David Bennett

Why can’t Labour just be honest with themselves


They just don?t get it do they?continually trying to put a positive spin on election results instead of being honest with themselves.

This from the?Facebook page of Hamilton East Labour candidate Cliff ?Ghost? Allen.

?Labour Party 8,264 ALLEN, Cliff LAB 9,194. Final result for Hamilton EAST. We came second but lifted the Party vote a tad. Strange thing is it felt a lot better on the ground as there were no real negative campaign experiences. Still, the voters decided and a huge thank you to all those who voted for me and for Labour. I will work to keep David Bennett honest because strong opposition is essential.?

Lets look at the numbers shall we: ? ? Read more »

And this is why the Labour Party are disconnected from NZ

They are incapable of admitting they are wrong.

In Hamilton West Tim MacIndoe benefited hugely from The Moroney Effect, the special electoral effect that increases a National party candidates majority when Sue Moroney stands against them. He did indeed increase his majority as a result.

Hamilton remained true blue on election night with both incumbents cruising to victory.

In Hamilton East David Bennett won a fourth term, beating out Labour’s Cliff Allen with a massive majority of nearly 9000.

In doing so, he became the first person ever to win the seat four times.

Meanwhile, Tim Macindoe won Hamilton West for the third time, sweeping past Sue Moroney by more than 5400 votes.

It was a tense night for the Moroney camp as Labour’s disastrous share of the party vote saw her only just squeeze back into Parliament in fourth place on the party list.

In her concession speech to party faithful at the Trade Union centre in Hamilton, she was unsure if a return to Parliament was on the cards.

Fortunately for Tim MacIndoe’s electoral prospects she is still in parliament…at the moment. ? Read more »

El Presidente up before committee today ? Where’s the 10c?

Better hold the horses, the dodgy cartel like BSC?s El Presidente, Patrick Lee-Lo is up before the Transport & Industrial Relations Committee today, along with fellow?junket traveller Marja Verkerk.


While Paddy may try to impress the committee saying (his employer ToTal Property Services) are paying cleaners above the?minimum wage of $13.75, under his BSC El Presidente hat, he?s endorsing BSC members?paying members a whopping 10c more thanks to a multi employer collective agreement/MECA of $13.85. Oh that?s right, these SFWU cleaners are complaining about low wages and FairnessAtWork.? Read more »

Unions besides themselves over Simon Bridges

Today starts the long convoluted select committee process over Simon Bridges? Employment Relations Amendment Bill. The unions hate it with a passion and believe that the sky?s about to fall in and it?s some cunning plot to have the rich elite take over the world ? all thanks to the Nats.

Chairing the Committee is Hamilton East MP David Bennett. This is his big chance to show he?s not afraid of the unions, and to not allow committee proceedings to be captured by whinging corrupt unions like the?EPMU?and?SFWU.

In fact, this gives him and the other Nat MPs Mike Sabin, Chris Auchinvole, Cam Calder and Simon O?Connor a good opportunity to ask questions to the unions about how they?re ripping off their members.

Along with the EPMU and SFWU it is likely they will be prsented with a submission from?The Maritime Union’s Gary Parlsoe who has also flown in to have a massive whinge about facilitation, seems he was happy to tell the Koru lounge this morning in a rather loud voice that he isn’t happy with the facilitator. He also spoke briefly with a EPMU bloke who he roundly criticised to his mates after her left, things could get tense between the unions at the select committee.? Read more »

I can see where this is going and it isn’t where Darien Fenton thinks it is

Yesterday Darien Fenton made much of asking how many?submissions have been made on the Employment Relations Amendment Bill.

David Bennett said there were around 12,000 documents. Fenton has now spent a day constructing a blog post off of the back of this series of questions…does she think we can’t see where she is going with this.

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Union spin exposed

Via the tipline

Looks like Comrade Kate?s successor Simon Bridges might actually have some support for his Employment Relations Amendment Bill in the form of a campaign exposing the mess of Part 6A.


With big names like?Air New Zealand, Progressive Enterprises, the EMA, Business New Zealand, Hospitality Association and the Franchise Association?all having told the Govt that Part 6A is a shambles, Bridges better take note.

You?ve got to give it to the organisers Crest Clean, they ran a Vulnerable Minister campaign against?Comrade Kate?and look what happened to her.

