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In the interest of “Public Safety”…

Been a while since I’ve shared something from the mailbag

Nothing like 220v ac to warm things up

Hi Cam,

In the interest of “Public Safety”…

(OMG! That sounds UnPC, Nanny state-ness! – Pffttt !) – please read on…
but, is there any chance of getting that video removed from your site?

Playing with electricity is definetly NOT something to be encouraged,
and that’s why in NZ it is a regulated industry. It can KILL people ! Read more »

It’s a late entry, but I think we have our 2015 Darwin Award winner



A man died on Christmas Day in Germany after he was hit in the head by a flying piece of metal from a condom machine that he and two accomplices blew up in an apparent robbery attempt, police said on Monday. Read more »

“tasteless” and “repulsive” – why the public are precious about the truth

Seems some girl that’s famous for being famous just had her own “feral” moment

The socialite daughter of leading fashion designers Denise L’Estrange-Corbet and Francis Hooper has caused outrage with a comment on social media mocking the death of a mother and her three children.

Gossip columnist Pebbles Hooper described the deaths of Ashburton mum Cindy George and her three children ? Pio, Teuruaa and Telyzshaun ? as “natural selection”.

Police believe they died from the fumes of a car left running in a garage to keep the battery “ticking over”. It’s suspected they could have been dead for up to a week before being discovered.

Hooper’s comment, posted to Twitter on Saturday evening, was met with a barrage of criticism from her 6800 followers who labelled the tweet “tasteless” and “repulsive”.

It appears Hooper, a columnist for the Herald on Sunday, expected a backlash, having prefaced her message with the words: “I’ll get major slack for this, but leaving a car running inside a closed garage while you’re kids are in the house is natural selection”.

While the tweet was quickly deleted, Hooper responded to other Twitter users by saying “those kids died under completely preventable circumstances”. She claimed she was not deliberately seeking attention but was “just stating her opinion”. Read more »

For a moment I thought that the Herald had turned against Len Brown


But it wasn’t to be.

Darwin was actually calling and a trainspotter answered.

A man fatally struck by the steam train he was photographing did not realise how close it was to him because he was looking at it through his camera lens, a coroner has ruled.

On September 7, 2013, Gregory John Duncraft, a meatworker from Kaiata, was standing on the railway track near Kokiri when a Mainland Steam charter steam train struck him at 5.45pm, throwing him into the air. ? Read more »

Stupid is as stupid does, Darwin claims another

Some people are just destined to become victims of their own stupidity.

This?case is right up there.

The party where a young man died in Gisborne last night was “far from out of control”, the property owner says.

The 20-year-old climbed a tennis court lighting pole at his friend’s Lytton West house and tried to jump into a swimming pool. Instead, he lost his balance and landed on paving below.

He was rushed to Gisborne Hospital with serious injuries but died shortly after arriving, about 8.30pm.

The man had multiple injuries to various parts of his body, Eastern District Police spokeswoman Kris McGehan said.

Tairawhiti Police said the death was a tragic accident and would be referred to the coroner. ? Read more »

Darwin denied his rightful rewards

I’m just going to leave this without any further comment

An Alexandra couple hope others can learn from their near-death experience after being trapped in their new “keyless” car in their own garage for almost 13 hours.

Confusion about operating their Mazda 3 hatchback led Mollieanne and Brian Smith to believe there was no way to get out after they got stuck inside last month.

After becoming trapped about 7pm on November 5, their attempts to escape included sounding the horn and trying to smash a window with a car jack.

Mrs Smith said it was Guy Fawkes night, and no one would have noticed the horn due to fireworks.

When they were freed by neighbours about 7.45am the next day, Mrs Smith was unconscious and her husband was struggling to breathe.

She said they were told by emergency services if they had spent another half hour in the car and they could have died.

Afterwards, Mrs Smith spent three days in Dunstan Hospital.

Read more »

Ladies and gentlemen… I present the latest Darwin Award nominee

Soon to be fathers death definitely a laughing matter


Another top contender for the Darwin awards, surely this has to rank up there with the best.

A chef died of a laughing gas overdose, soon after learning he was to become a father for the first time, it was revealed today.

Jordan Guise was found dead by his boss, former England 7s rugby international Johnny Howard, after he had taken the lethal dose of nitrous oxide at his French apartment.

The 21 year old had been working as head chef at La Charni?re in Beziers, southern France. He had just told his mother, Leesa Malpas, the news that his girlfriend was expecting in September.

?We were laughing and joking with him,? she told The Kidderminster Shuttle. ?He phoned and told us on the Tuesday and died on the Thursday.

?Jordan didn?t turn up for work so Johnny went round and found him in his flat. We do know that he died painlessly. He was very relaxed.?

The talented chef had learned his trade at The Granary Hotel in Shenstone, Worcestershire, before Mr Howard offered him a job in his new venture. He was promoted to head chef within a fortnight of arriving last August.

?He lived his dream ? to be a head chef in France. He was passionate about his work and was very proud of himself, as were his family, friends and work colleagues,? Ms Malpas said.

He died on February 6 and a French coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death. An inquest in England has been opened and adjourned. The mother of his unborn baby has returned to Britain. – Metro

We do know that he died painlessly. He was very relaxed.” That bit made me chuckle, I’d say he was relaxed alright. Laughed himself to death.

Don’t. Just don’t. Let idiots kill themselves

via aucklandnz.com

via aucklandnz.com

Newstalk ZB reports

The death of a tourist at Auckland’s Hunua Falls has prompted another safety review at the popular site.

A 20-year-old Indian man fell into the water and died after losing his footing.

Hunua Ranges Regional Park senior ranger Wayne Carlson says Auckland Council has already worked hard on safety at this site, as there have been several other deaths.

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Man killed lighting cigarette. Darwin’s theory is still valid

Darwin came calling with the Grim Reaper and won this time:

An invalid beneficiary died from burns after he tried to light a cigarette while connected to an oxygen supply, Otago-Southland coroner David Crerar has found.

Patrick John Ferris, 53, of Gore, died on August 14 in Southland Hospital from burns and inhalation injuries to his throat and lungs.? Read more »