Darth Vader

We’ve been saying it wrong

I wonder if?Ab? Bakr al-Baghd?di has a lisp…which could explain why we have been calling ISIS by the wrong name.

Turkish police discovered a stash of Darth Vader masks in a raid on a Isis terror cell.

Turkish news site Haberturk reported that the extremists were using the masks to protect themselves from shrapnel, and posted a photo of one of the masks on their Twitter account.

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Darth Vader runs for President of Ukraine

In an eerily similar case of ?political activism a Darth Vader who is standing for the “Internet Party” is running for office in the Ukraine.

I’m sure Kim Dotcom will have something to say about the claims of their leader:

Founded and led by Dmytro (or Dmitry) Golubov the party claims to be the first?Internet party?in the world, its slogan is “electronic government against bureaucracy” and it wants to “create an electronic government in Ukraine”.

In 2006-2007, the party began to create by the alleged Ukrainian?hacker, Dmytro Golubov. The founding congress was held on October 1, 2007. On March 1, 2009 in a hotel complex “Magnolia” in Odessa, was held the first official congress of the party.

Oh dear looks like Kim Dotcom has ripped off another idea and touting it as his own.


As Ukraine battles to stave off dark forces of its own, iconic movie villain Darth Vader announced he was running for president in a bid to restore all glory to the downtrodden nation.

The Sith Lord, or at least an unnamed protester dressed up as him who has often been seen on Kiev’s Independence Square during the winter protests flanked by his loyal Stormtroopers, has been chosen as the official candidate of the Ukrainian Internet Party (UIP) which has become known for its theatrical public stunts.? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Freddie Mercury riding Darth Vader

Tom Callins

Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury apparently had something for Darth Vader. Read more »

Tweet of the Day



To which Cam brilliantly responded

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The Force Is Stong In This One

This will explode someone’s Death Star.

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There has been a big deal about Tom Tom using Darth Vader for directions. Pinko and I used Darth on his Tom Tom at the last election. Anyway The Chive has a video about the recording sessions.


Monday Mullets – Ginger and Evil

I have two for you all today.

The first is a hideous Ginger Mullet, the worst possible combination.

Ginger Mullet

Ginger Mullet

And second the most evil mullet ever conceived. It has all the characteristics.

Darth Vader has an evil mullet

Darth Vader has an evil mullet

Auckland deputy mayor given 11am deadline to quit

Auckland deputy mayor given 11am deadline to quitBruce Hucker has been given until 11am today to resign as Auckland City's deputy mayor by his City Vision-Labour caucus. It says if he does not go voluntarily, he will face a vote of no confidence. The action comes after the… [Auckland News]

Say tata to Mother Hucker, the fools are in disarray and will finally achieve what Mother Hubbard has been aiming for for two years. Roll on October.?