Daniel Briant

Wanna buy a flat car?

NZ Herald

The first boy racer car flattened by the crushing law is for sale on Trademe, proceeds go to charity:

The father of a teenager whose car became the first to be crushed under new boy racer laws and is now for auction on Trade Me said he “just wants the whole thing to go away”.

Daniel Briant’s Nissan Laurel, now just 30cm high, was the first car to fall victim to former Police Minister Judith Collins’ boy racer legislation when it was crushed at a Wellington scrap metal yard last month.

The Trade Me listing by the scrap metal yard, Macaulay Metals, has achieved more than 48,000 views and hundreds of comments so far.

But bidding for the car, previously worth $9000, had reached only $400 by midday yesterday. The auction closes on July 9 and the proceeds are being donated to Youthline.

Briant’s father said his son was not happy about the online auction but there wasn’t much he could do.

Lock him up

The crushed boy racer just doesn’t know when to shut up.

His father is in the paper saying he is learning from this lesson.

Yet a quick look at his Facebook page reveals he and his odious buddies all want to “F*** The Police”

That should go down well when he appears soon for sentencing on his fourth strike.

Police ticket quota filled tonight?


It looks like the Police are going to fill their quota for ticketing un-roadworthy vehicles tonight. If brains were dynamite these tools wouldn’t have enough to blow their nose:

Boy racers are planning a “big boy racer car cruze” from Porirua to Wellington tonight for Daniel Briant, whose car was the first to be crushed under new boy racer legislation.

Police crushed the 19-year old’s Nissan Laurel yesterday sparking an outcry on Facebook.

Police revealed Briant was caught doing multiple burnouts in the middle of State Highway 1 near Paraparaumu in front of an off-duty police officer and children.

Less than three hours after receiving his third strike from Porirua District Court, he was back behind the wheel, performing a burnout.

Briant posted a message on his Facebook page on Wednesday lamenting the loss of his beloved car:
“oh how I miss you Laurel lol; fun times FTP.”

A supporter castigated the police, “f…. the police.”

Tonight’s ride was advertised on the Facebook site “Porirua Buy/Sell/Trade”, stating “stop the car crushin law. 9-10.30pm. Big boy racer cruze – we are doing this 4 the guy who got his kar krushed in lower hutt.”


Crushed! Ctd

Here is Daniel Briant’s car, from his Facebook page before he got his third strike:

And this is it now:

And the poor little tool is having a big boo hoo to his mates on Facebook:

The first car to be crushed under boy racer laws has been given a Facebook memorial.

The car was flattened this morning in Lower Hutt when police minister Anne Tolley used a remote control to trigger the Aljon Impact Five car crushing machine at Macaulay Metals.

The law it was crushed under – the Vehicle Confiscation and Seizure Bill in 2008 – was passed by National last term and earned Cabinet minister Judith Collins the sobriquet “Crusher Collins”.

Tolley told Parliament’s law and order select committee yesterday the car belonged to a “silly young man” who had been convicted of driving offences four times.

It was understood the driver of the vehicle was Paraparaumu Beach digger operator Daniel Ronald Briant, 19.

Briant created the memorial page after yesterday expressing his fears for the “Laurel”.

He posted a cover photo of the car in full burnout mode on Facebook. “Long live the Laurel,” responded one friend.

It took 49 seconds and 150 tonnes of pressure to crush the car.

Walking over to the foot-high lump of metal today, Tolley said it was “pretty effective”.

“It’s pretty graphic sort of consequences. If you’re a car lover that’s pretty devastating.

“It would be devastating for me if it was my car, but I don’t hoon around neighbourhoods doing wheelies.”

The Minister then stood defiantly atop the wreckage, posing for media photos.