Dairy Farms

The perfect storm: another SOE in trouble, Dairy Crash, Asset Sales, Chinese buyers


Labour couldn’t have scripted it any better

State-owned farmer Landcorp may be forced into a big sell-off of farms as it struggles with the dairy plunge.

There’s concern those farms be bought by offshore investors.

Landcorp’s flagship project is converting the massive Wairakei Estate into the largest dairy unit in the world. But now, with the dairy price slump, Finance Minister Bill English is raising the alarm.

“Like any other farmer they will have a pretty tight situation to deal with,” he says. Read more »

NZ Dairy Farms used to launder terrorist money

At least the fire appliance from Whangarei is getting a break.

Some readers feel that I’ve been petty to highlight the NZ Horrid’s problems.

I suspect today’s example, part of an ongoing lack of quality at the NZ Herald, will silence all but the sycophants.

In an article about financial regulatory controls to combat and control money laundering, the NZ Herald have not just added a picture of cows, they also have a related tag “Dairy industry”.

The complete article has been reproduced below so you too can read it and discover why the NZ Dairy Industry is involved in terrorist money laundering.

Because I can’t find it.  Read more »