Asking the wrong questions and jumping to the wrong conclusions

There is a likeable, good-looking young Egyptian man who has been making some interesting and thought-provoking videos that he posts on YouTube. The problem is that I watch them and come to a totally different conclusion than his about what people’s reactions in the videos mean. The conclusions he draws and the questions he asks avoid the elephant in the room.

For example, he sets up a sting where he assaults his fake girlfriend in public in a Western country after arguing with her in English and records via hidden camera whether members of the public come to her aid. When she is dressed like other Western women from that country help comes immediately. When she is dressed in the clothing of a non-western culture and he argues with her in a foreign language the only person who comes to her aid is an off-duty cop.

He says that no woman of any kind deserves to be beaten and, of course, I totally agree with him on that. What he fails to ask is the obvious question: why does the foreign culture that they were representing allow assault on women and legally class them as having half the value of a man and could that account for part of the reason why people were reluctant to help? In case you hadn’t already worked it out, the foreign?culture they were representing was Islam and the clothing that the actress girlfriend was wearing was a khimar or a chador which leaves the face uncovered but covers every other part of her body.

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A magic cream that rubs out your bad choices


Tattoos, I don’t have any. Everywhere I go these days I see them. No longer exclusive to sailors and tough guys they adorn young and old. At some point they became fashionable. The problem with fashion is that it changes. Who these days would be seen dead now in the padded shoulder suits of the eighties ( apart from a certain Green co-leader )?

When my son was at primary another 30 something Mum pulled up her top to proudly show me her belly ring. At the time I remember thinking, belly rings used to be cool and the preserve of young things. If a thirty something full time mother is now sporting one they have gone out of fashion. That is the thing with being a rebel. Once your rebellion becomes mainstream it loses its cachet.

So what do you do when the thrill wears off and your tattoo that seemed so hip, so edgy and so cool now feels like a sticker advertising something you no longer sell? You have changed but your ink stays the same, a permanent reminder of a choice that seemed like a good idea at the time.



Until recently there was only one choice available to you and it involved pain. I know this because a local Tattoo removal business has as their slogan, Get your ink off in a friendly, non judgmental environment with less pain!!

Where is the problem I hear you ask. Anyone who has gotten a tattoo can handle pain.

double ouch!

double ouch!

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Photo Of The Day

Old Historic Photos

Old Historic Photos

Inuit Man Wearing A Sea Lion Gut Parka

Nome, Alaska. 1900

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Outrage? Not so much, it’s only Christians being insulted


Apparently there is some outrage about a t-shirt exhibition which has a t-shirt from some band called Cradle of Filth that is offensive.

The display of a t-shirt that features a semi-naked nun and makes an obscene reference to Jesus has sparked a threat to call police and pleas for a boycott.

For an exhibition starting tomorrow, Canterbury Museum planned to display items including English metal band Cradle of Filth’s “Vestal Masturbation” t-shirts.

The clothing, the subject of several controversies and prosecutions worldwide over the years, featured an obscene slogan about Jesus on one side and a picture of a semi-naked nun masturbating on the other.

Conservative lobby group Family First called the exhibit “horrific” and “offensive” and was appealing to authorities, the public and the museum to take action.

Bob McCoskrie, the group’s national director, said he was complaining to police because he needed to “warn families” and dismissed suggestions his complaint would simply give the exhibit more attention.

“It’s a free exhibition in a public museum.”

Mr McCoskrie understood the museum received an “exemption” to display the t-shirts, even though he said both the Internal Affairs Department and Invercargill District Court had in the past deemed the shirt offensive.

“We don’t think it’s art.”

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The cowardly head hackers are now killing street magicians

I don’t think David Copperfield will be doing any shows in Syria anytime soon.

ISIS it appears has run out of gays and journalists to kill and is now hacking the heads off street magicians.

The Islamic State is no stranger to attacking civilians. Recently, though, they’ve been targeting not only gay people and journalists but also subversive magicians. Earlier this month, reports emerged of a street performer who was beheaded in a public square in the city of Raqqa, Syria, the capital of the Islamic State.

