Cupid Stunts

Cupid Stunts by Media Hacks

According to Deborah Coddington:

One thing’s for sure, James Webster is not being used as a “pin-up” boy for the campaigners, as claimed by blogger Cameron Slater.

Slater, son of former National Party president John Slater, cruelly wrote this week about James Webster: “A toffee-nosed school boy drank himself to death … a dead thief and a liar who couldn’t handle his piss killed himself. I always said Kings boys were poofs.”

Fortunately, Slater’s influence is nil.

Talk about a stupid bint. If I allegedly don’t have influence then how come she is talking about ME! Quite what my father has to do with her comments is beyond me. Dad gave up being embarrassed about his son quite some time ago.

Her article is another in a long line of menopausal drivel that the HoS seems to line up these days from Wendyl Nissen and Deborah Coddington where they try to out-do each other on fucking tearful sob stories about losers or drop-kick subjects like growing your own vegetables. Next thing I suppose one of them will tell us tearfully how her husband likes the cock.

Thanks for the traffic Deborah, oh and tell your HoS pal Pork Chop to shove it.