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Greens whine about Judith Collins’ letter, who declares them “silly”

Corrections Minister Judith Collins is urging MPs to visit prisons — but she’d like to know about it when they do.

She’s emailed all MPs reminding them they’re entitled to visit prisons but there are “certain expectations and protocols” that should be followed.

“Requests for visits should be directed via the Corrections private secretary in my office,” she says in the letter.

“They will ensure the right people in Corrections are contacted and will facilitate the arrangements for your visit.”

The Green Party’s corrections spokesman, David Clendon, has a problem with the letter.

“It suggests that in all circumstances MPs ought to inform or even seek permission of the minister before we enter a prison,” he told NZ Newswire.
“If I have urgent concerns about what’s happening in a prison I will continue to exercise my right to enter a prison at any time without going through the minister’s office.”

Ms Collins says she made the point in her letter that MPs have the right to visit prisons. Read more »

What is it with the left wing and crim-hugging?

David Clendon decided to follow behind Kelvin Davis for an arse-kicking from Judith Collins.

It didn’t go well for him, although Crusher was rather nice about booting him in?the?balls.

8. DAVID CLENDON (Green) to the Minister of Corrections: Is she confident the Department of Corrections will be meeting all of its targets by 2017?

Hon JUDITH COLLINS (Minister of Corrections): It is going to be tough, but if anyone can, the Department of Corrections can.

The set up…a pretty lame one too. ? Read more »

Keep the bastards there

Scott Simpson wisely took the photo, personally though I think they can all stay there…except Paul Foster-Bell, he gave me a cigar and a bottle of port once. The rest of them are wither union flunkies or dodgy ratbags.

As Chair of the Justice & Electoral select committee I had committee members just where I wanted them during our visit to the Wellington District Court today. In the cell are from left Kate Wilkinson, Andrew Little, David Clendon, Ian McKelvie, Denis O’Rourke and Paul Foster-Bell. ? Read more »

Why not an inquiry in Pants?

? Stuff.co.nz

Predictably the Greens want to spend thousands of dollars on another inquiry. What I want to know is why there hasn’t been a call for an inquiry into sparkly pants?

The Green Party is calling for an independent investigation into the raid on internet mogul Kim Dotcom’s house which seemed like a scene from a “bad Hollywood movie”.

Green Party police spokesperson David Clendon said the actions of the police in connection with the Dotcom case needed to be scrutinised by an agency such as the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

In the High Court yesterday, Justice Helen Winkelmann ruled the high-profile police raid that ended in the search and seizure of a large amount of Dotcom’s property was done with invalid warrants.

US authorities claim Dotcom and his three co-accused? Mathias Ortmann, Fin Batato and Bram van der Kolk? used the Megaupload website and its affiliated sites to knowingly make money from pirated movies and games.

They have charged him in the US with multiple copyright offences.

“Given that our police and Crown lawyers were working on behalf of the United States they should have made certain that New Zealand?s laws weren?t trampled on,” said Mr Clendon.

“The original raid on Mr Dotcom?s house was like something from a bad Hollywood movie.”

He said it was of “great concern” that the raid involved invalid warrants.

Tolley takes aim at paedos

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Anne Tolley is taking aim at kiddy fiddlers and wants to create a register, but the opposition parties are all into cuddling up to paedos:

Opposition parties are challenging the need for a sex offenders’ register, saying they often become public and are historically prone to mistakes which can devastate innocent people’s lives.

Police Minister Anne Tolley is considering introducing such a register, and police and the Corrections Department began work on proposals earlier this year after it was revealed a convicted paedophile was working as a teacher.

The register will not be open to the public and will only be viewed by officials with security clearance.

Both Labour and the Greens say it is a populist move and justice officials already closely monitor sex offenders.

Greens justice spokesman David Clendon said the register would open the door to witch hunts and “unreasonable attention being paid to some of the releasees”.

Labour and the Greens are right, this would be a very popular move. Not so popular will be their opposition to it. It seems though that as Labour’s poll rating fail to move they are seeking support from the margins, amongst criminals and paedos.

Labour’s justice spokesman Charles Chauvel said Labour would want to see evidence there was a need for a register.

“It’s all very well to say let’s have a sex offenders’ register for officials but what we need to do is be satisfied it actually served some purpose.”

A register was a “slippery slope”, he said.

“You start with an undertaking it would be a private document used for internal purposes and then in a year or two it’s a full blown public document.”

Chauvel said the Government’s justice policies were “law and order window dressing” which would make “little difference on the street”.

