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Anti-fluoride weirdos upset at proposed law change

Anti-fluoride weirdos are outraged at a proposal before government to clarify the law regarding fluoride…ironically that came about as a result of their appeal.

Anti-fluoride campaigners are alarmed at a “sinister” move to slide through a law change over Christmas, validating councils’ power to add the chemical to drinking water.

Medsafe opened public submissions on November 25 on a law change to stop fluoride being legally defined as a medicine – meaning it can be added to municipal water supplies. The deadline for submissions is this Friday.

The law change comes after a High Court justice said the law needed clarification, as he ruled against an appeal by anti-fluoride groups to stop fluoride being added to water.

David Sloan, the director of anti-fluoridation lobby group New Health New Zealand, said the Ministry of Health was rushing the law change. But the organisation’s request to extend the timeframe for submissions outside of the Christmas and New Year period was dismissed by the Ministry of Health.

“We’re a voluntary organisation and all have jobs, so to expect us to put together a good submission in that timeframe is terrible,” Sloan said. “This is kind of a sinister move by the Ministry of Health.”

The change comes after New Health New Zealand sought a judicial review against the Attorney General, arguing that fluoride was subject to the Medicines Act. ? ? Read more »

Dodgy Socialist Dam Gets it in the Arse

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Regular readers will know I am?a staunch opponent of bludgers or corporate welfare, and of ruining our rivers with pollution.

These two pet hates come together in the dodgy socialist dam being promoted by the extremely dodgy Hawke’s Bay Regional Council.

The dodgy dam and the even dodgier Hawke’s Bay Regional Council got a big kick in the arse today with the High Court finding in favour of Fish and Game on all 12 points of law, and awarding costs.

A High Court judge has ordered the board of inquiry for New Zealand’s largest irrigation scheme, the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme in Hawke’s Bay, back to the drawing board on the out-clause it created to allow 615 larger farms to dodge a stringent new water quality rule relating to nitrogen leaching into waterways.

The decision is a significant win for the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society, the Hawke’s Bay and Eastern Fish and Game Councils and the Environmental Defence Society, all of which appealed elements of the board’s decision to exempt all farms larger than four hectares from having to comply with its finding that levels of dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) in the Tukituki River, downstream from the proposed Ruataniwha dam, should be less than 0.8 milligrams per litre. ?? Read more »

Blackmailer gets some beans. Not enough though.

Lord and Friends of all f*ckwits, Graham McCready, plead guilty to blackmail charges the other week.

The convicted tax fraudster can now add blackmailing to his list of impressive character defects.

His own journey to court began in July 2010, when he threatened to expose claims that a company director was guilty of financial impropriety and was mentally ill. McCready claimed he was acting in the best interests of minority shareholders, and would keep quiet if the man surrendered his company position and signed over his majority shareholding to McCready.The victim, whose name was suppressed along with that of his company, promptly told McCready where to go, Justice David Collins said yesterday.McCready was charged with blackmail and pleaded guilty on the day his trial was to have started.

And what does a repeat offender who arguably abuses the court process get for his crimes? A lousy?6 months community detention, consisting of sitting around his home between 7pm and 7am.? Read more »


? NZ Herald

David Fisher is very cosy with Kim Dotcom…he writes about it again today. But what is interesting is the involvement of Simon Power. One thing doesn’t ring true to me though:

Officials at Immigration NZ and the Overseas Investment Office investigated Megaupload, raising no concerns about its operation. They also investigated Dotcom’s wealth, saying it had been earned legitimately. Prime Minister John Key said Mr Power’s rejection of the application was simply because he was conservative and believed it did not have the right feel.

Unfortunately that statement bears no?resemblance?to the truth. Simon Power was and is a lily livered liberal panty-waist. He could never be, nor should he ever be referred to as “conservative”. I mean for goodness sake the Labour party waxed?lyrical?about Simon Power leaving like he was a lost friend…and given his shabby back-room?deal with them over electoral finance law I can imagine why.

One thing that hasn’t happened yet is anyone drawing the link between all?the?failing Crown Law cases and the former Solicitor-General, Dr David Collins. He has been?intimately?involved in the Dotcom case, and also the Urewera trial, where he authorised the warrants and then scuppered the evidence some time later…the same Judge is also involved.

I’m not one prone to conspiracy theories but the recent cases where Crown Law has acted illegally, given poor or wrong advice to police and their appearance of those cases before the same Judge may well be pure coincidence, but now with the revealing of the close involvement of Simon Power in?the?Dotcom case, I do wonder if Simon Power was behind the appointment of David Collins to the bench of?the?High Court.

