Frog PM apologises

The Prime Minister of the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys has apologised for the actions of lying Frog Rugby player Mathieu “In Seine” Bastareaud.

John Key has accepted the apology from Francois Fillon.

Still waiting to hear an apology from the Frog Rugby Union.


“Dear Prime Minister Key

The French rugby team’s recent tour to New Zealand was unfortunately marred by poor behaviour by one of the players.

His false allegations, which prompted a response from your own office, impacted negatively on the fine international image of New Zealand.

I cannot express strongly enough how much I deplore this incident. Pierre Camou, President of the French Rugby Federation, immediately offered his sincere apologies to the New Zealand people and initiated disciplinary procedures against the player involved.

Our two countries share the culture of rugby. We have always fought valiantly on the rugby field and acted like gentlemen when off it. I sincerely hope this despicable incident won’t have lasting ramifications on the mutual respect our countries enjoy.

As a fan of the sport, I join with many others in looking forward with keen anticipation to New Zealand’s hosting of the Rugby World Cup in 2011.

All the very best,

Francois Fillon
Prime Minister, Republic of France”


Own Goal by Hipkins

PM flies first class, says it’s Labour’s faultPrime Minister John Key’s first trip as Prime Minister to the Apec meeting in Peru and then to London to meet the Queen cost $96,841 – but he’s blaming part of the cost on first-class flights booked by the Labour Government. Information… [NZ Herald Politics]

Chris Hipkins has been a busy little lickspittle filing endless silly Questions to ministers in an attempt to beat up almost anything. The sad little ginga even joined in the witch-hunt on flight expenses and there he came undone exposing the extravengance of his former boss, who we have now found out liked to fly First Class.

Information provided in response to questions from Labour’s Chris Hipkins show Mr Key’s international travel from election day to May 7 totalled $148,595 for four trips.

The total bill for all ministers’ international travel over that period was $707,581. It included airfares, accommodation, other expenses and the costs of any accompanying staff, MPs or spouses.

Days after forming the new government, Mr Key flew first class last November for his first trip as Prime Minister, to the Apec meeting and then to London – a one week trip which cost $96,841.

The paper says bookings for the Prime Ministerial first class travel were made under the previous Labour administration when Helen Clark was Prime Minister “and in accordance with the standard practice of that administration.”

Bwahahahaha, own goal spectacular. Nice to know too that it was standard practice of the socialists to trough it up hugely in First Class all the while looking through the bottoms of their chardonnay glasses at the peasants who suffered high taxes to pay for it. Pigs in a Trough.


Quitters need not apply

The race is on for a new National Party President, kind of. The National Party has called for nominations for the Board of the Party. The President is then selected from the successful Board members by the successful Board members. Gone are the days of the Slater vs Boag true presidential style race (and marketing and lobbying that goes with it). Or have they?

I understand that there are murmurings about the hallowed halls and amongst the party flock that Wira Gardiner is the anointed one (by Key) – at least that’s what his backers will tell you. Wira Gardiner is furiously trying to make friends with lots of party apparatchiks on Facebook and inviting them to lunchs and dinners in a desperate bid to get himself elected to the board.

I am just a little concerned that Wira is even seen to be a viable candidate to be a Board member, let alone the next National Party President.

  1. Wira is the classic fair-weather friend. Wira is the man who has quit the Party numerous times. Off the top of my head I can think of 2002 (when he realised that English wasn’t after all the friend to Maori he’d set him up to be (the positioning that arguably contributed to the 2002 crushing defeat)), then he quit again when Brash continued the promotion of “One standard of citizenship for all”
  2. Wira is seriously conflicted. His wife Hekia Parata is an MP. If he is President his role is first to the Party, to the membership and the organization – not to the Parliamentary arm. Also, any time Wira flies with his wife then how are we to know if he is flying as a spouse or if he is flying as President of the Party. I can see the potential wrangles with Parliamentary Services abound already.

Throwing your toys and having conflicts of interest aren’t a good look for any prospective board member let alone the President. The National Party has traditionally eschewed Presidents considered to have close links with caucus preferring instead to have an arms length relationship between the aprty and caucus.

My Wellington spies tell me that Wira’s team is suggesting that the Prime Minister would back him to be President if he makes it to the Board table, and that the PM himself will nominate Wira.

Well, in some ways I can see why John Key might do this. It’s certainly a great way to ensure that the Parliamentary wing of the party is stronger than the membership and organizational arm. The conflict of having a wife as an MP ensures that Wira will put the interests of the MPs ahead of the membership, or at least that will be the perception. And, as we all know perception plays a crucial role in politics.

I still think the greatest risk of National Party members even electing Wira for the Board is that he’ll quit when the going gets tough, or if he disagrees with a policy direction. How many National Party grassroots members and activists have seen the Party through the good times and the bad? Well, guess what? Wira hasn’t and doesn’t do that. He’s your fair weather friend.

When you vote for your board members list Wira Gardnier dead last, just like he has rated the party when things got tough.


Jetstar makes Key Error

OMG, I have just heard from sources that Jetstar left John Key on the tarmac at Queenstown

He was down there opening the Winter Festival and thought that since he was Tourism minister to support the new operator buy flying Jetstar.

It would have been good for their attempt at recovery after a week from hell where even today they left behind passengers on an overbooked flight, but they managed to add to their PR misery by leaving John Key on the tarmac, stranded in Queenstown.

Was it raining?, Was it snowing? Nope he was just running late.

Jetstar may as well just shut the doors and go back to Australia.

Lockwood goes Duck hunting

Trevor Mallard has raised the ire of the Speaker once too often and today came very, very close to being named as he was slung from the house.

