Darryl Kerrigan

Patrick Gower and Labour channel Dennis Denuto

Dennis Denuto?was Darryl Kerrigan’s lawyer and his summing up of the case taken to the Supreme Court is above.

Which is precisely the argument that Patrick Gower uses to explain why Jacinda Ardern is pretty close to Jesus in politics.

Putting Ardern into the role with six months to go till a general election shows one thing: Labour wants to win. ? Read more »

Tell ?im he?s dreamin: ex prisoner and wife beater wants $60,000 of taxpayer money

Darryl Kerrigan needs to have a wee chat with this chap, so he can tell ?im he?s dreamin’.

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled the department failed to factor in time spent in custody on remand when calculating the release date of Michael Marino, who had been jailed for 22 months on domestic violence and other charges.

In his High Court claim for compensation for false imprisonment, he said he suffered shock, distress and humiliation as a result of being held in prison for nearly four months longer than he should have been. ? Read more »

Someone needs to tell The Cunliffe he’s dreamin’

It looks like The Cunliffe has taken the blue?pill which?allows him to remain in the fabricated reality of the Labour Matrix, therefore living the “illusion of ignorance” of his leadership…such as it is.

Labour Party leader David Cunliffe claims National voters strategically answered a recent poll question to raise doubts about his leadership.

Meeting with supporters and Rangitata candidate Steve Gibson in Timaru yesterday, Cunliffe addressed the latest stuff.co.nz/Ipsos poll, which showed a net 13.6 per cent of those surveyed were more likely to vote for Labour if he were no longer leader.

Cunliffe said National voters had stated they would vote for Labour without him because “they want to destabilise the Labour Party”.

Gibson told supporters: “If nobody’s gonna stand up for David Cunliffe, I’ll tell you what, I bloody well will”.

Gibson called Cunliffe “a bloody decent bloke” but said “some people are just a bit unsure about him”.

Cunliffe said the Green Party’s decision not to stand a candidate in the Rangitata electorate was “very kind of them” but insisted it was entirely “a matter for the Green Party” and he believed Gibson could win an electorate seat. ? ? Read more »

Tweet of the Day

For those who don’t know what he is talking about:? Read more »

More Wogistanis doing stuff to piss off Prosser

To quote Darryl Kerrigan, what is it with wogs? Here are more Wogistanis doing dodgy stuff in?the?UK. No wonder Richard Prosser is angry with Wogs.

A partner in a law firm has been jailed for a ?20 million ?industrial scale? immigration scam that saw about five sham marriages carried out a day over many years.

Tevfick Souleiman ran a “conveyor belt” of brides being flown in from eastern European countries, who would marry men they had never met from non-EU countries and be flown out the next day after being paid by the firm.? Read more »

Does this mean that Labour have given up?

On TVNZ yesterday:

Goff yesterday said he believed Labour could win 40% of the vote, giving it 48 MPs.

The last time Labour got 40% in an opinion poll was 17 November 2007. Since 2008 the only time Labour has got out of the 30s in polling was when they were in?the?20s. In the immortal words of Darryl Kerrigan:

Next Phil will be telling us that “It’s the vibe of the thing“.

The ETS – A Narcissistic attempt at total control

Continuing on from my post on The Three Stages of Evil and the guest post on Narcissism it got me thinking, I was going to write a post on the ETS and link it to both of those then in my inbox from the same source as as the Narcissism post came this. I think it covers everything.

Guest Post: A. Nonymous (Psychologist)

Why, would a supposed advocate of people’s welfare and social well being, aka our supposed “Prime Minister” of New Zealand be so hell bent on the continued deconstruction and destruction of social norms?

Why would she want to push through, with basically weeks remaining of her term in office, a bill of absolutely no researched grounding yet, which offers the most serious and destructive implications to New Zealand, New Zealand’s inhabitants and threatens New Zealand’s economic viability?

You may well have to delve into psychologically to answer this latest Clark-ism. Consider this.

Does Helen Clark display the classic symptoms of an individual with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)?
If she does, you may ask….what does that have to do with the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and the urgency Clark is pushing to get this bill of such immoral depravity through?

This post focuses on the question of Helen Clark’s moral substance as there are some real linkages between her continued demonstrative ‘behavior’ to what could be considered, at the very least, acts of treason against the crown and the people of NZ. This is with her willful execution of the mindless ETS and her doing so with the full knowledge of its damaging payload to our country!

What is a Narcissist?
Preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, or self purpose, a narcissist requires the constant attention and admiration of those around them, although they are very choosy about the people and institutions they will associate closely with.

Does that sound like Clark to you? Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode…hmmm!

They also believe that their problems are unique and can be appreciated only by other “special” high – status people.

Despite their perceived charm, the favourable first impression (false) they make, people with this NPD are rarely able to maintain a stable, long-term relationship. With their constant self-aggrandising and sly-pretentious manner, narcissistic persons are seldom receptive to the feelings of others. Yep, that’s scarily accurate!