Then there is the same involvement of Simon Power in appointing close associates to the Board of the FMA…it is all starting to get a decidedly whiffy?odor?about it…no wonder Simon Power bolted for the corporate comfort of Westpac Private Banking.

Silence in the Court

The NZ Herald weighs in on the debate over name suppression. This is a very good summation of the pros and cons of our current suppression system and dispels some myths about name suppression.

The canvas these arguments (my view is in brackets) :

  • Every accused person should get name suppression until convicted. (No)
  • The accused should get name suppression in sex cases where the victim is related in order to protect the victim’s identity. (No, we should implement the Capill Solution where the victim and the nature of the relationship are suppressed but not the accused)
  • Suppression orders penalise print media (Yes)
  • Prominent people should have a greater right to name suppression (No WAY)
  • The internet makes suppression orders impotent (Yes)

They make only one silly statement:

As demonstrated by the fact that Slater has been charged for alleged breaches of court orders. internet posters can be traced and prosecuted, as can old media.

Uhhhhmmm…it wasn’t like I was hiding.

Whether or not the internet played a role by increasing the pool of those in the know, a curious John Key learned the name of the entertainer (found to have committed a sex offence, discharged without conviction, granted permanent name suppression) by asking someone he knew.

The Prime Minister believes the ease with which he learned the name shows suppression orders are not working.

The penalty of $1000 is hardly a deterrent to breaching an order, something that is acknowledged by the Law Commission which recommends it be greatly increased.

This is one of my concerns with the Law Commission proposals. They don’t address the issues that the public is talking about, that of transparency of the court system, something suppression clearly breaches. Rather than solve the problem by matching our laws with like jurisdictions their answer is once over lightly re-write and and increase in fines. We need more open-ness and more transparency not more hiding.

They mention the Solicitor-General, David Collins pursuing prosecution for contempt of court and breaching name suppression. David Collins has been blabbing on about this extensively for some time and claims three scalps so far and in private and in public has stated that he is going to make an example of a blogger this year.

I wonder perhaps if David Collins’ crusade isn’t a bit of Pot, Kettle, Black.

Dodging Bullets

The Solicitor-General has blinked.

After a bully-boy cop in nelson and Chris Comesky mouthed off about jamming me in the slammer for something I never did we have ended up at the only result that was ever going to happen. A decision not to charge me with Contempt of Court.

The Police allegedly launched an investigation into charging me with contempt of court, I say allegedly because I was never interviewed, never spoken to, or even emailed about it. I didn’t hear about this until the NZPA release came out.

The Solicitor-General’s office said he did not “at this stage” intend to bring contempt proceedings against Slater.

However, he had asked the police to consider prosecuting the blogger under the Criminal Justice Act.

David Collins, the Solicitor-General, has long talked tough on taking down a blogger, today he blinked. The best they think they can do is charge me with the same thing they have already charged me with. That charge will be tossed out faster than you can blink because no-one, least of all David Collins, the lefty blogs and the media have realised that I did not break the law on the ex-MP case.

140 – Court may prohibit publication of names
Except as otherwise expressly provided in any enactment, a court may make an order prohibiting the publication, in any report or account relating to any proceedings in respect of an offence, of the name, address, or occupation of the person accused or convicted of the offence, or of any other person connected with the proceedings, or any particulars likely to lead to any such person’s identification.

I didn’t do that. At all. If I was to be charged with contempt for that post then Google, Wikipedia and a certain political that still has pages with his name on them as well as cached pages in the Google page would have to be charged too…oh and any government agency that sent him a letter, NZ Post for distributing it etc, etc. Still I expect I’ll see Tweedledum and Tweedledumber sometime tomorrow to issue me with a summons for the next charge.

I still wonder why the NZ Herald and the other MSM have not been charged because it was then that revealed the details of the accused the moment they linked my post to their reports or accounts relating to the proceedings in respect of an offence. It was them that did that not me. The entire MSM. I look forward to see them getting charged. I won’t hold my breath.

Meanwhile the cop shooter still has name suppression. It beggars belief. We all know the victim, poor Constable Snow, yet we still are not allowed to know the name of someone who would try to kill a cop. At the same time the Police would chase down any blogger who leaked those details in a heart beat, riddle me that.

Stay tuned for a big announcement Tuesday at 7:10am concerning this issue.