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Vincent walks her two dogs, Danny, left, and Mikey. Vincent and her two sons also have hamsters, fish and an ill-tempered parrot. Photo: Ron Wurzer/Seattle Post-Intelligence

Victims Get A Life Sentence

Shared DNA is Not a Reason to have a Relationship with a Monster

One night when she couldn’t sleep,?Mary Vincent?got out of bed and drew her face. Within an hour, her large, dark eyes were looking back at her, drawn in pencil and accompanied by handsome high cheekbones, firm jaw and generous mouth. She even drew the tiny dent on the tip of her nose.

Considering that she hadn’t drawn anything more demanding than a shopping list since childhood, her proficiency was remarkable, but not to her.

“I’ve always been good with my hands,” she said.

True — except she doesn’t have hands.

In a nation beset by violent crime, even the most spectacularly vicious acts often fade quickly from the public consciousness, as if some sort of collective repression simply buries images too ghastly to retain. Certain horrors, however, seize the imagination and provoke public outrage years after the hideous drama has been concluded.

Larry Singleton was convicted of raping 15-year-old Mary Vincent, hacking her forearms off, and leaving her for dead in a California canyon. It was an act so barbaric that it was never forgotten; when Singleton, was paroled he was hounded out of one community after another. Not one town would have him, and the outcry forced him to accept refuge within the walls of San Quentin Prison, where he remained for the duration of his parole.

Lawrence Singleton?s daughter didn?t want to believe her father was a monster, but the evidence was there and she said she had ?no doubt that he was guilty.? He had also physically attacked her as a teen so she knew first hand what his temper was like. She was 15 years old at the time of the crime.

The family of Singleton as well, and many others whose crimes become national and world news do have to face the public?s scorn.

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Photo of the Day

Bobby Greenlease and his father, Robert C. Greenlease Sr., 71.

The “No-Tell Motel” and the Bobby Greenlease Kidnapping

One of the more tragic and fascinating crimes of the mid 20th century was the kidnapping and murder of 6-year-old Bobby Greenlease in 1953, and the subsequent disappearance of half the $600,000 ransom his family futilely paid for his release.

Bobby was the son of Robert C. and Virginia Greenlease. His 71-year-old father was one of the largest Cadillac dealers in the nation. The Greenleases lived in Mission Hills, Kan., the most elite suburb in the Kansas City area.

The kidnappers ? Carl Austin Hall and Bonnie Brown Heady ? had both known privilege earlier in their lives. In fact, it was at military school that Hall met Paul Greenlease, the older, adopted brother of Bobby Greenlease. Hall later inherited a substantial amount of money from his father, but blew it failing at a number of business ventures. For robbing a number of cab drivers ? his total take was $38 ? Hall was sent to the Missouri State Penitentiary. In prison he dreamed of making ?the big score? ? a score that would allow him to once again live in luxury.

He later said that kidnapping was the only crime where he could strike once and retire for life.

Once out of prison, Hall, stocky and with thinning hair, was living in St. Joseph, Mo., and started going with Heady ? a plump but not entirely unattractive woman, who was known to sleep around and prostitute herself. Heady owned her own home. They got drunk routinely, and sometimes Hall knocked her around. In fact, when she was arrested for the kidnapping she bore the marks of a Hall beating.

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TVNZ and Andrea Vance go all in for disgusting spitting criminals

Andrea Vance had a piece on 1News last night about Police use of spit hoods. They are designed to stop scumbag criminals from spitting at Police.

One commenter noted:

Vance is exercising the usual array of crim hugging HR Muppet’s over the police use of spit hoods on the disgusting mongrels they have to deal with. I say those who are bleating about mongrel’s rights on this should do a bit of walking in the moccasins to see if they enjoy being covered in saliva contaminated with god knows what and waiting on tenterhooks for test results to see if they have contracted a fatal disease. Whilst Vance has the opportunity, she should blag a spit hood from police stores and present it to Goff in case he feels that way inclined again.

