Dairy farming in New Zealand

Dirty Dairying ratbag cops another fine

The problem with these ratbags is that they see paying a fine as an acceptable cost of doing business.

A recidivist polluter has been handed the biggest fine for dirty dairying in Taranaki history.

Rahotu dairy farmer Francis John Mullan, 64, was fined $66,000 in the Environment Court today for two charges of discharging effluent into groundwater and a stream on one of his eight farms.

Taranaki Regional Council director of resource management Fred McLay said the fine was the largest of its kind ever imposed in the region for discharge of dairy effluent and the council had applied for an enforcement order to get Mullan to comply with resource consents.

“The fine and the enforcement order application deliver a strong message about the need for all consent-holders to take their resource management responsibilities very seriously to protect our environment,” McLay said.

Mullan pleaded not guilty to the two charges but a jury returned a guilty verdict after a two and a half day trial in December. ? Read more »

Some proper facts on the Fonterra cream recall


Recall is just 350 of these type of crates of cream

The media are making much of the recall of 8700 bottles of cream…it sounds like a large number but is it really?

I made a few calls and ascertained that cream is not delivered in pallets, but in crates and 8700 bottles is only 350 crates of cream.

I then enquired as to how many supermarkets this could affect and the answer was 350 crates would easily be consumed by just two decent sized PaknSave supermarkets.

In other words stuff all.

So there you have it…reality…a very small product recall, of just 350 crates of maybe, possibly, dodgy cream.

Readers have also commented that recalls happen frequently.? Read more »

Will Frank Rowson apologise for his Notulism comments, will the media ask him?

So will Matamata vet Frank Rowson retract his theory that glyphosate caused the?Notulism scare? Heard him interviewed by NewstalkZB?s Mike Hosking I think on August 14th . Listening back is interesting.?Frank Rowson: Botulism bug could be traced back to farm.

A veterinarian and farm consultant doubts the recent Fonterra botulism scare was caused by a dirty pipe, and says he is sitting on material that will embarrass the dairy giant further.

Matamata veterinarian and farm performance consultant Frank Rowson says Fonterra should be tracing the source of the Clostridium botulinum bacterium back to farms or their own water supply.

He doubts Clostridium botulinum was caused by an old pipe at Fonterra’s Hautapu plant and said it had to get in there in the first place.

Rowson planned to discuss the threat of glyphosate contamination links in the food chain at a meeting in a few weeks time, which included Fonterra’s Risk Manager Lindsay Burton and the president of GE Free NZ, Claire Bleakly.? Read more »

When will Nathan Guy go?

Fonterra is making moves to mitigate the PR disaster that still swirls around them. They have sent two senior managers on leave.

One wonders how long before Nathan Guy gets the arse card?

It was telling that all the ‘splaining was left to Tim Groser and Nikki Kaye. If Nikki Kaye is preferred to speak on the issue instead of Nathan Guy then you know he is in trouble.

Fonterra has put two senior managers on leave as its probe into operational matters that led to a botulism bacteria scare deepens.

The move follows the resignation on Wednesday with immediate effect of Gary Romano, managing director of the dairy company’s New Zealand manufacturing operations.? Read more »

I’ve been thinking about this Fonterra thingy

Botulism Toxin Source/Wikipedia

Botulism Toxin

There are a couple of things I have been thinking about this Fonterra milk scandal.

Ok, first up Fonterra and Nutricia have not handled this at all well. It would seem neither company has a crisis management team, a war room or even a war game manual for dealing with crisis. Large companies normally always do this. I know of one large company with its HQ in Auckland that regularly conducts drills.

This all seems to be missing from Fonterra despite the billions upon billions that these guys are earning and the millions they are paying for their top executives.

Now to the actual scale of the disaster…it seems that it is actually a PR disaster rather than a product disaster. The fault of that lies with Fonterra in the first instance. Yes it was their pipe that was allegedly contaminated, but how they handled that subsequently leaves a lot to be desired.? Read more »

Someone is a bit bitter

Corporate whore Matthew Hooton seems a bit bitter about his former employer.

Just when Fonterra is getting slammed by nearly everyone, someone who should know better is Fonterra?s first PR manager… none other than Matthew Hooton.

image002 Read more »

The Huddle


I was on the Huddle last night with Larry Williams and Josie Pagani.

Our single topic was the useless ratbags at Fonterra.? Read more »

The Huddle at 1740


I am on The Huddle with Larry Williams and Josie Pagani this evening at 1740.

Our topics will be:

You can listen through usual methods or online.

I will post the full audio tomorrow.

Green Taliban just can’t help themselves

Green Taliban

After?Lucy Craymer and Charles Anderson?s frothing up a story?caused export markets to question New Zealand?s agriculture products, I thought a look at DCD was needed.

Talk about rank hyprocisy.

The Green Taliban?s Steffan Browning?couldn?t help but put the boot into Fonterra?while seeking some grand agrarian socialism for the farming sector. By his measure, only then will New Zealand clean green marketing be achievable.? Read more »

Questions Labour and the Greens should be asking David Carter

Instead of rabbiting on about stupid stuff like Planet Key, Labour and the Greens should be holding David Carter?s feet to the fire. He has been touting figures about loss to farmers incomes from the One Plan decision that has no correlation to reality, and making him justify something that is clearly wrong will make entertaining viewing.

Any half decent opposition MP should be able to have blood spilt when a minister makes statements that like Carter has, and when Ministry staff go on the record saying stuff that is obviously wrong.

The scenarios resulting in 22 per cent to 43 per cent cuts to profit were “extreme” and “actually bear little similarity to the One Plan”, Richard Gordon said. The scenario most similar to the One Plan would have an impact on profitability of less than 1 per cent.

He received a response from the ministry’s director of resource policy, Mike Jebsen, who said the scenario mentioned in the memos was “in our view most closely matched the Environment Court direction”.

Asked about Landcare’s email yesterday, Mr Jebsen said the 22 to 43 per cent figures were the best indication of likely impact.

In September, the court, having heard from five economists from Fonterra, Horticulture NZ, Fish & Game and two from Horizons, concluded the effect on farmers would be an average of 5 per cent of annual expenses.

This is a pretty easy play. The people that authored the report are saying the Ministry doesn?t know the difference between their arsehole and elbow, yet the ministry still justify it.

An aspiring opposition leader like Grant Robertson needs to deliver some heads, and David Carter?s head has been served up on a platter by his ministry.

Question Time should be interesting on the 27th, unless Grant bottles it like he did his leadership coup.