criminal conspiracy

“Tainted” Fisher continues the smear


Ah yes.

The unsubstantiated question as a headline. ? The favourite way the media like to smear, because it isn’t a statement of fact.

I’ll give you an example or two

Have?National been shielding senior people among their ranks that have name suppression for behaviour that would end their careers?

Are National hiding someone who caused the loss of money entrusted to him by trying to cover it up?

Was Russel Norman blackmailed into his resignation?

Does Andrew Little know Carmel Sepuloni’s questions to the house were to the benefit of her mother?


That’s how it’s done. ? Read more »




Just to be clear, I never said the Labour Party were trying to kill me. ?That’s the spin the Labour Party have put on it this morning. ? I wonder why?

The statement about McCarten being involved in Dirty Politics and the statement about people involved in Dirty Politics trying to kill me were separate and distinct. ?The criminal conspiracy was large enough for some of them not to know what others were planning in parallel.

McCarten was involved in the whole sordid Vote Positive campaign that was to augment the release of the Dirty Politics book. ?All of that was the product of criminal conspiracy.

Still, maybe they know something about McCarten’s intentions towards me that I don’t?

I wonder if Labour are going to be dumb enough to put that spin into Hansard? ? Read more »

Criminal conspiricist party to hacking jailed



I have to admit, it’s not a headline I expect to see relating to our media and its accomplices. ?But I truly can’t see the difference between the News of the World hacking/media involvement, and the Political parties/Rawshark/Whaledump/Media involvement here.

A former News of the World news editor has been jailed for eight months after admitting involvement in phone hacking at Rupert Murdoch’s now defunct tabloid newspaper.

Ian Edmondson had been a defendant in the trial of former News of the World editors Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, but was excused due to ill health.

Before he could stand trial again, Edmondson pleaded guilty last month to conspiring to hack the phones of a host of public figures between October 2000 and August 2006.

Notice that he didn’t do the hacking himself. ?In that sense, Rawshark may even get away with it. ?But he was found guilty of conspiracy. ? Now that, my dear readers, casts a wide net here in New Zealand when you look through the cast list behind Dirty Politics. Read more »

From the passenger seat: It’s only just begun

by Pete

If you haven’t yet, read Cam’s 8:00am article first.

We have gone through a period where people have asked me how I can possibly be associated with “someone like” Cameron Slater. ?We’ve been quiet, taking the blows, day after day. ?Occasionally a post to warn people to choose which side of history they want to be on.

As with Kim Dotcom, when we told people to pick carefully, this particular story has had too many people pile on top of Cameron thinking that the guy who laughs at dead babies, calls people feral and is generally unpleasant (all extreme distortions floated by his enemies) was going down. ?As happens in cases like these, when people sense blood on the floor, they pile in.

Personally, I am bursting at the seams. ?I’ve been wanting to tell the story for months now. ?But being quiet and letting the investigations continue have paid off. ?We don’t care who rawshark is. ?We’ve known for months. ?We don’t care who paid him. ?We’ve known for months. ? The patience to stay quiet has taken some energy, and it is still not the right time to tell all. Read more »

Fran ‘O on Key’s awful handling of the “Slater” issue

Whale Oil Blogger Cameron Slater Portrait Session

Watching John Key tell Parliament he had not spoken to blogger Cameron Slater “in my capacity as Prime Minister” immediately brought to mind the famous words uttered by one of the legal profession’s more accomplished Silver Foxes. ?…

When it’s the Prime Minister who is being asked to account for his own actions during Question Time, resorting to semantic gymnastics and logical contortions to avoid accountability just looks too cute by half.

“I did not have?sexual relations with that woman”

“It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is”

“But not in my capacity as Prime Minister” ? Read more »

Ongoing conspiracy

Once everything is out in the open, it will be clear that Dirty Politics was part of a much larger?criminal conspiracy.

The involvement in this is so wide-ranging that it surprises me that the Greens and TV3 have revived the issue by putting pressure on John Key in the house and then, of course, whipping it into a storm in the ‘media’

The Prime Minister has had the heat put on him by Opposition parties about his relationship with Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater during the first question time since the Dirty Politics book was published.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman led the attack on John Key, asking him how many times he had spoken to or sent text messages to Slater since November 2008.

“None in my capacity as Prime Minister,” Mr Key replied.

“I think it’s been well-established in this House for a long period of time that Prime Ministers wear a variety of different hats ? that includes as leader of the National Party, and can include as a citizen.

“I happen, for the record, to use my ministerial service-funded cellphone to ring my wife. When I ring my darling wife and I put the cat out at night, I do that in my capacity as a husband, not as Prime Minister.”

Investigative journalist Nicky Hager’s book, released in August, drew connections between Slater and a National Party staff members and Ministers.

The book says Slater was fed information from National Party sources to use in attack posts on his blog.

The book has no proof. ?Only inferences. ?That doesn’t stop the media from pretending it is hard fact.

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There are two sides to every story

Hi Cam and Team

Just a quick email to Cam and the team to keep up the good work, in spite of all the crap being flung by the frenzied press and other idiots.

One of my ?sayings? in life is that there are 2 sides to every story.? Having read Whaleoil for many months, it has been heartening to see that someone has the strength to present the ?other side? of a story, often misrepresented by a largely amateur media corps and other associated entities.

Over the last couple of years I?ve been gobsmacked by how amateurish and frenzied the media have become in order to try and retain some relevance in society.? I rarely watch the news anymore, never any of the current affairs programmes, very rarely buy a newspaper and only look at Stuff to see what their side of the story is to any articles you?re publishing.? The Herald app is long gone – plonkers.? I have stopped listening to NZ radio except Larry and RadioSport and found instead I?ve been listening to UK and other shows via the TuneinRadio app.? Plans are also in place to get rid of Sky.

And then there are politicians – don?t start me – as bad as cyclists.

Anyway, the work you have done is appreciated by myself and I?m sure, many many others.? ?I?m not an expert but in spite of the issues you?re currently facing, I feel your ?brand? and the common sense and fairness that it entails, hopefully will make some serious changes for NZ.


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Judith Collins resigns

judith-collins-1200 (2)

Tough game, this Dirty Politics. ?Especially when you’re in the middle of it.

First using leaks from MFaT over Oravida, and then using my personal and private emails, Judith Collins has been taken down by a 1000 cuts. ? ?As Judith and I are friends, I am gutted for her. ?John Key has said it many times: ?she’s worked hard, very hard, and been a very good minister. ?So good in fact, that she’s been the focus of a sustained 6 month campaign by the left to take her out. ?They know the danger she poses. ? Read more »