They show a general lack of empathy, an inability or unwillingness to recognise and identify with your thoughts and needs.

Many often proclaim to be successful, popular, impressively knowledgeable, and articulate, yet are deeply troubled, dark and internally doubt-ridden as well.

“I sometimes feel I am a victim of my own success as a popular and competent Prime Minister” – Helen Clark

Clark’s self-assessment and self-admiration reflects classic narcissism. If you encounter this personality type, a grasp of the underlying psychology can help you cope more effectively.

Lets explore the Ill-thinking of the narcissistic personality. As stated above, people with this personality disorder must constantly seek and pressure for outside support and approval. If they get that support and approval, they feel ‘complete’ and ‘powerful’. Without that support and approval, they feel deprived, exposed, vulnerable, angry, lonely and they lash out in one or many destructive ways.

Is Clark lashing out, at her own reluctant realisation of her demise, with the ETS?
What other agenda does Clark have behind the ETS farce?

Power, wealth or personal aim drive and bolster their fragmented self-image.

Does Clark have any NPD?
The American Psychological Association (APA) Warn:

This personality disorder may not be immediately obvious. The subtle ones won’t show their true colors until “deprived.”

Clark, it seems (and we hope) will be stripped of her position in office however, the decaying effects on democracy and our society have been on show as the net product of 9 years of her rotten colours in the NZ political system through her brand of corrosive and cancerous governmenting.

Caution: Others with NPD may actually pursue and cater to you, if you have something they want, such as money, or access to status. Clark will and uses any means, any means to lure or con you into another vote. She has stolen your money before.

Can you change them? Reality check: No. Even constructive criticism is experienced by them as an affront and is met with severe anger and a sense of betrayal. Sound familiar with Clark?

Placating only results in more demands (more taxes?), not a return of thoughtfulness and consideration. In fact, if you always excuse or forgive this self-absorption and give in to constant demands (and taxes), you are actually supporting and reinforcing their narcissistic needs and wants.
Sound familiar again?

She is lashing out with locally and internationally destructive actions. This is reflected through absurd behaviours and policies of utter lunacy.
Why though?
Clark, she has realised her time is up. True to the apparent form of a Narcissist, she is acting our her merciless retribution action against her opponents and the country.

Why again?
Clark and socialism needs to keep people and the nation in a ‘certain’ place.

She is introducing draconian policies to ensure that New Zealand suffers extreme hardship for at least the next 3 years, outside of the ‘control’ of her “government”, in order to punish her ‘opponents’ (the nation who elect her out and the incoming government). This is also to keep people in a prosperity-free place.

This is so that a call or a return to “socialism” is forced into by the nation, in 3 years, out of extreme disillusionment at the incoming government.

This is as Clark is ensuring that the would-be new government picks up a deep and diseased problem circumstance, as a net product of the years of Clarks rabid governmenting of which they (the New Government) simply, with such problem severity in terms of economic turbulence, will struggle to be able to solve them.

The ETS is a scheme of such problem severity it has the potential to send NZ into the dark ages and decay NZ to the status of a 3rd world country-very quickly.

Clark knows this.
Why do you think she is rushing this through with some urgency?
Its not that she cares for the environment!
This about power, control and corruption.
It’s about how much destruction she can create as she is being deprived of her self-decreed right to control and governance and the threat to her polluted-socialistic-communistic agenda.
It’s about setting up a breeding environment for her, as the Americans recently stated, brand of cockroach-like politics to re-emerge from the fall out.
Now, for those skeptics, does anyone doubt whether Clark is a Narcissist now? Are there now claims that she has ENPD (extreme Narcissist Personality Disorder).
What are the implications with ETS and Clark going forward?
The outlook of more time with Clark and her “Government” at the helm is gloomy. The ETS, we know, offers potentially paralysing impacts to all of us socially and economically (in business terms).

Act of Treason
The moral question, noting all of this, for this post remains. Are Hitler and Clark like-minded individuals?

The similarities are not hard to see. However, one could philosophically say that Hitler had a warmer character than Clark. Crazy? we know however, at least Hitler focused his evil on anyone outside his beloved Aryan race.

Clark however, with the ETS and it’s gloomy magnitude are actions of apocalyptic proportions yet, focused on her own country and people. Her destruction and the wanton carnage it will create are focused on threatening the social well being and welfare, in complete contradiction of her own supposed values, of NZ.

Surely, this is worse than Hitler. Are Clark’s acts the acts of Treason?
No. They are worse than that!

Treason is a label made in a retrospective sense over an act against the crown or country. It is then that due accountability is made and appropriate punishment is handed out.

Unfortunately, for us, at the mercy of Clark’s ETS action, whether she is a narcissist or not, by the time we get to retrospectively label Clark’s ETS as treason (or worse)….the implications of the ETS will have exploded into through the chaotic destruction of NZ’s business and social society.