More importantly is the fact these companies are finally standing up against scum-bag unions and their patsy mates in Parliament – Darien Fenton, Sue Moroney and serial rooter Iain Lees-Galloway.? Read more »

The Moroney Effect in Action

Sue Moroney is blessed with a special kind of stupid. In every race she has run she has increased the majority for the National MP. Even in years like 2011 when just about every other Labour List MP reduced the majority.

Now she is complaining that Hamilton?s growing population doesn’t need another primary school. The Ministry of Education disagrees with her, and is giving them one.

Labour MP Sue Moroney says locals have been calling for a secondary school for five years, but the primary is not seen as such a priority.

“The proposal for a new primary school? Well that’s come out of left field, or right field as it might be.

“It’s not the priority. The community is very clear about its priorities, they want the secondary school in place.”

Hekia Parata says the evidence shows the primary school will be needed first in the area, which is growing rapidly.

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Who will replace Roger Bridge?

If the rumours that Roger Bridge is intending to tender his resignation are true National has the mechanism to replace a board member without a fresh election. This happened in when then board members Eric Roy and David Bennett resigned to contest the 2005 election.

The difficulty in replacing Roger is there is a fairly limited talent pool for potential directors. In recent years Alan Towers has lost board elections twice, so obviously not popular enough within the party to deserve a place. Regional chair for the CNI Peter Osborne is regarded as one of the most indiscrete men in the party, and someone who would probably leak even more than the current board leaks. Plus he has a moustache and men with?moustaches?generally can’t be trusted.

Both men are members of the buggers muddle and Osborne especially loves to meddle in selections and is a known misogynist who actively seeks to discourage women candidates. The last thing National needs is to be taken over by the kind of factional fighting we see in Labour. Placing either on the board means a confirmed vote for the buggers muddle factional leader Alastair Bell for president, and sources from close to the parliamentary leadership are saying there is no way Alastair Bell will ever be president because he has repeatedly proven himself to be a lightweight.

The only other regional chair not on the board is Ele Ludemann from the Southern Region. Ele is a much loved member of the National Party whose grace is unusual in political parties, where pettiness often dominates. Ele would provide a welcome strategic brain on the board, and would be a nice geographical replacement for Roger, but may get tripped up by overt and unsubtle lobbying by the buggers muddle.

The Moroney Effect

I lost by this much

Sue Moroney started her political career in Piako in 2002 so that sets our benchmark margin at 1600 National candidate majority.

Sue then competes again in Piako in 2005 and Lindsay Tisch’s majority jumps 525%.

Sue enters the Hamilton East race in 2008 and David Bennett’s majority jumps 76%. (After losing all the rural votes due to boundary changes ? close to 3000 National voters)

This year she enters the Hamilton West race and Tim McIndoe’s majority jumps 160%.

Any National candidate in a marginal seat should be hoping that when Sue Moroney fixes her beady eyes on their seat, in the search for another electorate for her to inflict herself upon for the 2014 election, that it?s their seat! ? maybe we?ll strike gold and she?ll go for Waitakere.

She?s nasty and everyone who meets her knows it.? My pick is she goes list only next time and it?s a rumour I?ve heard from someone in their camp.? She costs votes wherever she goes.

Oh how funny

Tiger Mallard has definitely got to get this iPhone App, it is even named after him.

Do you frequently make bad-decision texts ? the kind of texts that likely show up on Texts From Last Night? Well, then, you should probably download TigerText, a new iPhone app that will let you delete those digital mistakes from another person?s phone.

TigerText [iTunes link], which was released yesterday, could be a boon for cheating politicians and foolishly sexting teens alike, according to founder Jeffrey Evans, who claims that he named the app before the Tiger Woods scandal. ?People text like they talk,? Evans told Time. ?And some of the things they say, taken out of context, can come back to haunt them.?

In order to avoid said haunting, you may download this app and, upon texting your mistress/NSA buddy/boss (accidentally) the recipient will receive a prompt to install TigerText. After doing so, your mistress/NSA buddy/boss can read the text, but he/she/it won?t be able to store it. The text will then disappear from your phone and all servers. You can also set the text so that it will delete 60 seconds after being read ? you know, like in Mission Impossible.

I wonder if Tiger can get a bulk discount for “Cancer” and “Mangrove”. If they had a Blackberry version the whole of parliament would be downloading it.