Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

That’s why they are so good at marching backwards

I was reading an article about the downfall of the leftists in Argentina and the mad socialist bint leading them, Cristina Fern?ndez de Kirchner, when I came across this quote about Argentina.

?The thing you have to remember about Argentines,? a former Chilean government minister once cautioned me, ?is that they aren?t like other Latin Americans. They?re Italians who speak Spanish, but dream in French.?

And that more than anything else explains why Argentines became one of the best armies in the world at marching backwards…they learned by copying the cheese eating surrender monkeys.

Right enough hilarity…the rest of the article is about the collapse of socialism in South America.

Regionally, the collapse of Kirchnerism represents both a sign of the public?s dissatisfaction with the 21st century socialist model espoused by Kirchner and her regional allies, and a potential catalyst for further weakening of South America?s?socialist status quo. Whether this weakening really comes to pass will depend on how closely Macri the president mirrors Macri the candidate. Should he continue to speak out against violations of human rights and civic freedoms in countries like Venezuela and Ecuador, as he has done, this will do much to undermine a shameful legacy of silence that has deeply damaged the region?s democratic norms. ? Read more »

Argie Judge finds a hurricane to piss into

An Argie judge has found a hurricane to piss into as he orders the seizure of assets of oil drilling companies operating in the Falklands.

An Argentine judge ordered the seizure of assets of oil drilling companies operating in the disputed Falklands Islands on Saturday, as rhetoric heats up before October elections.

Lilian Herraez, a federal judge in Tierra del Fuego, ordered the seizure of $156 million, boats and other property, according to Argentina’s state news agency Telam.

The companies named in the demand were Premier Oil, Falkland Oil and Gas, Rockhopper Exploration, Noble Energy and Edison International Spa.

It was not clear what Argentina would do to enforce the ruling and, as companies generally avoid Argentine territory, it is likely to prove largely symbolic.

They will do precisely nothing, because they can’t. The best they ever managed to do against the Poms was run Top Gear out of?the country. ? Read more »

Next they will be looking for some wind to piss into

The Argies are all upset they’ve been spied on.

I’m surprised they even had a moan, they are still effectively at war over the Falkland Islands, which Argentina still think ?are theirs, even after their Army displayed a French like capacity for marching backwards while their Navy ended up on the bottom of the Atlantic.

The Argentine foreign ministry has summoned the British ambassador in Buenos Aires to complain about reports that Britain spied on Argentina amid renewed fears of a Falkland Islands invasion.<

John Freeman, the ambassador, was called in by Eduardo Zuain, the deputy foreign minister, at a time of heightened tensions between the two countries.

Argentina said that it summoned Mr Freeman ?to demand explanations over the silence of the British government? over the espionage claims.

He also delivered a threat to prosecute oil companies working in waters off the Falklands and re-iterated Argentine complaints about British plans to boost defences on the islands.

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She’ll be wanting the Falklands back again to distract from this little problem

Argie President?Cristina Fernandez de?Kirchner has been charged with covering up an Iranian bombing of a Jewish centre.

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de?Kirchner?has been formally?accused of shielding Iranian officials from prosecution over allegations of their involvement in a 1994 bombing at a Buenos Aires Jewish centre, prosecutors said.

The prosecution move advances the case against Kirchner that was being pursued by late prosecutor Alberto Nisman before he died mysteriously on the eve of congressional hearings on his accusations.

Prosecutor?Gerardo Pollicita was assigned the case that prosecutor Nisman was building before he was found dead on January 18 after being shot in the head. His death was initially labelled a suicide, but suspicion has fallen on Kirchner’s government.

In a 289-page report to a judge, Nisman had accused Kirchner, Foreign Minister Hector Timerman and others in her administration of allegedly brokering the cover up in exchange for oil from Iran.

Kirchner?has strongly denied the accusations, and Iran has repeatedly said it was not involved in the bombing, which killed 85 people and wounded 200. ? Read more »

Argie ratbags have a sook about Falklands military exercise

The Argentinians may as well give up, they are broke, march backwards and are never, ever going to get the Falklands back.

Argentina has accused Britain of provocative behaviour by planning to carry out military exercises in the Falkland Islands next week.