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The wonky logic of Wrongly Wrongson

A dog barks next to a canine car in Mexico City, July 18, 2013.REUTERS/Edgard Garrido (MEXICO - Tags: SOCIETY ANIMALS) - RTX11SI1

A dog barks next to a canine car in Mexico City, July 18, 2013.REUTERS/Edgard Garrido (MEXICO – Tags: SOCIETY ANIMALS) – RTX11SI1

Martin Bradbury, or as we ?humorously refer to him here at Whaleoil – Wrongly Wrongson, has found a new passing car to bark at. Now that the Black Lives Matter movement in America has reached peak insanity, ?with the racial hatred of whites and police at an all-time high, he wants to bring it to New Zealand.

When you include a justice system that is racist and imprisons Maori offenders disproportionately I think we have passed a threshold for a determined #BrownLivesMatter campaign to shake Pakeha NZ out of its ignorant John Key trance.

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Scribble-faces fail in appeal

08092014 News. Cameron Burnell/Fairfax NZ. Dillin Pakai and Shane Pierre Harrison appeared in the High Court at Wellington where they pleaded not guilty of having murdered Alonsio Matalasi (known as Sio) at Petone on August 22, 2013.

Cameron Burnell/Fairfax NZ. Dillin Pakai and Shane Pierre Harrison appeared in the High Court at Wellington

You have to admire the cheek of scribble-faces, so tough they can tattoo their faces and even their eyelids, but get upset when the jury believes they are tough guys and finds them guilty.

They were fierce-looking men with full facial tattoos, were disrespectful to the court process and could not have given a good impression to the jury.

That was what the lawyer for one of two men appealing their murder convictions told the Court of Appeal in Wellington today.

Dillin Pakai and Shane Harrison were found guilty in 2014 of murdering Lower Hutt man Sio Matalasi. ? Read more »

Arthur Taylor wasting more time, energy and money


Vexatious litigant and convicted?violent offender?Arthur Taylor is making a pest of himself in the courts yet again.

He’s spent 38 years behind bars and his convictions include a variety of crimes, including conspiring to deal in methamphetamine from prison, possession of morphine for supply, receiving, kidnapping, escaping from custody, possession for supply of cannabis and cannabis oil, and six firearms offences.

He has cost the taxpayer literally millions of dollars for his incarceration and also for his ongoing vexatious claims.

The Department of Corrections has been called out for breaking protocol by jailhouse lawyer Arthur Taylor. But it says it has since made changes to ensure prisoners receive their minimum entitlements.

Taylor filed multiple complaints to the Ombudsman, Professor Ron Paterson, claiming the prisoners in Auckland Prison’s East Division were not given the opportunity to spend one hour exercising in the open air, weather permitting, which they are entitled to under law.

Citing previous incidents and Supreme Court rulings, Taylor claimed it hadn’t deterred the prison from “continuing to deny prisoners from their one hour minimum entitlement”, and that “there needs to be accountability” for the practice continued for “such a long period” of time. ? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Catt Family Bank Robbers: Father Ronald Scott Catt And 2 Children Suspected Of Multiple Heists.

Catt Family Bank Robbers : Father Ronald Scott Catt And 2 Children Suspected Of Multiple Heists.?Catt, 50, and his 20 year old son Hayden are alleged to have carried out the raids while 18 year old Abigail acted as the getaway driver.

I Would Only Rob Banks For My Family

The Catts of Katy, Texas seemed to be a normal, quiet, family before their secret lives as bank robbers were revealed.

Scott Catt, 50, and his 20-year-old son Hayden and 18-year-old daughter Abby stole $100,000 in two bank robberies before they were arrested at their apartment complex.

In a confessional prison interview, Scott Catt tells ?how he recruited his two children to become his accomplices in crime.

‘All I can tell you is that I thought it would help us as a family,’ Catt said.

‘I did it for the family,’ he said. ‘I swear to you, I would only rob banks for my family.’

