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Another changed Dotcom story, media buy anything he shills

Keeping Stock points out that Dotcom’s latest claims about being lured here by the Government in some sort of secret illuminati style agreement between John Key and shadowy forces in the US Government stands in stark contrast with the real reason there was “pressure” on his application for permanent residency.

This is fanciful stuff from Dotcom, and from his biographer David Fisher who moonlights as an “independent” NZ Herald journalist.

It was Dotcom who applied for New Zealand residence, via his agent David Cooper from Malcolm Pacific, the country’s leading immigration consultancy.

And it was Mr Cooper who convinced Immigration New Zealand to overlook pending convictions for share-trading offences in Hong Kong.

But most significantly, it was Mr Cooper delivering ultimatums to Immigration New Zealand on behalf of his client?as 3News reported on 14 March 2012:

Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom threatened to withdraw his residency application and take his money elsewhere unless New Zealand immigration authorities met his deadline, new documents reveal.

Dotcom, who faces internet piracy charges in the United States over his file-sharing website Megaupload, was granted New Zealand residency in 2010 in exchange for investing $10 million in New Zealand under the Immigration Plus category.

Documents released to the Associated Press show Dotcom set a deadline for immigration officials to approve his application, with a threat that he would otherwise move to Australia or Canada.

On October 26, immigration manager Gareth Grigg sent a memo to a colleague, saying he had been advised by Dotcom’s immigration agent David Cooper that “Mr Dotcom wants a decision on his application by 1 November 2010 or he will walk away”.

Despite Mr Grigg’s warning that “Mr Dotcom may be seen to be controlling the processing of his application” or receiving special treatment, Dotcom’s residency was approved on November 1.

For Dotcom to now claim that he was lured here under false pretences is so bizarre it defies belief. And he is essentially arguing that he ought not have been approved for residence in the first place; a point with which we find agreement!

Perhaps the easiest way forward now would be for the Immigration New Zealand to admit that Dotcom ought not have been granted residence, revoke his residence permit, and serve him with a removal notice. If Dotcom doesn’t think that he should have been given residence in the first place, then he would have no grounds to appeal the revocation!

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DotCon lies and lies some more

In Fishy’s article this morning, Dotcon drops the clanger that he was in the throes of launching an IPO for his quasi song-swap service.

DotCom - Guilty

That Fishy could let this pass without mentioning some pretty obvious questions suggests that Fishy is wilfully blind to Dotcon’s crooked past.

For example:

Does Dotcon seriously expect to issue a prospectus in New Zealand for a sharemarket listed company when he has been convicted for insider trading/pump and dump stock frauds in the past? (The?Letsbuyit.com?affair)

When Kim Schmitz was convicted in 2002 of manipulating shares in online retailer LetsBuyIt.com, it marked the end of Germany’s biggest insider-trading case ever and exposed just how easy it was to profit at other investors’ expense. The self-styled Internet entrepreneur’s previous conviction for computer fraud didn’t stop him from announcing a spurious rescue effort for the online retailer that temporarily goosed the stock — and gave him the chance to sell his shares at a profit of $1.5 million. Worse, when it came time for sentencing, Schmitz got a slap on the wrist: a 20-month suspended sentence after five months in jail awaiting trial.

Does Dotcon serious expect to get the FMA blessing for such a prospectus when he was found guilty and convicted of hacking?? Read more »