Charles would be shocked to learn that most people on?the?street would support not having a register of sex offenders just so long as we can hang them from lamp-posts.

The Clown Running Scared

The Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew William, the mad mayor of North Shore is promoting his auction.

And he’s promoting it with official press releases! Anything to avoid a flight with Whaleoil.

But dear readers, I’m sure you are happy to ensure the Clown from Campbell’s Bay gets to spend 90 minutes with me.

Remember – I do this, so you don’t have to.

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The Real Body Painting Shots

The Clown of Campbells BayThe Clown of Campbells Bay recently got himself body painted in a desperate attempt to make the news

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams is purportedly an ardent supporter of the awards and fronted up to this year’s launch with his own torso painted.

“The Body Art Awards are simply breathtaking – a spell-binding, fun, zany, outrageous experience put together by some highly creative and exceptionally talented New Zealanders,” he said.

In line with that, especially the zany and outrageous part, he got himself painted. Whale Oil Beef Hooked has been leaked the exclusive first draft. Apparently the mayor vetoed this and went with a different design.

Problem with the bottle?

Andrew Williams is a Clown

Uh oh – a misspelt headline and a lengthy press release – it can only be another late night special from you know who.

Check out the angry drivel from Andwew Willyumsh – it’s just personal vitriol against Hide.

Note to Rodney Hide – you can use Section Section 254, 255 and 256 of the Local Government Act to do something about this. I would refer Minister Hide to 254 (2) C – there is a significant and identifiable deficiency in the management or decision-making processes of the local authority.

That is, sack the angry clown of campbell’s bay if he does anything obstructive towards the government, and put in a commissioner to run the North Shore until the new council comes into effect.

Memo to the clown – you should rename re-election bid from “Don’t waste the rates” to “Don’t drink the rates”.

When you can’t tell the difference between the comments of the North Shore Mayor and the whacked out protestor Penny Bright, there’s a real problem. Here’s a sample:

“It is very clear that Rodney Hide continues to peddle lies and incorrect exaggerations in an attempt to support his ultra right wing ACT Party aspirations to get rid of local government in New Zealand and privatise our water, wastewater, transport, ports, airports, and anything else he can palm off to his Epsom and Remuera business mates. This is the biggest single case of grand larceny ever experienced in New Zealand’s history with $28 billion of public assets being swallowed into this Super Council, only to then be subject to a carve up and privatisation by the Rodney Hide brigade. Aucklanders and New Zealanders need to wake up to this “white collar theft” being enacted by the Minister of Local Government and put a halt to it now.”

The “man” is a disgrace. If there was ever a reason needed other than the obvious for the Super City then it would be Andrew Williams.



Anger over ‘super mayor’ commentAuckland regional mayors have reacted angrily to a speech in which Prime Minister John Key appeared to give a nod to John Banks as a super city mayoral candidate. [Stuff Politics]

The Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams who also masquerades as the North Shore mayor is upset and spitting the dummy over John Key’s speech at the National party Conference where he appeared to endrse John Banks for the mayoralty of the new Super City.

Well colour me surprised that Andrew Williams is upset. He gets upset if the wine runs dry.

But can he really expect any other comment when he spams all of National’s MP’s and other party members at 9:31pm and 11:21pm and 11:26pm the night the Auckland regional conference began and coincidentally the same night my “mysterious” fax attack from the North Shore City Council arrived.

Headers of the emails show categoricially they were sent from North Shore Servers at those times. I wonder if my LGOIMA request filed this morning for all fax logs and door access logs for North Shore City between the hours of 8:30pm and 11:59pm Friday 5th June 2009 will show anything interesting.

All I can say to Andrew Williams and Penny Webster is Diddums!

Why don’t they do what Len Brown has done and hire a Labour functionary to run their campaigns for them. (More on this later)


Mad Mayor rants up a storm

The Mad Mayor of North Shore, Andrew Williams, the Clown of Campbells Bay has gone all crazy about the government informing citizens about the super-city proposals.

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams reacted angrily to news of the pamphlet drop this week.

He said: “Boy, that must be costing a bob. They’ve already spent $4.2 million on a Royal Commission that they’ve tossed aside. I thought this process was about trying to save money.”

Andrew Williams always reacts angrilly to everything. It is his modus operandi. Of course this whinge is from the buffoon who spent ratepayer money on bottles of wine to campaign against John Banks?

He’s got a bloody cheek on criticising communications strategy as well – this is the guy who sends one word emails consisting of the word “Tosser!”

I wonder if this how they do things in Belgium?