Anmol Seth: ? I am not a billionaire. I am not even a ?thousandnaire?? let?s just say I am worth nothing,?

Anmol Seth: The Kingi of Con

Anmol Seth: The King of Con

by Stephen Cook

THE MAN fast earning a reputation as one of this country?s most notorious conmen is denying he?s a fraud ? but admits posting fake Facebook photos and pocketing clients GST refunds.

After being subjected to a week-long onslaught of negative publicity, Anmol Seth finally agreed on Friday to sit down in person to discuss claims he?d conned millions out of vulnerable and hard-working Indian investors.

The 90-minute interview quickly degenerated into farce with the diminutive king of con ? who claims to be just 28-years-old – skirting around most of the tough questions and refusing to give straight answers to even the simple ones.

Creating the illusion of fantastic wealth and success is, of course, chapter one in any scammer’s handbook.

But as we quickly discovered, dig just below the surface and what you will find with Anmol Seth is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a rather disturbing enigma. ? Read more »


He’s got nuffink

So, after all the years of screaming that he had information from Edward Snowden that would bring down the government, after telling everyone via Twitter and his paid for mouthpieces that he’d been in touch with Snowden and had all the dirt…that he had helped Snowden get into Hong Kong (yeah he does claim that)…what he actually has is zip, nada, zilch, nuffink to quote Sergeant Schultz.

He is offering a US$5 million reward for someone, anyone, please, please, help poor Kimmy…come forward with information that gets him off the hook.? Read more »

DotCon lies and lies some more

In Fishy’s article this morning, Dotcon drops the clanger that he was in the throes of launching an IPO for his quasi song-swap service.

DotCom - Guilty

That Fishy could let this pass without mentioning some pretty obvious questions suggests that Fishy is wilfully blind to Dotcon’s crooked past.

For example:

Does Dotcon seriously expect to issue a prospectus in New Zealand for a sharemarket listed company when he has been convicted for insider trading/pump and dump stock frauds in the past? (The?

When Kim Schmitz was convicted in 2002 of manipulating shares in online retailer, it marked the end of Germany’s biggest insider-trading case ever and exposed just how easy it was to profit at other investors’ expense. The self-styled Internet entrepreneur’s previous conviction for computer fraud didn’t stop him from announcing a spurious rescue effort for the online retailer that temporarily goosed the stock — and gave him the chance to sell his shares at a profit of $1.5 million. Worse, when it came time for sentencing, Schmitz got a slap on the wrist: a 20-month suspended sentence after five months in jail awaiting trial.

Does Dotcon serious expect to get the FMA blessing for such a prospectus when he was found guilty and convicted of hacking?? Read more »