Dairy cattle

Ten years for our farmers to get the stock and effluent out of our waterways

About time…some recommendations worth pursuing for our waterways.

Farmers should have to exclude nearly all livestock from rivers and streams by 2025, the Government has been told.

The Land and Water Forum released its fourth report today, which had 60 new recommendations for the Government on freshwater management.

Chairman Alastair Bisley said that the proposals outlined a “workable and balanced” management system which would facilitate growth within environmental limits.

Mr Bisley expressed disappointment that the Government had not adopted most of the 153 recommendations made in three previous reports, and urged ministers to make further changes “without delay”.

One of the forum’s members, the Environmental Defence Society, reiterated the need for urgent changes.

“Water quality in our lowland streams and rivers is poor and the current system is demonstrably failing to deliver the outcomes the public wants,” chairman Gary Taylor said. ?? Read more »


Is Dairy Rooted?

The boom in the New Zealand economy has been led by massive dairy intensification. It is also the driver behind silly socialist projects like the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme where townie councillors have bought into government and Federated Farmers spin about the future being dairy and they are promoting economic models based on boom years that are unsustainable in bust years. Even so the proposals can’t work without massive subsidies or government grants even in boom years.

Yet no one has really stopped to question what the real long-term price of milk solids is, and if it is a sustainable long-term path to prosperity for New Zealand.

After last years boom prices there was not much consideration to what was going on world-wide, especially with the Chinese Market.

In the Sydney Morning Herald, their business editor wrote a good article comparing dairy in New Zealand to iron ore in Australia. I slammed it at the time, but have had a bit more of a think about it, plus some additional research over the?holiday?break.

Uppity Kiwis feeling boastful about their dollar approaching parity with the mighty Aussie might do well to stick to rugby for their kicks. Their China-driven boom is coming to an end as quickly as Australia’s. And they have less to fall back on when it does.

Meanwhile, reports of Gina Rinehart going long on dairy farms could prove as reliable a warning as many another billionaire diversifying outside his or her area of expertise.

The New Zealand economy’s resurgence has owed much to China’s demand for milk products and getting in early for a comprehensive free trade agreement with the Middle Kingdom.

Trouble is, China has been busily investing and encouraging others to invest in increased and globally diversified milking. Just as iron ore miners have ramped up production both from existing provinces and new projects from Africa to Mongolia, New Zealand’s farmers are facing increased competition from South America to Russia and all points in between, including Australia.

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Fed Farmers boss gives Greens an old fashioned shellacking

Over the weekend the?Sunday?Star Times?(also in the Press) repeated Green MP Eugenie Sage mouthing off that rural New Zealand?s drinking water is being destroyed by dairy cows.

Next we expect the Green Taliban will blame WW2 on Adolf Hitler?s desire to set up a mega dairy farm.

TV3?s gun researchers read the?Sunday?Star Times then called up Feds CEO to come in.??What they got was Conor English firing on all eight cylinders.? Even better he had the report to hand and you can?read it right here.? The summary is that 96% of water meets the standard.? Read more »

Taking the Cow Menace Seriously

It looks like someone is finally taking the menace of killer cows seriously.

Scientists are trying to create a ?health and safety? cow by genetically modifying the animals to have no horns, in order to reduce the risk of injuring farmers, walkers and other creatures.

Researchers are using gene-editing techniques to insert a DNA patch into the genome of Holsteins, Britain’s foremost dairy breed, to suppress horn growth.

The extra DNA has been taken from other breeds of cattle to create a dairy cow that is identical in every respect to existing livestock but without the horns.? Read more »

Rich, Elitist Americans OK, Rich Chinese Bad

Maurice Williamson said that Kiwis are racist when it comes to land investment and from the latest news it would seem he was dead right. Rich, elitist, Americans are just fine for investing in our farms.

The sale of Maniototo’s Big Sky Dairy Farm to Harvard University’s wealthy endowment fund for more than $28 million has been approved and ratified.

The farm was proposed in 2001 to become New Zealand’s first super dairy farm, running up to 6000 cows on 1600ha using supplementary feed but was placed into liquidation in 2009.

Big Sky receiver Murray Frost confirmed on Saturday that the New Zealand Overseas Investment Office had approved the sale to the US buyer, allowing the sale to be ratified two weeks ago.

It has been renamed Dairy Farms Partnership.

“It’s been a slow process getting OIO approval, but I feel happy now that we have reached this conclusion,” Mr Frost said.

“The property sold for a very fair price and all the secured creditors have been paid out.”

There would be no payment to the unsecured creditors.

Harvard is the world’s wealthiest university and already owns substantial forestry and farming assets in New Zealand, including another 450ha Maniototo farm which it has converted to run 1100 dairy cows.

Company reports suggest that by combining the output of both farms it should be possible to produce 1.8 million kilograms of milk solids annually.

And where is the outcry, the anguish and the marches in the streets, more importantly where is the press releases from Phil Goff opposing this land deal? Where are the leftwing lap-bloggers in howling in outrage that our land has been sold to foreigners. Deafening silence.

Nowhere is where, because it is ok to bash Chinese investment and perfectly ok for anyone else to buy up farms in New Zealand just so lok as they aren’t Chinese.

This deal is about half the size of the Crafar Farms deal as proposed by Natural Dairy, Crafars produce about 3,900,000 kgMS and Harvard’s new conglomerate will produce 1.8 million kgMS. Theorretically we should see about half the outrage, but in fact we are seeing none.

This can mean only one thing, elitist, rich Americans and their?university?endowment fund are ok for investment in New Zealand land and Rich Chinese are just bad, full stop.

So while the left wing bangs on about Paul Henry being racist, and mount campaigns to get the comedian sacked because he doesn’t fit their world view of group think, they?conveniently?ignore the inherent racism of their protests about foreign ownership of land, protests that only seem to rise when it is Chinese investment.