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David Garrett responds to stupid Mfat officials

This morning the Mfat officials are squealing like good little socialists that our three strikes law proposal will breach all sorts of silly UN laws. Of course they ignore that helen Clark rammed throught eh Electoral Finance Act and the S92a copyright amendments both of which breached our BORA.

David Garret who is refreshingly blunt and to the point as an MP had this to say about their whining;

Claims that ACT’s ‘Three Strikes’ legislation would likely violate United Nations covenants on torture and political rights are completely laughable, ACT New Zealand Law & Order Spokesman David Garrett said today.

“This is especially so when you consider that a leading member of the UN Human Rights Council is Saudi Arabia – a country notorious for severe oppression of political and religious minorities, homosexuals, and women,” Mr Garrett said.

“In Saudi Arabia court-sanctioned amputations and brutal lashings are a common form of punishment for petty crimes; public execution by beheading can be expected for those convicted of armed robbery or homosexuality.

“Meanwhile, homosexuals in nearby Qatar – another Council member – get off quite lightly by receiving only a five-year prison sentence for homosexual sex between consenting adults. Not surprisingly, capital punishment is still common – with the death penalty being handed down to those convicted of abandoning and renouncing Islam.

“On the flipside, New Zealand is a liberal and progressive nation by any measure. Why then, should we be expected to pay any attention whatsoever to covenants set down by barbaric regimes like those of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Council members?” Mr Garrett said.

Well put that man, tell Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Iran for that matter to FRO.


Saudis flexing muscles now limp-dick in Whitehouse

from JihadWatch

The Saudis seem to know what is what when it comes to Obama. their welcome message to the new President was actually a veiled threat;

“If the U.S. wants to continue playing a leadership role in the Middle East and keep its strategic alliances intact — especially its ‘special relationship’ with Saudi Arabia — it will have to drastically revise its policies vis-a-vis Israel and Palestine.”

“Unless the new U.S. administration takes forceful steps to prevent any further suffering and slaughter of Palestinians, the peace process, the U.S.-Saudi relationship and the stability of the region are at risk,””

and just in case there might be a little misunderstanding about the psturing he goes on to intimate that, upon the promptings of Iran, Saudi Arabia will;

“lead a jihad, or holy war, against Israel.”

Let there be no mistake, the Muslim nations want the destruction of Israel and will use the preceived timidity of Obama as a lever to extract it.

Add to that increased domestic tensions in Pakistan and we most surely are looking at a major MidEast/West confrontation. With the UN firmly under the spell of Jihadi influences then the prospects for Israel seem dull.

An anonymous reader sent this in

Two families moved from Saudi Arabia to the USA.
When they arrived the two fathers made a bet – in a year's time whichever family had become more American would win.
A year later they met again. The first man said, "My son is playing
baseball, I had McDonalds for breakfast and I'm on my way to pick up a case of Bud. How about you?"
The second man replied, Fuck You, towel head."