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Rinsing Ratbags – How did we do?

During the local body election I highlighted various different local body ratbags to highlight their troughing, dishonesty and general lack of ability.

So how did they do?

Aldo Miccio – the now former Mayor of Nelson, rinsed by the voters of Nelson.

Murray Douglas – The winner of my NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician award came dead last. Remember he went running to Hawkes Bay Today to have a sook.

Mr Douglas, a former Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce CEO, said he did not believe anything in his past would impact on his ability to serve the public on council. He agreed candidates should be transparent in their public promotion profiles: “But it shouldn’t be highlighted in a blog because it’s largely anonymous without journalistic investigation. In this case, I wasn’t even asked for comment.

He didn’t want the reality of his past revealed…and now we know why. By revealing his past he came dead last. Good riddance to this ratbag.

Ewan Wilson – failed businessman, convicted fraudster, and general ratbag. – Failed to unseat Julie Hardaker for the mayoralty but re-elected to his ward.

Michael Williams – ratbag from Howick, bullied Adele White, ran the local board as his personal fiefdom along with a group of 5 others. He hid his altercation with Police, refused to stand down and has now been rinsed coming fifth in his ward. Michael Williams was not re-elected?and most of his ratbag mates got rinsed as well. Jim Donald and Steve Udys better watch themselves, they’ll be next (Jim Donald for sure). Adele White was returned and can now expect to take the chair. ? Read more »

Ratbag Candidate responds

The other day I posted about ratbag Christchurch candidate Daniel Wright.

He has written me a letter which he wishes to be posted. No problems there, happy in the interests of fairness to provide a forum for Daniel.

To Whom it may concern.

I am standing for community board for the Shirley-Papanui Ward because I believe in creating strong communities and believe I am capable and able of advocating for this as a Community Board member.

I attribute much of my drive and determination to the fact that in my early 20s I went through an isolated and difficult period in my life which culminated in my hitting rock bottom when I was convicted for theft from my employer. I took full responsibility for my actions. I co-operated with my employer, the police and justice system. I was sentenced to community work and home detention which I completed without issue. I make no excuses for my actions and continue to take full responsibility for my poor choices. I have sincerely learned from my mistakes and want nothing more than an opportunity to prove myself.? Read more »

NZ?s dodgiest LBP Nominee ? Daniel Wright

Chrischurch ratbag Daniel Wright

Christchurch ratbag Daniel Wright

The tip line continues to fill with nominations for NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body politician.

One of today’s nominations is Daniel Wright from Christchurch, who is putting up his hand to be for the?Christchurch City Council – Shirley-Papanui Community Board.

His candidate profile sounds wonderful, but I do wonder why the ratbag left out this bit of his life:

No reparation order could be made when a retail manager who stole $20,000 from the shop he worked at, was sentenced to home detention and community work.

Judge Tony Couch was told at the Christchurch District Court sentencing that Daniel James Wright was going through the ?no asset procedure? at Insolvency New Zealand.

The reparation report prepared for the sentencing judge showed that his financial situation meant he had no funds to repay his former employer.

Defence counsel April Kelland said the conviction for theft by a person in a special relationship, which Wright had admitted, meant he could not go back to the management positions he had previously held.? Read more »