By then, this “all consuming” mess will defer any of our focus away from the originating proponent and semblance of holding Clark to account for treason (or worse) will be lost in the ensuing holocaust. It will be all be simply too late by then. The only mitigation we have is to, as the APA recommend, focus all of our attentions on disassociation away from this individual using the election as our mechanism to rid ourselves of her corruption.

Failing that, we may need to consider calling Bainimarama from Fiji. He seems to have been successful in ousting corrupt governments!


“I sometimes feel I am a victim of my own success as a popular and competent Prime Minister” – Helen Clark’ self admiration.
“The role of government is whatever government defines it to be” – Helen Clark and totalitarianism
“I don’t Muck Rake” – Helen Clark
“He is casting a stain on the pacific” – Helen Clark

According to the APA, people with NPD display a chronic and pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy for the damage they commit to anyone or anything (our country) associated to them.

The following NPD profile characteristics have been established by the APA. We have tuned them as questions to test their validity and reasoning between Helen Clark and her continued highly anti-social (and questionable) behaviours.

The answers to these characteristic questions appear to hold a striking resemblance and familiarity to the same “cancerous” and “corrosive” behaviours of Clark which she is quick to suggest others hold. Wouldn’t you agree?
Lets have a look!
Clark’s NPD Profile Evaluation

  • Is she Self-centered? 
  • Are her needs are paramount and the needs of the country less?

Well, isn’t this what Clark and the ETS, Anti-smacking, the EFA and the decay of democracy all about?

  • Does she display remorse for mistakes or misdeeds? – Can we relate that to her reaction to stealing $800,000 from the tax payer and her move with the retrospective law approval and the Electoral Finance Act?
  • Is she unreliable, undependable, agenda driven yet, quick to suggest others are likewise? 
  • Does she care about the consequences of her actions – Clearly not, that accounts for the Emissions Trading Scheme!
  • Does she project her faults on to others? High blaming behavior; never her fault – sound familiar?
  • Little if any conscience?
  • Insensitive to needs and feelings of others – Emissions trading scheme? Anti-smacking hypocrisy?Has a front (persona) to impress and exploit others – This all sounds just like our Helen eh? 
  • Low stress tolerance. Easy to anger and rage – Just talk to poor souls who choose (or are unfortunate) to work near and close to her?
  • People are to be manipulated for her corrupt needs! – Why do you think that accounts for why Jeanette FitzSimmons has been so molly-coddled into naive (negligent) running with Clark’s corrupt ETS? 
  • Does she rationalise easily, without thought? Sounds true!
  • Does she twist situations to her gain at other’s expense – Well, you could start and identify many actions from anywhere in the last 9 years on this one eh!
  • Pathological lying? – Well, no doubt really on that one eh! 
  • Tremendous need to control situations, conversations, others – Clark just avoids them.
  • No real or inconsistent values – Clark 101
  • Often perceived as caring and understanding and uses this to manipulate time and time again?!
  • Angry, mercurial, moods – Clark smile…Yeah Right! 
  • A conversation controller. Must have the first and last word irrespective of it’s gibberish rating. 
  • Is very slow to forgive others. Hangs onto and people with vile resentment with ability – Does “Cancerous and Corrosive” ring a bell?….recent pops at John Key.
  • Secret or no real personal life.
  • Thrives on chaos, always warring and for no reason – We have seen the results of her recent disruptive and meddling acts just last week with Fiji!
  • Repeatedly fails to honor financial obligations – Clark mentioned she would be a careful custodian of our money – however, she has proven to nothing but negligent with our tax payer money and Utterly Corrupt!

Well, one can’t really disagree with those last charecterisations can they?

Unilateral condition of, “I’m OK and justified so I don’t need to hear your ideas”. Always feels misunderstood. You feel utterly miserable with this person. A narcissist drains you – Interesting, there seems to have been a long trail and history of people who have fallen to the curse of Clark!

She, like a narcissist, does not listen because she simply does not care – yep, spot on with that one APA! We recall the prime ministers deeply caring and prophetic “Diddum’s” statement! Yet…..

Lacks ability to see how she comes across and impacts others.Highly contradictory. Never her fault. Fails to front up. – hmmm, she does seem to be frequently absent from Parliament when troubles are rife and needing dealing with. What about the Fiji hypocrisy!?

There are actually another apt 40 characterisations that could easily profile however, the bottom line is that Narcissists are dangerous folk.

The APA reckon when you realise you are associated with a Narcissist, it’s time for one (our nation) to urgently examine the pay-off or importance of it’s relationship with this person.

Whether Clark is or isn’t a Narcissist, she has proven to be an extremely dangerous constituent in control of our fine country.

Why the ETS?

Unfortunately, before we get to express the results of our examine our relationship with Clark through the election (which we still have no date for) she lashes out!