Cynthia Bowers

Ratbag councillor stirring when she has skeletons in her own closet


Cynthia Bowers is well known to regular readers of the blog. She’s been nominated for her dodgy behaviour before.

She is also a councillor who likes to say one thing in public and quite another thing in other circumstances.

Instead of answering valid questions about her own dodgy Horse of the year projects and the corporate welfare granted secretly by the council to a water bottling plant, she is instead chucking dirt over three of the most ethical councillors in the region.

The regional councillors representing Hastings are being called on to be more transparent about the funders of their re-election campaigns.

To provide voters with transparency in the local body elections, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council candidate Cynthia Bowers is calling for all candidates to disclose donations received, citing the 2013 election donations of her opponents for the Hastings ward.

In response, councillors Rick Barker, Tom Belford, and Rex Graham have blasted Ms Bowers for insulting their integrity. ? Read more »

Quelle surprise, ratbag councillor says one thing in public does quite another privately

Hawkes Bay Regional Councillor Cynthia Bowers is a piece of work.

She has featured on WOBH before as nominee for Dodgiest Local Body Politician.

She is also a supporter of the Dodgy Socialist Dam.

So it is no surprise to find out her socialism extends to voting in secret to support a water bottling company when she publicly opposes them.

Hastings’ deputy mayor is being accused of a flip-flop on her stance on water now that she is standing for the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council.

In a statement to Hawke’s Bay Today, Hawke’s Bay Regional councillor Tom Belford called for current Hastings deputy mayor Cynthia Bowers to “come clean on her history of support for water bottling in Hawke’s Bay”.

“As she seeks to re-invent herself as an environmental candidate for this campaign, Councillor Bowers has turned a political about-face, declaring she is now opposed to water bottling,” he said. “Maybe she will stand fast with that position, maybe not.”

“Now more than ever, voters need to know who they can trust on water issues. My record on water bottling is clear, consistent and unwavering. Her record is not.” ? Read more »

New Zealands Dodgiest Local Body Politician Award – Cynthia Bowers HBRC

Cynthia-BowersRegular readers will know that the totally incompetent Hawkes Bay Regional Council is responsible for the debacle that is the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme. This has wasted vast amounts of ratepayers money and is not even close to at the end of the legal action that it has attracted. So you would think that the people of Hawkes Bay would want people who are staunch fiscal conservatives and good money managers.

Instead, they are getting the chance to vote for former Hastings District Councillor Cynthia Bowers. Those who don?t know Cynthia need to be aware of her dreadful performance as the Chair of the loss-making Horse of the Year. Rather than run an event within budget she was responsible for a massive loss and had to go on the bludge to the ratepayers of Hastings to bail her pet project out.

An independent review of the business carried out after this year’s loss concluded the company was undercapitalised.

It said the council’s annual contribution ? which doubled last year to $70,000 ? remained well below the ratio of support given to comparable events in other cities. ? Read more »