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Auckland Mayor Campaign Videos

So all readers can assess whether these candidates are up to it.

Palino has well-constructed video.

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Green party moves to silence dissent, suspends member for 12 months

The Green party hippy-crites have moved to suspend a member for 12 months for daring to speak out.

Greens candidate David Hay has been suspended from the party for a year after challenging Russel Norman for the co-leadership.

Hay stood for the party in the Epsom electorate in 2011, but fell out of favour last year when he went after Norman’s job.

In December, he said both Norman and co-leader Metiria Turei had betrayed the Greens’ core principles and should resign.

In a statement issued this morning the party confirmed his membership was suspended “following an investigation into misconduct.”

A panel found his behaviour breached party rules. A report recommended a “cooling down” period of one year, after which Hay can reapply for membership.

Dodgy back room deals with Kim Dotcom, attacks on other politicians, false claims of racism, none of which has landed Metiria Turei or Russel Norman in trouble for the party for misconduct…but dare to speak out, show dissent…well suspension for the rabble rouser.? Read more »

Former Green party candidate wants to execute female Young Nats

The Green party really needs to take ownership of Max Dillon Coyle’s continuous rants and tirades in social media. We have busted Max Dillon Coyle before for misleading the media…plus other indiscretions.

The Greens try to portray that they are reasonable nad ready for government. But it’s pretty obvious that Nasty Russel Norman’s influence in the Green Party is having a strong effect over the psyche of the Green Party members. No wonder David Hay is challenging him for the leadership.

In a thread on resident NZ First nut-job Curwen Rolinson’s Facebook page, Green Party candidate?Max Dillion Coyle?suggests that a few Young Nats girls should be “first up against the wall when the revolution comes”. ? Read more »

The Huddle, a day late but better late than never


Sorry for delay the last few days have ben busy…it takes time to edit audio and make a video and upload.

Anyway here is the audio from Monday’s Huddle.

I was on The Huddle Monday night with Greg Boyed and Josie Pagani. Larry did the morning show for Hosking, so couldn’t make it.

We discussed:

Christchurch by-election and not so much the result but the fact that Labour appear to run by-elections more successfully than they do general elections. ? Read more »

The Huddle at 1740


I am on The Huddle tonight with Greg Boyed and Josie Pagani. Larry did the morning show for Hosking.

We will be discussing:

Christchurch by-election and not so much the result but the fact that Labour appear to run by-elections more successfully than they do general elections.? Read more »

Greens at war

Evil KermitIt is a sight to behold. The Greens like to laud it over other political parties how democratic they are.

When push comes to shove though they show their true colours and prove that they are nothing more than un-reconstituted communists and much, much les democratic than they would have us believe.

Their internal squabbles now are boiling over and the shield of sanctimony , his time, is far too small to hide behind. The Herald reports:

Would-be Green Party leadership challenger David Hay – whose application to stand as a candidate for the party has been rejected – says he is not finished with the party and will today call on the party’s volunteers and candidates to rally behind him.

At number 16 on the party list, Mr Hay was not far off a seat in Parliament with the Greens at the last election. However, following his threat to challenge Russel Norman for co-leadership last week, the party executive on Saturday said he would not be allowed to stand next year.? Read more »

Trouble inside the Greens

The Green party would like everyone to think they are all huggers and cuddlers and different from most other parties. They are not, they just have a stronger shield of sanctimony than most others.

Russel Norman is appears is facing a challenge for his leadership…and like his own challenge in the past it is from outside parliament.

A little-known Green candidate is challenging Russel Norman for co-leadership of the party.

Auckland Council policy analyst David Hay, 52, says Norman has done a great job but after six years it’s time for a change.

Hay is ranked number 16 on the party’s list and stood in Epsom at the last election, and in Rodney in 2008. He says there is “fresh talent” among the membership.

In a statement, he said: “There is a real possibility that the Greens will be in government after the next election, and the party needs to be putting its ‘A’ team forward.”

Hay says he will build the party’s presence in Auckland, lift its performance and focus on environmental and economic sustainability, which is currently diluted by parliamentary issues.

“I want to put Russel’s leadership to the test: if he wins out, then he will lead the party into government with a renewed mandate. If somebody else does, then the party will be even stronger going into the next election,” he said.

Three of the 14 MPs are based in Auckland. “We currently lack sufficient presence here, in New Zealand’s largest city, where a third of the population live.”

For a party that has criticised Act in the past for instability it sure is funny watching them suffer their instability problems.

People generally don’t announce challenges unless they already have the numbers or support. If that is not the case then David Hay might just be the stupidest person in politics after Colin Craig.