Deputy foreign minister Eduardo Zuain summoned the British Ambassador in Buenos Aires to protest over the “new show of military force”.

It is the latest diplomatic clash following heightened tensions over the territory since Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner took power in Argentina.

A spokesman for the Embassy of Argentina in London said: “The Government of the United Kingdom will conduct military exercises on occupied Argentine territory between 14 and 27 April, including missile launchings from the Malvinas Islands.?? Read more »

Botox bandit gets a brain haematoma

This ought to stop her rabbiting on about the Falkland Islands for a bit.

Argentina?s president,?Cristina Fern?ndez de Kirchner, has been told by doctors to take a month off after recently suffering a head injury, her spokesman said Saturday.

The spokesman, Alfredo Scoccimarro, said in a statement that Mrs. Kirchner, 60, had suffered a ?skull trauma? on Aug. 12, and that doctors submitted Mrs. Kirchner to a neurological exam on Saturday after she presented symptoms of a migraine during a routine exam for an abnormal heart rhythm. ? Read more »

Time to Give Kirchner a Tune Up

The Falklands referendum came out exactly as expected, a Briton shall never be a slave and the argies got a good kick in the cods.

The emphatic Yes-vote is a public relations setback for Cristina Kirchner, president of Argentina, who has reignited the dispute over sovereignty, maintaining that the islanders are an “implanted” population lacking the right to self-determination.? Read more »

One great big long sledge against the Argies

Nile Gardiner delivers one great big long sledge against the Argies over the Falkland Islands:

Just last month, Argentina?s foreign minister Hector Timerman declared that the Falkland Islanders??do not exist?. Well they do exist, and clearly do not wish to live under the boot of Argentina. Many of the Falklands? 3,000 inhabitants have lived under Argentine occupation, and have no desire to do so again. Argentina?s increasingly unpopular government, desperate to whip up nationalist sentiment against?a backdrop of Socialist-driven economic decay, will attempt to dismiss the referendum as an irrelevance. But there can be no doubt that the huge vote in favour of the status quo on the Falkland Islands will make Kirchner?s campaign to turn the Falklands into ?las Islas Malvinas? even more futile. It will make it harder for Mrs. Kirchner to stomp around the United Nations calling for negotiations over the sovereignty of the Islands, when barely any of its inhabitants share her views. The Falklands referendum result will only further reinforce the image of Cristina Kirchner as a desperate figure who lives in her own parallel universe, destined to become a laughing stock even among her own Latin American neighbours, who will only grow more and more weary of her Falklands obsession.? Read more »

Botox Bandit still barking up the wrong tree

President?Cristina Elisabet Fern?ndez de Kirchner ?has got her priorities all mixed up, still bleating on about the Falklands while her country is still having trouble paying its bills. Despite the fact that no Falkland islanders want the island to be handed over and governed by a financially fucked country, de Kirchner is continuing her campaign to get the islands back:

President Kirchner opened Argentina’s Congress with a three-hour speech describing her government’s “victorious decade” in power and defending her management at a time of falling confidence in Argentina’s economy.
She urged the United Kingdom to engage in negotiations about the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, or Las Malvinas, as they are known in Spanish.
“We do not ask that you (the UK) say we are right, just sit and talk with us,” she said.
Nearly 2,800 Falkland islanders are expected to vote overwhelmingly in favour of maintaining their status as a British Overseas Territory in a referendum next Sunday.
H?ctor Timerman, the Argentine foreign minister, has called the vote ?illegal?. The Kirchner administration claims the islanders are ?implanted? and ousted an Argentine population in 1833. -source



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Tell her she’s dreamin’

Argentina’s mad socialist bint is still trying it on over the Falkland Islands:

Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner has pleaded for negotiations over sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, saying that Britain was happy to talk to “mass murderers” but not her democratically elected government.

Mrs Kirchner used her annual state of the nation speech to Congress to declare that she would not give up her diplomatic fight for the Malvinas, the name for the islands in Spanish, and ruled out another military invasion.

?The world is clamouring for dialogue,? she said in a reference to support for the Argentine claim from Latin America and Africa. ?Argentina once more demands the UK ? sit down for talks over sovereignty.?

Uhmm no the world is not clamouring for anything over the?Falkland?Islands.? Read more »