is problems with the product then a recall is justified,” he said.? Read more »

Be careful out there

A bucket list for food?

The health nazis have published a list of foods we are supposed to blacklist…I’m treating it as a bucket list just to spite them.

Taking the boy to school this morning he listened as Mike Hosking reeled off some of the evil foods. He turned to me and said “Dad, I reckon you could make an epic meal by combining a whole lot of those”.

I asked how so and he said “Well they mentioned cream, doughnuts and jam, that’s 3 in one right there with a jam and cream filled donut.”


Right, time to tick off some of the list?off to Takanini for lunch today.

Has a notorious foot-long cheeseburger that has twice as many calories as KFC’s Double Down

Photos later.