Just after sunrise?on the morning of August 9, 2012, in the Houston suburb of Katy, Scott Catt, a fifty-year-old structural engineer, was awakened by the buzzing of his alarm clock in the master bedroom of the apartment he shared with his twenty-year-old son, Hayden, and his eighteen-year-old daughter, Abby. The apartment was in Nottingham Place, a pleasant, family-oriented complex that featured a resort-size swimming pool and a large fitness center.

Scott took a shower, dried off, and ran a brush through his closely cropped, graying hair. He put on a T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and some work boots and walked into the living room, where Abby and Hayden were waiting for him on the couch. Hayden was also wearing a T-shirt and jeans, along with some slip-on tennis shoes. His short dark hair was brushed forward, splayed over his forehead. Abby, whose highlighted blond hair fell to her shoulders, was wearing a blouse, black yoga pants, and flip-flops.

?Okay, kids,? Scott said. ?You ready??

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?The Toughest Cop in the World?

Here?s how Johnny Broderick handled ordinary smart guys. There were three of them, standing outside a downtown restaurant, looking for trouble. Johnny smacked them around for a while, then he picked them up one by one and flung all three of them through the restaurant’s plate-glass window. Then he ran them in for malicious destruction of property, and the judge gave them 30 days and made them pay for the damage.

Here’s how Johnny Broderick handled racketeers like Vannie Higgins. Dapper Vannie would come around to Madison Square Garden for a sporting night out on the town, and Johnny would be waiting for him every time, and Johnny would just pick him up and send him crashing through a phone booth and make him leave. Vannie complained about this to the fixers on several occasions, but it never got him anywhere.

Here’s how Johnny Broderick handled Legs Diamond, who blustered one night that he’d had enough of this Broderick and he was going to take the lousy copper for a ride. Word of this came to Johnny, who went out looking for a showdown and soon found Legs and his boys at Broadway and 46th. The boys fled at once. Legs gulped. Johnny dumped a trash bin over his head. Then he made him crawl away on his hands and knees as the whole Stem watched.

Here’s how Johnny Broderick handled Two-Gun Crowley. Crowley was holed up at West End and 90th, fending off tear-gas bombs, challenging 300 cops outside to come and get him. Johnny stomped upstairs by himself, bashed down the door, ordered Crowley to come along and marched him out by the scruff of his neck.

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Get Kelvin to sort them out, they’re Labour’s pals now

Kelvin Davis’ criminal friends are causing trouble. He went into bat for them in Australia, now he can sort them out here.

More than 300 Kiwis have been sent?back to New Zealand where many have re-offended?on the back of?Australia toughening?up its deportation legislation.

Precisely 322 deportees have arrived back on New Zealand shores since the change to Australia’s rules in December 2014 – roughly 23 a month -?and 81 offences have been clocked up since their arrival.

The figures were released under the Official Information Act to Newshub and include 1 sexual offence, 15 violence, 15 drugs, 12 dishonesty and 6 property damage/abuse offences. ? Read more »

One of Kelvin’s missing million scumbags has killed again

Kelvin Davis flew to Australia to advocate on behalf of killers, rapists and violent offenders.

Andrew Little lobbies Australian MPs on behalf of them too.

Now one of their missing million whom they’ve cuddled has killed again.

A man deported from Australia after being convicted of a violent murder is before the courts for allegedly killing again in New Zealand.

It is understood he returned to this country about seven years ago.

The killing occurred last week and the man has made a preliminary appearance in court.

He cannot be named.

It is unlikely he was monitored after his return home because a supervision regime that allows the police and the Corrections Department to keep tabs on deportees was not put in place until last November.

The Government put the new regime in place to cope with the expected influx of deportees after Australia adopted a hard-line deportation policy at the end of 2014. Under it, Canberra can send home criminals who have served more than a year in prison or failed good character tests, even if they have spent most of their lives in Australia.

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