Union hacks line up behind Minister

The union hacks are now lining up behind Benson-Pope with one of them being Richard Good.

Richard Good, the PPTA’s representative for Otago and Southland says the union is usually involved in every step of the complaint process but he has never been advised of a serious parental complaint against Mr Benson-Pope.

Mr Good says he has been in the job 19 years and has records of all his dealings with Bayfield High School, but neither the former principal Bruce Leadbetter nor Mr Benson-Pope ever advised him of a serious complaint from a parent.

Not surprising at all Mr Good since David Benson-Pope was in your position immediately prior to you and you are now his Electorate Chairman. Further David benson-Pope was the union rep at Bayfield.

My experience of Unions involved in serious allegations of this sort is for them to arrange a glowing reference for the teacher concerned then help them get a transfer elsewhere based on the glowing reference.