Dotcom’s assets frozen

Kim Dotcom’s assets are frozen, I hope his tame hacker has been paid…along with all his other enablers. The freeze presumably includes all his Mega shares…which will make it harder for him to continue his sell down to get cash.

How long before the mansion becomes available for rent again?

Kim Dotcom’s assets will be within reach of the United States before the entrepreneur’s extradition process is completed.

A Court of Appeal decision, released today, means millions of dollars, several luxury cars, jewellery and other property remain frozen.

The ruling is also a blow for Mona Dotcom, who is now separated from Dotcom and unsuccessfully applied for her property to be excluded from the order.

Ms Dotcom had argued that she had not been charged with any offence and had no knowledge that any property was the proceeds of criminal activity.

The US government’s attempts to have Kim Dotcom extradited to face trial on copyright infringement, money laundering and racketeering charges relating to file-sharing website Megaupload have been delayed by numerous court battles.

He has not been able to access the assets because of a foreign restraining order made at the time of his high-profile arrest in Coatesville in January 2012.

The order expired in April and the High Court turned down a police application to extend it.

That decision was appealed, and today’s decision quashes it and extends the restraining order until April next year.

Good, now I need to go through the asset lists provided in the affidavits…then I can check them off against the asset lists I ahve built from my sources and see what is missing.

It would be pretty bad if Kim Dotcom has perjured himself in his affidavits.


– Hacked from NZ Herald

Another deadline missed by Internet party as Kim Dotcom’s woes grow

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

After I leaked the plans of the Internet party and highlighted possible electoral breaches with their planned launch of the party Kim Dotcom said in the Herald on Sunday that he would launch the party on February 20.

Now Dotcom will launch his album and his new music download site, Baboom, tomorrow, as planned, with an extensive advertising campaign on radio and on the back of more than 100 buses.

But the launch of the Internet Party – his tilt at political power – has been postponed until February 20.? Read more »

Dotcom in lockdown, paranoia sets in

As I revealed this week there have been significant changes at the Dotcom Mansion.

His long serving security have bailed on him and the sweeps of the mansion for bugs are now complete along with the installation of some new security devices, but security remains a concern.

So much so he has now ruined a planned event by cancelling permission for joggers and runners to traverse the property.

dotcom-runners Read more »


Rob Salmond on Dotcom’s corruption of NZ politics

Rob Salmond, former Helen Clark staffer, blogs about the ‘ickiness’ of Kim Dotcom’s dodgy political behaviour.

If I am right about that, then come ballot-printing day Mr Dotcom will be throwing his weight in with someone else. And by “his weight,” I presume he means large buckets of money. That sets up an silent auction for parties to compete for Dotcom’s money on the basis of policy promises, first and foremost about Dotcom’s own extradition case. That is, if parties decide they want to play.

I think the opposition parties should all take a pass.

To me, it all sounds pretty icky. One of the reasons the left parties worked hard to try and make election funding fairer in the late 2000s was to limit the influence of individuals seeking to essentially buy government policy for cash. (These measures were, naturally, rejected by the right, citing freedom of speech and freedom of spending and so on.) Breaking it down, this gambit looks exactly like a convoluted version of a rich guy offering up cash in exchange for personally favourable policies. Yuck.? Read more »

Mega sprung, same old, same old from the Fat German Crook

The Bin Man has written about the more than 150 copyright complaints laid against Kim Dotcom’s Mega stealing site:

Over the last couple of hours the usual suspects in our tired old media have cut and paste an article from Computerworld. In their efforts they report that Mega has received 150 copyright infringements since its launch. Mega have provided their flunkies at Stuff and the Herald the usual weasel words about how they are doing everything correctly and they have removed any files that are found to be infringing the law.

All good so far.

However, two points that need to be considered.? Read more »


Rod Oram is no fan of Dotcom, hands out harsh medicine to the fat man

Rod Oram takes time out from lecturing at the Young Labour Summer School and gets right up Kim Dotcom and his fanciful claims in the Sunday?Star Times, expect David Fisher to start running a twitter attack against him in short ?order….or at the very least to spout forth arguments ion Kim’s behalf.

Dangerously for us, however, Kim Dotcom has plunged into this gap. The man and his business models are the absolute antithesis of what the internet and this country need.

He dangles a glittering prospect others have offered before: he says we could generate jobs, wealth and taxes if we turned ourselves into one of the world’s great data storage sites. After all, we have abundant, cheap and renewable electricity to power the servers. All we’d need is bigger cables to connect us with the world and a change of laws to make us the Switzerland of data secrecy.

He claims his new services, if they were based here, would within three years generate more traffic than the rest of NZ online activity combined. But everything is wrong about this proposition, from the economics to the practicality and morality.

So far Oram is the only media person to get up Kim Dotcom and called him on his bullshit, he goes further.? Read more »

Is this guy serious?

