Darren Ramsey

Sick Bastard, who’d want two mothers-in-law?

What a sick bastard…who’d want two mothers-in-law…

Stil if you believe Colin Craig, Bob McCoskrie¬†and others this is where we are heading as we slide down the slippery slope to moral decay…oh and don;t forget crime will rise too.


Darren Ramsey is a consultant, life coach and relationship coach whose methods include talk therapy and neuro-linguistic programming. He also occasionally does therapeutic hypnotism, or “installing learnings into the mind”, as he characterises it, speaking in his upbeat, can-do style. His tiled, Italianate home in Devon Park, in Adelaide’s inner north, has a well-kept garden (it’s that kind of suburb), a concrete driveway and a couple of dogs out the back. Inside, the walls are decorated with inspirational sayings like, “Do ALL you can/With WHAT you’ve got/From WHERE you can.”

This epigram, and its implication of abundance, sums him up well. Because Ramsey, a 50-year-old divorced father of two whose interests include scuba diving and wine appreciation, is a polyamorist. Which means he has multiple concurrent relationships with different partners, who all know about each other, and some of whom may be involved with each other, too.¬† Read more »