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Susan Devoy, that “deceitful, fascist wench has to go”

Olivia Pierson cuts loose on Devoy and her little make-work scheme.

I have noticed that the creed of multiculturalism has become a zealous religion in itself. It even has a central dogma: ?all cultures are equal?.

Like hell they are.

As if a culture which promotes freedom for all women is equal to a culture which enslaves them and lops off their genitals, due to a religious mandate.

As if a culture which practices religious tolerance is equal to a culture which tortures or kills you if you don?t observe Allah’s laws, due to a religious mandate.

As if a culture which allows for the freedom of homosexuals to love whomever they please is equal to a culture which hurls them to their deaths from tall buildings, due to a religious mandate.

As if a culture which punishes paedophilia is equal to a culture which regularly marries little girls off to be raped daily by dirty old men, due to a religious mandate.

Don?t be sucked in by Dame Susan?s multicultural propaganda, which she peddles on behalf of the United Nations, who are ever more desperate to push migrating Muslims into Western lands. Read more »

Australians battle ” racist ” Muslim housing estate



Islam?is not a race but the Australian developers of this estate are only targeting South Asian migrants so it is accurate to describe the housing estate as racist. ?I would also describe it as apartheid and segregation. It is being built around a purpose built Mosque so it is clearly meant to attract South Asian migrants who are Muslim.

A Rally for Australia ?has been organised against the segregated Muslim-only estate for this Sunday, August 28th at Hannah Watts Park on High st in Melton, Victoria.

It is not acceptable for developers to target people based on their race and religion. Australia and New Zealand are multicultural societies. We have a?history of opposing ?segregation and apartheid.

By deliberately encouraging a segregated community the developers are encouraging Muslim South Asian migrants to avoid integration with the local Australian population. The families that move to this housing estate will never assimilate into the Australian culture as they been encouraged to set themselves apart.

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Face of the day

‘No more borders’ activists should be forced to watch the video of today’s face of the day. Every single bleeding-heart leftie who supports inflicting this kind of devastation on local populations should be tied to a chair and forced to watch this video. Every do-gooder from every church organisation, every government official, every leader of every Western country, should have their eyes held open with matchsticks until they have seen it in full.


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Not in my backyard ( too funny )



Some Aussies across the ditch have come up with a very novel way of getting a message across about the federal government’s commitment to resettle 12,000 Syrian Muslim refugees in Australia. 7,000 of these Muslim refugees will be settled in the economically depressed suburbs of Western Sydney where they say that non-muslim Australians are already in the minority.

In the spirit of cultural diversity they decided to travel to Malcolm Turnbull?s residence in Point Piper to ask him to sign a petition to re-settle the Muslim refugees in Sydney?s eastern suburbs.To add to the fun they dressed as Muslims and played Islamic music and the Islamic call to prayer to give Malcolm and his neighbours a little taste of the cultural diversity that Australians in the Western suburbs are already having to put up with. Strangely only one person was deluded enough to sign their petition and when they asked her why she signed it she was unable to give them an answer.

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