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Two out of Two New Zealand Prime Ministers agree: TPPA is good for you

via 3 News

via 3 News

Former Prime Minister and current UN Development Programme head Ms Clark says the TPPA is an important balancing act for the Government. Read more »

More on Slowly Sinking Tabloid and their crap reporting

The tip line has been running hot since the post earlier about?Lucy Craymer?and Charles Anderson running a hate campaign against the New Zealand agriculture sector.

Food Industry Asia has now sent a broadcast email with a link to my?post slamming the irresponsible reporting by Lucy Craymer?and the repeating by Fairfax?s Charles Anderson,

According to the latest media reports in China “the New Zealand ‘poisoning threat’ is threatening to jeopardize the Chinese New Year celebrations across Asia because of the potential contamination of thousands of tons of bakery products may be at risk”.

MPI issued a media release yesterday assuring all consumers that?all New Zealand dairy products are safe?even providing a?Chinese translation.

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