Everyone except Blind Freddy and David Fisher knows it was fake

Get used to Orange fatty

The SFO has released details of their investigation into Dotcom’s fake email he tried to shill to media before the last election.

The email which Kim Dotcom claimed was proof of a conspiracy against him is a forgery, the Serious Fraud Office has said.

The Herald can today report for the first time that the SFO investigated the email, which emerged on the eve of the 2014 election claiming then-Prime Minister John Key was involved in a conspiracy to get Dotcom. ? Read more »


Is Clinton more crooked than Nixon?

Is that a train I hear approaching?

Choo, choo. The train is approaching.


Victor Davis Hanson at Real Clear Politics looks into this pressing issue:

Another day, another Hillary Clinton bombshell disclosure.

This time the scandal comes from disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer, bringing more suggestions of Clinton’s sloppy attitude about U.S. intelligence law. Meanwhile, seemingly every day WikiLeaks produces more evidence of the Clinton Foundation leveraging the Clinton State Department for pay-for-play profiteering.

At this point, Clinton has trumped former President Richard Nixon’s skullduggery — but without the offset of Nixon’s foreign policy accomplishments.

Even before the most recent scandals, Clinton’s campaign had an eerie resemblance to the Nixon playbook.

Compare the election of 2016 to the election of 1972. The favored Nixon re-election juggernaut (dubbed CREEP, or the “The Committee for the Re-election of the President”) squeezed corporations and wealthy individuals for millions in donations, in much the same way that Clinton’s multimillion-dollar cash machine has vastly outspent her opponent, Donald Trump.

The Watergate tapes later revealed an entirely cynical Nixon campaign team and a hard-nosed White House cadre led by H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman — plus a host of lesser toadies, such as the conniving John Dean. They all took for granted that Washington functioned on a quid-pro-quo and pay-for-play basis.

In that regard, the Clinton campaign under chairman John Podesta (the new Haldeman) has become Nixonian to the core, thanks to Podesta’s ruthlessness.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Corbis Images. 21 January 1957. "Mad Bomber" George Metesky Smiling in Jail. Bomber Behind Bars---Happy Terrorist.--Obviously enjoying the white light of publicity, George Metesky grins happily from behind the bars of Waterbury jail after his arrest as the "Mad Bomber" who had terrorized the New York area for more than 16 years with his planted homemade bombs.

Photo: Corbis Images. 21 January 1957.?”Mad Bomber” George Metesky Smiling in Jail.?Bomber Behind Bars—Happy Terrorist.–Obviously enjoying the white light of publicity, George Metesky grins happily from behind the bars of Waterbury jail after his arrest as the “Mad Bomber” who had terrorized the New York area for more than 16 years with his planted homemade bombs.

Mad Bomber Arrested!

Serial killers must continuously kill simply because they are addicted to the feeling they get through the process. They?re rationalizing every aspect of their behaviour so they don?t see any good reason to stop doing what they?re doing. That?s when the headache for investigators comes into the game ? how to get even a smallest idea of who the killer may be?

This kind of problem solver is criminal profiling, also known as psychological profiling. The origins of criminal profiling date back to the Middle Ages, where the inquisitors were trying to profile heretics. In 19th century, the potential of profiling was realized by Hans Gross, Alphonse Bertillon, Jacob Fries, Cesare Lombroso, but their researches were generally considered to be prejudiced.

Psychiatrist Dr. James A. Brussel is credited to be an author of the first systematic profile within a criminal investigation, while chasing a person, best known as ?Mad Bomber?, responsible for a series of indiscriminate bombings spanning 16 years in New York.

On November 16, 1940, an unexploded bomb was found on a window ledge of the Consolidated Edison building in Manhattan. It was wrapped in a very neatly hand-written note that read,


The police were baffled; surely whoever delivered the bomb would know that the note would be destroyed if the bomb detonated. Was the bomb meant to not go off? Was the person stupid …or was he just sending a message?

No discernible fingerprints were found on the device and a brief search of company records brought no leads, so the police treated the case as an isolated incident by a crackpot, possibly someone who had a grievance with “Con-Ed,” the huge company that proved New York City with all its gas and electric power.

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Why Dotcom’s appeal is forlorn

Yeah Kim, those cuffs are for you

Yeah Kim, those cuffs are for you

Kim Dotcom and his lawyers were full of bravado yesterday, claiming they will appeal. They can and have.

But I think if they, and it would be helpful if the media did as well, read the judgment there is one damning paragraph from Judge Nevin Dawson that they should take heed of.

[698] This eligibility Court has received an extraordinarily large volume of material to consider, and the hearing took over 9 weeks before completion. The parties were informed by this Court that all matters relevant to this eligibility hearing would be heard at the hearing and decisions would issue accordingly. At the end of the hearing, all parties confirmed to this Court that none of them had any further issues they wished to raise.

[699] Given the very large volume of material presented during the hearing it is not possible to issue decisions that would be less than encyclopaedic in length in order to cover every minor point alluded to in the hearing. There is no need to do this. Much of the material presented to this Court has not been relevant to an eligibility hearing and a number of the submissions were unsupported by appropriately sworn evidence. They do not come near to undermining the applicant?s case or point to a breach of the duty of candour and good faith. If some aspects of the parties submissions or evidence has not been referred to in this judgment that is because it was not relevant to the decision given.

