Criminal negligence

Auckland rates revolt?

Auckland Council faces a rates revolt, and some ratepayers could be forced out of their homes.

That’s the message from some councillors at a council budget meeting today.

Councillors have rejected a proposal from councillor Denise Krum, preventing the rates on a home going up by more than 20-percent a year.

She says many people who face rate-hikes of more than 20-percent don’t actually live in suburbs with high-value properties.

Roughly a 10% increase every year for years to come, and some of the Auckland councilors fear this may lead to a rates revolt.

I can assure them that’s not the case. Read more »

This isn’t a case of drink driving – surely this is something much worse?


A pregnant woman who fled police after being stopped at a checkpoint on her way home for a night out drinking was “grossly intoxicated”, police say.

The 24-year-old woman, who was also a disqualified driver, failed to stop at the checkpoint in central Nelson, resulting in a short pursuit at about 3.20am, Sergeant David Lauer said.

The woman fled through a 50kmh residential area near Nelson Hospital at speeds of 70kmh for about a kilometre, before being pulled over by police.

She produced a reading of 938 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath – almost four times the new blood alcohol limit.

The woman was three months pregnant and “grossly intoxicated”, Lauer said.  Read more »

5045 unregistered teachers? Nothing to worry about

Apparently we have over 5000 people teaching that the Teachers’ Council doesn’t know about.

The council has compared its records of registered teachers with the number of teachers paid through the Ministry of Education payroll and found 5045 unregistered teachers.

A further 433 teachers were identified as being paid to teach, yet the council has no record of them.

Letters have been sent to teachers who have let their registration lapse and those who have escaped the council’s radar.

Teachers Council chief executive Rob McIntosh said the numbers, in its annual report, should not alarm people and were a reassurance the council was picking up those who had fallen out of the system. Most unregistered teachers had previously been authorised and had simply let their practice certificates lapse through oversight or tardiness.

Teachers were legally allowed to teach for up to 10 days without being registered and that could account for many who were unknown to the council.

He said schools were obliged to check they were employing people fit for the job.

It appears the schools don’t care about following impractical rules.   Read more »

Auckland Council spin: There is no IT budget blowout


And they are right.  There is no “IT budget” blowout.

Auckland Council is denying reports of a budget blow out, over its mammoth IT transformation project.

After much debate behind closed doors, the council has today revealed the latest figures for its New Core project. Read more »