Hon John Key: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. I am sorry to interrupt the member, but the member Mr Mallard has been accusing me of being a liar, and I think that is inappropriate in this House.

Mr SPEAKER: On a couple of occasions during question time today I have heard the Hon Trevor Mallard interjecting exactly that. Offence has been taken on this occasion, and I ask the member to withdraw and apologise for it.

Hon Trevor Mallard: Before I do that, Mr Speaker, I make it clear—

Mr SPEAKER: Order!

Hon Trevor Mallard: I did not make the comment!

Mr SPEAKER: The member will leave the Chamber for the rest of the day.

Hon Trevor Mallard: For not making a comment? For goodness’ sake!

Mr SPEAKER: The member will not dispute the Speaker. [Interruption] And if he is not careful he will be named. [Interruption]

Hon Trevor Mallard withdrew from the Chamber.

Trevor is none too pleased about this development and what isn’t reported in the Hansard but was clearly audible in the footage recorded was his parting shot to the Speaker of “That is the worst decision you have ever made”.

Unfortunately for Trevor, I think he has gone just a step too far in blogging his displeasure and I am sure this will in fact breach standing orders. Just in case he decides to take the post down I have a screenshot of it should the Speaker desire to see the evidence.

Trevor Mallard sticksboth feet inHe goes further though in the comments, adding fuel to the fire. Right on cue too his lefty felchtard pals jump on the bandwagon with the cry that Speaker Smith is the worst speaker ever. They clearly are new to watching Question Time and have never experienced the farce that Margaret Wilson presided over.

Trevor just keeps on digging and digging in the comments. Not only does he still question the Speaker’s decision but he continues to call John Key a liar, either by insinuation or directly, the very thing that led to him being chucked from the house. He continues to carry on like a silly school boy thinking he has done no wrong. To then go on and suggest a no confidence motion in the Speaker because Trevor got his ass tossed out is just plain ridiculous.

Trevor Mallard opens his mouth and puts both feet inSuffice to say Trevor Mallard made the news all about him rather than the questioning of Pete Hodgson. One wonders if he is trying to raise his profile a little higher ahead of his challenge to Phil Goff’s invisible leadership.

Eventually though Labour and Goff will rue the constant questioning of the Prime Minister and his effective sacking of Richard Worth. When the full details emerge, and they will, then Labour are going to look like grubby smear merchants revelling in the muck and John Key will come out smelling of roses for keeping information that Labour desperately wants out in the public rightfully out of sight. The public will not like what they have to hear and it will be Labour and their prurient chasing of the details in order to besmirch John Key and his handling of the affair that will cop the flogging for it.

But hey, be my guest Labour, dig your own grave, keep hammering away on this. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


National Party not getting with the programme

The National Party doesn’t seem to have grasped that John Key held a jobs summit a short while ago.

Sources tell me that National is ditching several staff from HQ in a bid to save money.

If you ask me that is a wee bit of an own goal.

Would someone please wake up the comms staff on the 9th floor and tell them, they are in government now. Better still how about replacing some of them…like all the ones who are male and used to be repeaters.

UPDATE: Just had a call from the GM, it seems that the party is re-jigging its focus to provide better membership support and additional member services. So rather than cutting costs they are looking at redefining roles to better cater for the membership. Hope that clarifies things a bit.


Why on earth should he?

Key again refuses to explain why Worth was sackedThe mystery of why Richard Worth was effectively sacked as a minister continued in Parliament yesterday. On Monday Prime Minister John Key refused to tell journalists why Dr Worth was forced to fall on his sword and yesterday he… [NZ Herald Politics]

The line right at the bottom of this article should tell you exactly why John Key doesn’t feel inclined to answer silly questions about hy he sacked Richard Worth.

Under parliamentary rules, Mr Key does not have to give any reason for dismissing a minister other than loss of confidence.

Right got that, now go ask Phil Goff to start telling the truth over his involvement in the honey trap with Neelam Choudary. So far not one single part of his stroy has been true.


Labour soiled by its own muck

The DomPost editorial has picked up on the role of Phil Goff in pimping out Neelam Choudary in their elabiorate sting operation to firstly get Richard Worth then John Key.

Labour has continued with the muck raking in the house today by continuing to focus on the Richard Worth affair.

The known facts suggest Mr Goff overstated Dr Worth’s sins in an attempt to besmirch his reputation and, by association, that of his leader, John Key. In doing so he has damaged his own reputation by showing he is prepared to throw political muck.

Actually the known facts show time and again Phil Goff has lied about Neelam Choudary and her husband and what he knew when.

Phil Goff jumped in boots and all and milked this situation for all it was worth (excuse the pun). The facts of his involvement won’t go away despite Richard Worth falling on his sword. There is much more to this story and slowly but surely I am piecing the evidence together.

Key silent on why he lost confidence in MP

Key silent on why he lost confidence in MPPrime Minister John Key dug his heels in yesterday and refused to say why he lost confidence in former MP and minister Richard Worth several weeks ago. And he is adamant that he won’t reveal it in the future. He said that as… [NZ Herald Politics]

Good on John. All he needs to say is that he lost confidence, that he is the Prime minister, end of story and that is all he should say.

The media would do well to focus instead on the role of Mr Goff in this taudry and shoddy affair. His lies to the house, the media and the public continue despite almost every aspect of his filthy little story being proven to be a lie.

Phil goff needs to front up about his involvement in the honey trap.


David Shearer – Leadership Challenge?

I have described David Shearer as Labour’s Clem Simich, but could he really be Labour’s John Key. Watch this interview and listen carefully.

Note how he says Phil Goff is not internationally successful (a strange claim for a former foreign minister!)

And he says “not right now” about wanting to be leader.