According to Fairfax journalist Rob Kidd, a drug cook is dead because of ?the Police:

A man who died from toxic fumes caused by the P-lab he had set up in a Coromandel cave would probably be alive today were it not for a police cock-up.

The bodies of Grant Wyllie, 49, and Kerry Alexander Murphy, 40, were retrieved from an abandoned mine shaft near Whitianga on October 13.

The pair had set up a makeshift methamphetamine lab and it’s believed a petrol-powered generator caused them to die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Murphy should not have been there.

A year before his death, charges of possession of methamphetamine for supply and possession of equipment used to manufacture the Class A drug were thrown out of court.

Justice Allan granted the Sunday Star-Times access to a High Court file which shows Murphy was caught “red handed” with 1.67 kilograms of P – worth around $1.5 million – in his Morrinsville home in May, 2009.

However, “conscious recklessness” by police, who were eventually found to have misled the court, meant the evidence found during the warrantless search was unusable and Murphy was released.

Riiiight…so he is dead because he got released from jail because of a stuff up…not because he was a career criminal more concerned with cooking meth than practising sensible ventilation precautions that every Guide or Scout learns at a young age.

Well fuck me…I’ve seen it all now.

Bad Bastard gets his Beans

Good to see bad bastards who do this sort of thing to defraud other business people get their beans. The pity is he only got home detention.

A fallen property hotshot wants to move on after escaping a prison sentence for faking documents to try to save his friend from bankruptcy.

Ralph Anthony Vuletic, 31, was sentenced to nine months’ home detention when he appeared in the High Court at Auckland yesterday.

He was facing Serious Fraud Office (SFO) charges after faking a debt to help friend and co-accused Marcus Friedlander avoid bankruptcy and dodge $10 million worth of bills from creditors nine years ago.

Vuletic had earlier pleaded guilty to using a document to defraud, attempting to pervert the course of justice and forging a document.

Friedlander is awaiting sentence after pleading guilty to counts of making forged documents, three of using a document for a pecuniary advantage and two of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

If you know of other people who have falsified sale and purchase agreements, debts, creditors statements and the like then please let me know on the tipline and I will investigate. There is a lot of dodgy activities out there perpetrated by people seeking to avoid bankruptcy or scrutiny of their nefarious and underhanded dealings. Often they work in conjunction with equally dodgy liquidators. They need the disinfectant of sunlight.

They should be outed, prosecuted and put in jail.

Not a big guy called Bubba?


Poor old Rod Petrecivic, he isn’t happy about going to the pokie for 6 and half years:

Mr Rippin, a recently discharged bankrupt and former high-flying property developer whose family starred in their own reality television show, said he had visited Petricevic in prison and would visit him again soon.

“I’ve been in to see Rod … I think he was a bit upset when he first went in there, but you’ve just got to accept it. People get quite a fright when they see him come out in the orange overalls, but they’ll soon get used to it.”

He said Petricevic was sharing a cell with fellow convicted Bridgecorp director Rob Roest but the pair, who had each argued during the trial that the other was more culpable, weren’t very happy about it.

“They can’t do much about, it can they? They’ll get along,” Mr Rippin said.

Petricevic is expected to spend 12 months at Mt Eden while more charges against him, this time brought by the Serious Fraud Office, are heard in the High Court in September.

A legal source said if Petricevic is convicted on those charges it might result in only a few months being added to his sentence.

Owen Glenn: Forget the Sound Bite Circuses

With Winston Peters hovering near 5 per cent in the polls and looking like inflicting himself as kingmaker once again on teh New Zealand public it is timely to have heard from Owen Glenn, the man who busted his lies last election. Owen Glenn has written another column in the NZ Herald.

?One of New Zealand’s most critical elections is just over a week away. How you vote will make a world of difference to this country’s future and fortunes.

Forget the rhetoric, the sound-bite circuses and the outlandish claims masquerading as policy. Focus on the real state of this nation and the unique set of problems that must be carefully managed.

As New Zealanders we may need to put aside historical reasons for voting and give the best available team the mandate to get a complex job done. Who you don’t vote for becomes incredibly important.

According to recent polls 3.5 per cent to 4.5 per cent of voters (margin of error aside) think a vote for Winston Peters would benefit New Zealand. If this truly is the case rather than a polling blip I implore these people to think again.

His credibility is bankrupt and he doesn’t rate the empowerment that voting for him would allow. How can we trust someone who also continues to want to rewrite history solely for his own gain?

Winston Peters lied about a donation from Owen Glenn, he lied about it to the media, who are addicted like crack whores to his lies, he lied to the Privileges Committees and he still lies about it. He maintains and is aided and abetted by useful idiots like Martyn Bradbury and the Labour party that he was exonerated three times. He was not. Two things I know about Winston Raymond Peters, 65, pensioner of St Marys Bay: He is short and he tells lies.

Here is a reminder of his lies: