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Internet party, Guernica and social retardation

Matthew Beveridge writes about Kim Dotcom, the Internet party and wonders if they are ignorant or stupid.

Their use of rape jokes, nazi symbolism and stupid social media actions is turning people off. I suspect that nazi enthusiast Kim Dotcom does’t care because he believes that the people are still blinded to his machinations and true intentions.

Does the Internet Party really want to be sending the message to it?s trade union and socialist supporters that it?s party party coming to town is going to do to that town what the Fascists and Nazis did to a town in the Spanish Civil War? Does the Internet Party also want to draw more attention to the issues Kim Dotcom faced around his ownership of a signed copy of Mein Kampf? See?here,?here,here?and?here.

The actions people, or organisations, take on social media help to build a picture of the attitude and views of that person, or organisation. The actions on social media of those involved in organisations also help contribute to this picture, even more so when the person concerned is the ?Party Visionary? and bank roller of said organisation. This is not the first time that Kim Dotcom has made jokes?about questionable things, or?rape. These tweets are simply adding to the picture of an organisation with questionable judgement and a lack of historical knowledge.

However, it is unlikely that many of those who vote, or will consider voting for, the Internet Party, or its Internet Mana Party union, will have any understanding of the offensive nature of these Tweets. However this does not mean that they should go uncritiqued.

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The five reasons why left wingers are pure evil

Tim Stanley writes at the Telegraph in response to a claim by a left wing blogger in the uK that right wingers are evil. He gives his 5 reasons why left wingers are pure evil.

The Labour-supporting blogger Sunny Hundal has done his bit for world peace?by declaring that Right-wingers are all ?evil?. Obviously, it?s political hyperbole at its most silly. But this kind of rhetoric is increasingly common among Left-wingers who think that conservatives who want to reform welfare, stop the NHS from killing people or make sure kids can leave school with the ability to tie their own shoe-laces are ? to use Sunny?s words ? ?heartless bastards.?

So if we?re going to play this game of tit-for-tat, I?d like to offer evidence that it?s the?Left?that?s pure evil rather than the right. Aside from hating freedom and the baby Jesus, they also commit these five mortal sins without any thought for the rest of us.

He lists the 5 reasons…Ill try and put a NZ context on them.

1. Bad stand-up comedy.?Call me old-fashioned, but I always thought a comedian was a fat man in a tux who came on stage and told jokes. But Left-wingers will laugh at something not because it?s funny but because they think they?re supposed to ? which been an enormous boon to the careers of “alternative” comedians like ?Jeremy Hardy, Josie Long, Robin Ince, Mark Thomas and Marcus Brigstocke (seriously, folks, I?ve known colonoscopies that are funnier than Marcus Brigstocke). Their acts are basically George Galloway speeches with a laughter track added and one of their favourite targets are the ?fascist simpletons? who believe in God. Oddly, though, they never pick on fundamentalist Muslims. They can?t seem to see the funny side of having a fatwa put on their head. ? Read more »

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If it is a joke it isn’t very good. ?And if it isn’t a joke, Christie is a jerk. ?#farmersuicides


John at his sharpest. ?A tweet from the void. ?No link to a story. ?#weneedcontext #worlddoesntrevolvearoundyou


Can anyone explain this to me? ?Is she suggesting Elder is covering up Child Abuse in Solid Energy? ?#woosh

Larry Williams and The Huddle on Truth

Larry Williams and The Huddle discuss Truth and my appointment as Editor:


TVNZ7 is to close, pinko troughers Damien Christie and Russell Brown will have to find other ways to fund massive extensions to their houses.

I was at Back Benches last night and overheard some “connected” people talking about their very secret viewer numbers. Less than 6000 people watch Back Benches. More people read my blog on any given day, including Christmas day than watch Back Benches.

Now that the government has shut that down time to move onto the other hobbies of the liberal elite like Ballet and Symphony Orchestras.

I agree with FIGJAM

I’ve had a good long think about the so-called Whaleoil Effect.

Justice Minister Simon Power has asked the Law Commission to review the adequacy of regulations around how the internet interacts with the justice system.

?I?ve ordered this review because it?s imperative the law keeps pace with technology and that we have one set of rules for all news media,? Mr Power said.

“At the moment we’ve got two tracks ? conventional media and the so-called ‘new media’ ? intersecting with the justice system, and it’s not sustainable.

The “new media” category includes the likes of bloggers, and professional journalists and regular citizens who use the likes of Twitter to report events in real-time.

?It?s a bit of a Wild West out there in cyberspace at the moment, because bloggers and online publishers are not subject to any form of regulation or professional or ethical standards,” Mr Power said.

“Issues I?m concerned about include how trials can be prejudiced by information posted on websites and seen by jurors, real-time online streaming of court cases, breaches of court suppression orders, and re-publication of a libel.

?Because of the enormous scope of this whole issue, the terms of reference for the review have been tightly defined.?

It will focus on whether either of the two existing industry watchdogs ? the Broadcasting Standards Authority and the Press Council – could provide a suitable vehicle for regulating unregulated forms of new media.

At first I was against his idea, but after a good deal of thought and some research into what this would all mean I have come to the conclusion that bloggers should support this fine initiative from Simon “FIGJAM” Power.

There are two reasons to support it.

Firstly, because it legitimises bloggers. if we are to be members of the Press Council and subject to the Broadcasting Standards Authority then there really isn’t any viable objection to bloggers becoming members of the parliamentary Press Gallery, or any valid argument that we aren’t in fact part of the media. Prize cocks like Kevin Taylor wouldn’t then be able to ban bloggers from attending conferences as media. To do so would exhibit inherent bias on his part, a bias he doesn’t show to the mainstream media pinko luminaries like Damien Christie or Vernon Small yet he does against bloggers ostensibly from his own side. It will be an own goal and one set up by FIGJAM.

The second and more delicious prospect for this blogger is that under the rules and guidelines governing the Press Council and the?Broadcasting?Standards authority is when someone has a complaint they must first make their complaint to the broadcaster, which in my case would be to me. Long serving and loyal readers all know what happens when people make complaints or send legal letters to me. They get published. In total. The next step in the procedure would be for the broadcaster in question to conduct an investigation into the allegations. So I will be conducting an investigation into myself…sweet. Can’t wait for the results of those investigations…which of course, in the interests of communication and transparency will be published almost immediately.

So yes, with some thought and a little bit of research I can safely say that I am very much looking forward to the implementation of FIGJAM‘s new rules, that will once and for all bury any pretense that blogs are not media, broadcasters or press and will enable people to complain to the said broadcasters knowing that there are robust procedures that broadcaster must follow in dealing with complaints.

In fact so enamoured am I with his proposals I think I will put up a complaints procedure page and also start calling myself a broadcaster.

Boy, he’s cunning, that Simon Power, he’s even got me agreeing with him now.

Just what is Andi trying to say?

These communications people with fancy titles sometimes really should lay off the sponsors products. [Shakes head] Still trying to work out what that says. She should stick to ratting out TVNZ staffers to the Minger and Pork Chop.

Andi Bothersome confuses us allDisclaimer: I haven’t appeared ever on Q+A because Tim Watkin is too scared to call me (he has rung around every other blogger known to man begging them to come on the show) and has the same underhand agreement that Damien Christie has that I will never appear on any show that they produce. Such are the manipulations of the illuminati of the left-wing.

Mildly interesting stuff

Damien Christie is more than a little pissed off with Apple

The Mangrove still has firm roots in Napier, much to the relief of husbands nationwide.

Settled science: Can everyplace really be warming much faster than everyplace else?

Doesn’t look like the Arctic is going to be ice-free this year.

Blair Mulholland should get divorced more often.

The piss fairy has visited Andrew Williams again, why must it always be when he is writing a presser.

Andrew Williams is a bigger trougher than Len Brown, at least we know who he drinks with, Len isn’t so forth-coming with information.

Yet another name for Bradford’s Wall of Shame, Silly First Name Syndrome strikes again, and Maori keep bashing their kids. That anti-smacking law is saving these kids real well.

Child Mullets are child abuse

Child Mullets are child abuse

Meddling from Above Confirmed

Kevin Taylor - Senior Press Secretary to John KeyBoy have I upset some people. perhaps I have hit too close to the bone.

Today has been full of hurly-burly, lies and bullshit.

I applied to go to National’s conference as Media. I used the same accreditation that has seen me registered as media for two Daivd Tua fights and a number of other functions. It was rejected, I then registered as an observer member, which I am entitled to do.

When I was asked to go on The Nation again this weekend I called the new General Manager to enquire as to the broadband facilities that were available for the media. I was then told that I wasn’t media and therefore any facilities that were provided to the media were off-limits for me. I told him that I was appearing on The Nation, blogging from the conference and they could be helpful or not, and pointed out that not wasn’t going to be a good look for anyone, but I didn’t care about my look so it was up to him. The ban was re-iterated to me.

