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Passengers a huge inconvenience to Jetstar employee

Jetstar employee Emily Capewell, via Facebook

Jetstar employee Emily Capewell, via Facebook

Jetstar just can’t shake the attitude

A Sydney Jetstar employee labelled those complaining about delays on Saturday “a bunch of whingers” and “nuts freaking about delays”.

In a Facebook comment, Jetstar employee Emily Capewell blamed passengers who were affected by Jetstar’s computer glitch which caused delays for Jetstar passengers.

“Obviously don’t travel enough. Happens to everyone and today it’s jetstars day,” Capewell wrote in a Facebook comment on the Sydney Morning Herald’s Facebook page which has since been deleted.

“You are all a bunch of whingers! Grow up and think about the people that are working today and have to deal with all you nuts freaking about delays!” Read more »

Buying a Porsche 911? Think again..

When it comes to broadband, we live in a 3rd world country

As some of you may have picked up on, I recently moved house. ?The Mrs did a great job project managing the whole thing. ?It ran like clockwork. ?Nothing went wrong.

Except for trying to get broadband on.

Having been a loyal Telecom customer for close to 30 years, with all our connections, mobile, business and private through them didn’t count for much when you are up against organisational inertia.

In simple terms, Telecom refuse to even start your broadband order until you are physically present on-site.

In the mean time, depending on who you talk to, you are told all sorts of placating stories that “yes, it’s on order”, and “yes, it’s booked to be turned on”, and so on. ?We’re not stupid, we know about organisational inertia, and we phoned, and phoned, and checked and every time we were told it was all in hand.

When arriving at the new place, after some investigation, it shows that we had a really amusing situation. ?The previous occupants were on Orcon fiber. ?Before they had that, they had Vodafone broadband.

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Cry Baby or Evil Jetstar?

Jetstar is one of favourite corporate whipping boys, but do they deserve it this time?

Key Blundell and Michael Forbes report

Jetstar is under fire again, after it refused to let an Otaki family fly to Christchurch to say goodbye to a dying relative because they were a few minutes late to check in.

The family got up at 5.30am and drove to Wellington Airport with their 4-year-old daughter and her 82-year-old grandmother, arriving about 7.43am for an 8.10am flight. Check-in closed at 7.40am.

They could not show their electronic tickets at the gate because they had been burgled four nights earlier, and their computer, camera and many other personal items were stolen.

[Fleur and Tony]?explained their situation, pointing out that they were flying to Christchurch to pay last respects to their terminally ill aunt. But they were told they could not board because passenger number information had been shut off.

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It gets worse

You have to be mad to deal with customers, don’t you?

via BBC

via BBC

NewtalkZB publishes an AAP piece

A woman on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea has complained about the noise of the sea, saying she had not been able to sleep well.

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Unexpected Japanese customer service delivery

How to handle poor customer service

Check this video of a FedEx delivery man wrecking a computer monitor by chucking it over a fence:

Now check out how FedEx responded:

This is a great example of how to deal with poor customer service. Imagine if political parties responded to their poor customer experiences in the same way?

Customer Service 101 – Going the extra mile

It was the missus’ birthday on Saturday. My mother is in Australia helping my sister after delivering my new nephew (ok his name is Cash…don’t go on about SFNS, I’ve already got a ticking off for that)? and so she thought she would send a gift to the missus.

She called up Snob Designer Cupcakes and arranged for a dozen cupcakes to be delivered. The cupcakes look like this one at left with beautiful roses on the top that i think are a mock cream.

Well Mum thought that all was well and didn’t think too much more about it.

The courier however decided to be Mr Klutz and dropped the box. Knowing he had picked up the box from a cake shop he looked inside and saw the carnage. He then decided to take it back to the shop. The owner was beside herself. here was an order than a courier had rooted and it was for a birthday so not much use getting after the date. She was also busy organising her Cupcake? Wedding bouquets for several weddings as well.

Still she took the time out to try to contact my father to explain what had happened and also had the foresight to call home, the delivery address she knew of course, and explain what had happened. She told Mrs Whaleoil that she could have a new batch made and delivered to her at 6pm if that was alright. Well we were booked to be out at dinner at that time but this did not deter Janine, the owner. She said they would be delivered to the restaurant if she could just have the address.

At a little after 6pm they were duly delivered and a more beautiful box of designer cupcakes you couldn’t imagine. Little did we know that it was Janine or her partner who had driven from the North Shore to Howick to drop them off. Janine had also left a message on Dad’s cellphone and once he managed to overcomethe technical difficulties of him clearling his own voicemails found that Janine had offered a credit as well as the second delivery.

Well today Dad phoned Janine and told her not to issue the credit note. She had delivered what was ordered on the day specified despite the shortcomings of the courier company.

This is customer service above and beyond the call of duty and Janine deserves to be recognised for that. Outstanding customer service. Other lesser beings might have just thought “oh fuck it” and issued a credit and done nothing else except say sorry and shrug, but not Janine, she thought about the occasion and how much that meant and met her customers requirements even if it meant extra work for her.

So dear readers, please support Janine in her business next time you want to send something special. Her business has the Whaleoil seal of approval.

Oh and Janine, get a new courier company.

Sonny Thomas ponies up…well sort of

Sonny ThomasSonny Thomas, quite possibly the ugliest gay man in the world, has accepted my challenge, except he didin’t.

On Clint Heine’s blog he was full of bravado and volunteering the services of the absentee candiddate for Hunua Jordan Carter.

Of course he doesn’t have the courage to actually accept the challenge on my blog so he goes skulking around the blogosphere under an assumed name ponying up on someone elses blog. Pity for Sonny though because the blog he chose to accept was Clint Heine’s and Clint apart from being a core member of the VRWC is also the head of the Blogger’s Union and so he let me know of the poof’s acceptance.

Additionally Sonny tried to change the venue to outside parliament. Unfortunately Sonny you don’t get to make the rules. I suspect he changed the venue because being a fawning socialist he is also a broken-arsed, dirt poor useless sack of shit.

So in the interests of getting his sorry useless arse to Auckland I will pay his airfare up. because of his bravado though I won’t pay it back because after winning he should have some cash to pay his own way back.

Fortunately for Sonny he is already well beaten with the ugly stick so my fists won’t make too much of a change to his mug.

So Sonny if you accept this challenge for real how about leaving a comment indicating it. Also let me know what day before the 23rd you want to travel so I can make the bookings.