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WhaleTech: NZ Herald Android App to take photos and videos without your permission?

Oh dear. ?Oh dear oh dear.

The backlash is starting after a recent NZ Herald Android App update.

The app can now take photos and videos whenever it likes. ?It can essentially listen in on you. ?It can take photos of you or your surroundings, and send them back to the NZ Herald (or anyone else they want).

In spite of the lessons learned from News Of The World phone hacking scandal, the NZ Herald is now trying to cut out the middleman and take information from you directly?

Politicians, Spin Doctors, Industry Leaders and anyone else ?using this NZ Herald Android App should think long and hard about letting the NZ Herald have the ability to record anything at any time via your smartphone or tablet.

This is a potential invasion of privacy and unauthorised use of a data plan that the NZ Herald isn’t paying for.

This is the sort of thing that the NZ Herald would like to deny the GCSB, yet they are fine with the concept themselves?

I’ve uninstalled it.



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