That is legal speak for saying that screeds of what the defence produced to support their application was irrelevant and unsupported by facts. Horse-shit in other words. ? Read more »

Ex-Cop and Security company boss for the high jump


Paul Thomas Staples and Jean Staples exiting Manukau District Court Photo/Stephen Cook

A FAILED Auckland businessman is facing the possibility of a lengthy spell behind bars for ripping off the tax department more than $300,000.

Paul Thomas Staples, 52, will appear in the Manukau District Court next month for sentencing on charges of forgery, tax evasion and knowingly providing false information to Inland Revenue ? offences which carry maximum penalties of up to ten years imprisonment.

In April this year Auckland man Andrew McGirr was jailed for more than two years for defrauding Inland Revenue of nearly $40,000.

Also in April, former Auckland accountant Paul Lawrence was sentenced to more than two years behind bars after claiming more than $278,000 in fake charitable tax donations.

Staples offending trumps both that of Lawrence and McGirr, not only because more money was involved but because of the deliberate and premeditated nature of his actions over a sustained three-year period.

Between September 2008 and August 2011, Staples – a discharged bankrupt with a history of cooking the books ? filed no less than 27 fraudulent income tax and bogus GST returns with IRD under three different companies.

The deception even extended to Staples claiming a salary as a shareholder of a company when he wasn?t one, preparing false sale and purchase agreements, falsifying solicitors settlement statements and forming and registering companies for tax purposes when he was bankrupt and prohibited from doing so.

Worse still, Staples has no assets so the chances of him making restitution to IRD are virtually nil. ?? Read more »

Mega listing collapses

Kim Dotcom’s new incarnation of Megaupload has had its backdoor listing spiked.

A deal for an NZX listing for Mega, the cloud-based file storage and encryption firm launched by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom in 2013 to replace his Megaupload empire, has fallen through because of delays in gaining approval from the listed shell company TRS Investments.

Auckland-based TRS, controlled by interests associated with Australian investor Paul Choiselat, has repeatedly extended its deadline for the Mega deal, with the latest deadline for shareholder approval set at May 29.

“It has become evident that this condition will not be satisfied within this time frame,” TRS said in a statement.

“TRS has been advised overnight by Mega that the shareholders of Mega will not agree to an extension of the conditional date.” ? Read more »


Some people really are stupid

I find it hard to fathom how someone can let themselves get dudded and then run off to the media to tell the world that they got dudded by what is an obvious con.

Pensioner Mary Boyle has forgiven Steven Robertson since he repaid $29,000 she had handed over for a gold trading investment.

But she does not think of him fondly.

“I don’t know how on earth he lives with himself,” she said.

Boyle, a retired teacher in her 80s, became involved with Robertson after a brochure landed in her letterbox, followed by a phone call from a company called PTT.

It was a sales pitch for a gold trading scheme called Prosper Through Trading. ?? Read more »

Dud judge and a piss weak justice system let down victims

It is cases like this that show up the gullibility of our judges, and our dud criminal friendly justice system.

A fraudster who stole $5000 from Facebook customers to repay nearly $20,000 in TradeMe rip-offs claimed she didn’t realise she’d “done it again”.

Harriet Heather Anne Dale, 24, committed another $5000 worth of frauds before she was caught again, and she now faces a total reparation bill of more than $20,000.

Christchurch District Court Judge David Saunders’ assessment was that Dale was “living in La-La Land”, but he granted her a seven-month home detention term in place of a jail sentence.

He noted she had a five-year-old son who was cared for by her parents because she had been unable to cope, and she was again pregnant, and facing a sizeable reparations bill. ?? Read more »

Kim Dotcom broke, whining like a baby about it too

Kim Dotcom is crying a river of tears because he is broke…though I note he hasn’t yet moved out of his rented mansion.

Business Insider reports:

German entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has acknowledged that he has run out of money after spending over $US10 million on legal costs.

Speaking through a Skype call at the unBound Digital conference in London, Dotcom said his three-year legal fight could be coming to an end. ?My legal team resigned after I ran out of money,? Dotcom said. ?I spent $US10 million to defend myself. They have drained all my resources.?

In times past this was referred to as a ‘forlorn hope’. Recklessly charging ahead despite overwhleming odds, hoping for a miracle.

He wouldn’t have such massive legal bills if he had only just hopped on a plan to the US and cleared his name. He has claimed innocence yet acts like a guilty crook.

Dotcom said the appearance could be his last public interview, because he suspected that the New Zealand government could use his lack of funds to revoke his bail Thursday during his next bail hearing.

?I?m an easy target because of my flamboyant lifestyle,? he said. ?It?s hard to keep a low profile when you have number plates with ?GOD? and ?STONED? on them. Also, I?m German, and Hollywood loves German Bond villains.?

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ALSO BREAKING: Kim Dotcom’s bail hearing delayed [UPDATED]

The NBR reports that Barrister Ron Mansfield, assisted by Graeme Edgeler and acting for Kim Dotcom?have?successfully argued for more time to be able to argue the proposed removal of bail.

The lawyers claim they were only served with affidavits yesterday, and he needed a few more days to absorb them.

There was no opposition from the Crown represented by Christine Gordon QC, although she was granted that?the?stricter bail conditions that have been applied to Dotcom remain in place.

A fresh date for the bail hearing is still to be announced, but appears to be in terms of days or weeks, rather than months.