The illusionist, who went by the moniker “Sorcerer,” was known for entertaining locals with innocuous magic tricks like making coins and cell phones disappear. According to UK tabloid the Daily Mirror, he was charged with “creating illusions and falsehood” deemed offensive to Islam and was sentenced to death by beheading. An activist who recently fled Raqqa and was familiar with Sorcerer told the Mirror that the magician was a popular performer who simply entertained locals: “He was just called ‘Sorcerer’ by people, and children loved him. He was doing nothing anti-Islamic but he paid for it with his life.”

The Islamic State has been cracking down on all forms of magic. The video below was released in July by the organization’s media arm and shows a man from Aleppo moments before he is beheaded for sorcery. Another propaganda video shows militants scouring a so-called “sorcerer’s nest” for books about magic and declaring that the appropriate penalty is to be struck by a sword. ?? Read more »


Burqas at the beach, the parody and the reality

I have included a parody video that is meant to make us laugh at our misconceptions of Islam.

An SBS spokeswoman said: ?Legally Brown uses satire and a range of outrageous characters and parodies to tackle taboo racial and social issues in a lighthearted, humorous way, with the aim of encouraging Australians to understand and appreciate diversity.?

Before you view the video lets first have a look at some real life Burqa’s at beaches around the world. Maybe then we can have an informed opinion as to whether the parody has an element of truth or is in fact far too close to the truth.



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Photo Of The Day

Photo: MessyNessy

Photo: MessyNessy

The Tokyo Subculture of 1950’s Rockabilly Gangs

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Face of the day

 Baroness Cox of Queensbury: I?m passionate about Muslim women and yet I am called Islamophobic?  Photo: ANDREW CROWLEY

Baroness Cox of Queensbury: I?m passionate about Muslim women and yet I am called Islamophobic? Photo: ANDREW CROWLEY

At least 84 Sharia law courts are now operating in the UK. Under Sharia law it is acceptable to beat your wife. These courts will hear domestic violence complaints. These courts handle wills. Under Sharia law women can only inherit half as much as men. Non Muslims cannot inherit at all. Today’s face of the day is passionate about Muslim women’s rights yet she is called an Islamophobe.

A nurse, educationalist and human rights campaigner, she caught Margaret Thatcher?s eye in 1982 and was named as a Tory working peer. ?The first baroness I ever met,? recalls this feisty 73-year-old, ?was when I looked in the mirror that morning?. Ever since, she has used the red benches to raise neglected, inconvenient and unfashionable causes.

?I prefer to think of myself,? she muses over Earl Grey and scones in the House of Lords tea room, as the ?voice of the voiceless?. Her latest crusade is to rally to the defence of British Muslim women, spurred on by the recent decision of the Law Society to publish ?good practice? notes for solicitors on making wills compliant with sharia. This can deny women equal shares of inheritance, and exclude children born out of wedlock.

?The suffragettes will be turning in their graves,? says Lady Cox. ?It undermines the most fundamental principles of equality enshrined in British law?.

In Britain?s 85 sharia courts and councils, she says, sharia ?seeps? into enforcing divorce settlements, ignoring domestic violence and deciding access to children, all properly the preserve of British law. And that is why Lady Cox is determined to get her Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill on to the statute book.


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Being clever about forcing your ideology onto a commercial business [ Dirty Islam ]

These women did not need to use force to bring a business to its knees. They used social media and a clever campaign using humour instead. Perhaps we can call it Dirty Islam as they are spin doctors without a doubt. Thanks to them a Danish Supermarket chain have been forced to change their rules for staff in order to allow Muslim women to wear their symbols of oppression, forced on them by a medieval ideology that has as its main goal the subjugation of any new country that they move to. What these women did is advertising terrorism and you will see it used again and again in western countries everywhere until we are all one large Islamic State and your daughters will be forced to wear their horrible hijabs because you will no longer live in a ‘ multi cultural ‘ society but an exclusively Islamic one.

NOTE: The sympathetic spin of the article. There is no? sympathy for the business who has been blackmailed into changing how they do business by a slick social media campaign.


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Country’s Buggered

I was sent this via the tipline.

It is hilarious.

It is a?satirical look at enduring attitudes towards gays, immigrants, liberals, feminists and environmentalists still found in rural Aotearoa.

It is bound to be offensive to someone…all the more reason to post it.

So is the country buggered?

What ticks you off?