Today I went to the conference venue, before registration had even begun to test my own provision of broadband. While I was there I received a phone call from the producer The Nation to say that Kevin Taylor had rung him and asked whether I was appearing or not. He took this to be pressure not to have me on. After all why would you ring in the first place. Not only that a message was sent to me in person via a nice staffer from the new GM that I had been warned and was being warned again that I was not permitted entry to designated media areas, and that I wouldn’t be warned again. WTF, I am appearing on nationwide television tomorrow, live from the conference and I’m not allowed in the same area as the guys who are going to be filming me or broadcasting the signals or arranging the timings. Muppets!

The NationIn sales and it applies as well to politics, you never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to. So Kevin Taylor already knew I was going to be on The Nation, plus I had blogged about it this morning, so only the stupidest of people wouldn’t know that I was going to be on. So then, why on earth would the Prime Minister’s SPS ring the producer of the programme if it wasn’t to put pressure on to pull me from the show? There is not a single reason for Kevin Taylor to legitimately ring the producer about me, not one, I dare any commenter to give one. I don’t work for the party, or with the party, nor the Prime Ministers office, I am simply a member with a loud mouth.

I confronted Kevin Taylor about his attempt to spike me appearing and he flatly denied it. Unfortunately for Kevin Taylor we have had words before when he has erroneously tried to get me to shut up. I was fortunate to be blessed with parents who encouraged open debate and questioning of weaselly politicians and a SPS is a flea compared to them.

I also had words with another Key staffer who joined in on the Taylor spin that they weren’t interfering. I got no answer to the question as why did they bother to ring in the first place. These two muppets have now contributed to their being a story about the PMs office meddling in the private commercial arrangements of an independent media production company in order to attempt to shut down discourse.

They of course will all be described as un-named sources in the PMs office because these weasels never put their names to anything. I don’t play by those rules, and those rules died with the advent of bloggers. I tell it how it is and too bad if you don’t like it. The best disinfectant is always sunlight. I say always because politicians hate it, therefore it must be good, so do vampires and gingas, again excellent reasons to use sunlight to kill of the old ways.

In case Kevin Taylor, the PM and the other meddling caucus members like Nathan Guy and Gerry Brownlee (yes boys, you are the un-named strategists and ministers) this is a party matter not a matter for the paid plebs of the Prime Minister. We also live in a democracy and the National party used to be known for the fine traditions of democracy as well. Except it looks like I have got too close to the truth and now I must be hushed up. Unfortunately for them I have a blog, and a big mouth.

For delegates make no mistake that caucus is trying to take away your constitutional right to vote for board members as you please. It is an affront to democracy that they are even trying to suggest that the PM might get embarrassed.

What is worse is that during my discussion with one of the muppets, he explained that I couldn’t be media because I wasn’t part of a media organisation. I pointed out that they had the pinko Damien Christie roaming around door-stepping delegates and that he was a blogger. I pointed out that Tracy Watkins, who is also accredited has a blog on the Stuff website, that Pedro Gower also has a blog and he is accredited. The answer, they work for media companies. So it appears that the criteria for being media now is that you get a salary and have a title with a MSM media outfit. It is a bullshit excuse and they know it.

One thing is for sure, if they wanted to hose this down, then they played the wrong way. I have a favourite saying, if you wrestle with pigs two thing are for certain. The first is that you will get dirty, second is the pig enjoys it. I’ve been playing in politics since I was in nappies, I’ve got 40 years on these fools. No flea bit, second rate, muppet, repeater with a jumped up job in the PM’s office is going to fuck with me and get away with it.

Oh and they can call off the lobby fodder txting me too, I know what went down, I’m in the middle of it and, another of my two favourite lines, I’m telling this story as I see it and they are going to be famous for all the wrong reasons.

If delegates didn’t believe before that caucus was meddling to keep a useless president, then they can be rest assured that caucus and the PMs office are heavily involved in running Goodfellow’s spin. For the record I think that John Key is oblivious to all this and the muppets have dropped him in it big time.

The game in the media has changed, unfortunately for National their muppet show that runs communications haven’t grasped that.

Because the media are dumb

Since no-one in the media or government seems capable of telling the difference and are too stupid to do research here is the handy Panty Slut-Boy guide to whipping.

Horse Whip???????????????????????????????????????????? Riding Crop

Smacking????????????????????????????????????????? Entertainment

There we go, got it now have we.?