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People are Stupid, Ctd


I have a friend who often makes the simple statement “People are Stupid”. THere are none more stupid though than those who post photos of their new credit cards online. These same people will probably feature on the news crying about how they got ripped off by scamster

And now a public service announcement: don’t post photos of your debit or credit cards online. That might sound like an incredibly basic security rule, but it’s one dozens of Twitter users are breaking — and now one handle hopes to hold them to account.

@NeedADebitCardpillages the Twittersphere for unsuspecting users who posted completely legible photos of their credit and debit cards on the web. Its sole purpose: to shame those foolish enough to post Twitpics or Instagrams that contain their credit or debit card information.

“Please quit posting pictures of your debit cards, people,” reads the account’s bio. It has posted 55 pictures and gained more than 2,000 followers since first tweeting on May 25.

5 Reasons why Len Brown can't be trusted

Slappy Len BrownI was hugely surprised to see that Len Brown is claiming to be the Mayoral candidate that can be trusted.

Here are five quick reasons why Whaleoil says he can’t be trusted on anything.

1. Len Brown broke his 2007 promises on rates. When campaigning in Manukau in 2007, he said he would keep overall rates to within inflation at Manukau City. In fact, he has failed to do this every year he has been Mayor.

2. Also, as a councillor and chairman of the Manukau City Annual Plan committee, the face-slapper cum rapper delivered rates rises as high as 8.1% and 8.3% per annum. That makes his promises on rates especially hollow.

3. The Mayor for all Visa Cards couldn’t trust himself with his council credit card in the end, and cut it up on national TV. This was after he was caught buying personal items like a Christmas Ham, a stereo system, family groceries and even several hundred morning cups of coffee with his ratepayer funded card, not mention a slap up feed at Volare restaurant to the tune of $810 that he refuses to disclose. If he can’t trust himself to spend wisely with a council credit card, how can he be trusted to spend wisely with a $3 billion budget?

4. Lying Len Brown says the election is about trust, but claimed in a newspaper interview that he would be ‘truthful with limits’. He said he would continue to refuse to tell the public who he entertained on his council credit card. I know for a fact this is now the subject of multiple complaints to the Ombudsman.

5. Jesus Brown can’t be trusted to behave rationally under pressure. He had an emotional breakdown over his credit card spend and said that only Jesus had come under more pressure.  He repeatedly slapped himself silly on TV, and then tried to pass off his erratic behaviour as a traditional Maori practice.

So there we are – 5 reasons why Len Brown can’t be trusted as Auckland Mayor.